我不會和報社的人說話,讓派普在外面等著吧。— McDonough tells Piper Wright

Mayor McDonough, unit designation M7-62,[1] is the mayor of Diamond City and a secret Institute agent in 2287.


麥多那市長已經當選並領導市議會一段時間了,他是鑽石城居民派翠克和瑪莎·麥多拿的兒子,而且還有個兄弟約翰。在2282年,他承諾要建立一個可以將屍鬼隔離在鑽石城之外的"Mankind for McDonough"平台,那些害怕怪物的居民在選舉中擊敗了屍鬼居民,將麥多那送上位,[2]很快,鑽石城對屍鬼的禁令與限制條款都被通過。




Interactions with the player character

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  • Jewel of the Commonwealth: McDonough is first met in the entrance to Diamond City and gets into an argument with Piper Wright. If the Sole Survivor passes a Speech check, McDonough can direct them to Valentine Detective Agency.
  • Getting a Clue: McDonough can be convinced to hand over the key to Kellogg's house.
  • Political Leanings: The Sole Survivor must obtain McDonough's report and deliver it to Justin Ayo.
  • In Sheep's Clothing: McDonough is confronted in his office after it's revealed that he is a synth and is holding Geneva hostage. The Sole Survivor can convince him with a medium Speech check to release his hostage to prevent her from being harmed.


服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
Patched suit
Crumpled fedora
Pipe gun Kellogg's house key Synth component


  • 帶派普來他的辦公室時他會對派普大喊:滾出去!
  • 玩家可以通過30級完成非學院主線後在鑽石城開啟披著羊皮任務,賈斯汀政治學習任務與閱讀學院合成人回收部的終端了解到他是合成人。
  • 麥多那想要成為追獵者加入學院的合成人回收部,但是終端顯示他的合成人身體與生活方式使他完全不可能成為追獵者。此外,如果他的合成人身份暴露,學院將不會為他提供任何支持,這將導致他在兩周內死亡。
  • 玩家進入他的房間後可能會發現兩個模特——一個穿著無袖毛衣一個穿著紅色外套,這可能是指他和約翰·漢考克
  • While listening to John Hancock describe his childhood with McDonough, he starts several sentences with "Guy". This was originally thought to be Mayor McDonough's first name; however, similar sentences start that way in later dialogue.
  • 如果玩家仔細聽市長在房間里對派普的第二次回應的話,可以聽出他在說"NOT"時有輕微的機械感,這也是早期給玩家的一個提示。

Notable quotes


Mayor McDonough appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Piper's interactions with Mayor McDonough seem to be inspired by Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernstein's reporting of the Watergate scandal which eventually led to the resignation of President Nixon. This is further lampshaded by Mayor McDonough's "I Am Not a Synth" speech.


  1. SRB terminal (Lower), Infiltrator Unit: McDonough, P1: "I'm starting to wonder if M7-62 (the Infiltrator unit "McDonough") hasn't begun to outlive its usefulness. Assuming the identity of Diamond City's mayor has provided us with invaluable intelligence over the years, but suspicions have only continued to mount. This latest incident - the publication of that newspaper article specifically calling McDonough's humanity into question - might just be the tipping point."
  2. John Hancock: "But then he decides he's gonna try and get elected with his anti-Ghoul crusade - 'Mankind for McDonough.'"

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