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Black Mountain Ordnance Works is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


This location consists of a fenced off area containing a building with an industrial area to its east. The building consists of a single room containing desks and file cabinets. There is a Picklock 3 safe in the floor beneath of the desks which can be unlocked using the terminal on the desk. A skeleton of a dead soldier holding an army helmet lies in the corner of the building beside a toolbox.

The industrial area is full of radioactive barrels, pools of toxic water and broken machinery.

The TNT dome #2 is southeast of this location.

The TNT dome #3 is northeast of the office building. Follow the road, East 88, until it curves right and starts up a hill. Just before the curve, there is a rock pile on the left side of the road. The door to dome #3 is on the left side of the rock pile.

The TNT dome #7 is northeast of the fast travel location, to the left of the road on the first rock formation.

The other TNT domes are scattered around the area and are inaccessible.



Black Mountain Ordnance Works appears only in Fallout 76.


TNT dome #2

TNT dome #3

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