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The .22LR round is a type of ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas.


後的.22LR是一種威力很弱的彈藥,同時相比5.56mm.308等彈藥更加常見。.22LR作為經濟實惠的小型狩獵比賽彈藥,其實沒有東海岸.32彈藥那樣的普及程度。它自帶一體式的「邊緣發火式」底火 and thus cannot be broken down to gain small pistol primers,因此無法進行製作。


Breaking down a standard .22LR round yields:

.22LR round (3)
Repair: 10
Lead (2)

Weapons using this ammunition


.22LR, hollow point

Hollow point bullets mushroom and break up on impact, causing massive trauma on fleshy, unarmored targets. However, this also means they break up when they hit things like armor plating, drastically reducing the weapon's penetrating power.

.22LR, plinking

Plinking is an onomatopoetic name, referring to the metallic "plinking" sound of the ammunition as it hits tin cans or other, similar objects. Though less harmful than standard .22-caliber ammunition, plinking ammunition can usually be found in abundance. A single box of .22LR plinking ammunition will spawn 100 rounds when added to the Courier's inventory.

.22LR round (junk)

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The Junk Rounds perk from the Dead Money add-on was at one point intended to create ammunition of a special subtype, called "junk" or "JNK," these rounds all provided the same modifiers regardless of caliber: x 0.75 to damage and 1.5x to condition. The rounds still remain present in-game files but are not utilized within the game itself and if obtained, cannot be used in any weapons, even those chambered for the correct caliber.

The presence of .22LR-caliber junk rounds indicates that the perk was to provide a recipe for crafting .22LR rounds, though the final version of the perk does not include one.

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Cliff Briscoe at the Dino Bite gift shop in Novac randomly sells .22LR and .22LR Hollow point rounds.


  • .22LR rounds are one of two ammunition types that weigh less than .01 units in Hardcore mode, the other being BBs.
  • The "LR" in ".22LR" stands for "long rifle."
  • 使用.22LR彈藥,和BB彈一樣,即便打出了暴擊效果,敵人也不會觸發肢解。

Behind the scenes

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During development, the varmint rifle was meant to be chambered for the .22LR round, which would have made the ammunition much more commonly available. However, the significantly reduced limb damage penalty for .22LR rounds (prior to patch made the weapon so unpopular that "no one wanted to use it," according to J.E. Sawyer. The weapon was changed to a 5.56mm/.223 weapon instead.[1]

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