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A bounty may be taken out on your life, and Talon Company is one of the groups looking for you. However, even if they are not doing so, they will be hostile towards the player if encountered. If you have completed The Power of Atom quest ( disarming the bomb ) Mr.Burke will contract them to kill you. Telling Lucas Simms about Mister Burke will also have them tracking you down, as well as having a high karma .

In the Capital Wasteland area they operate out of Fort Bannister and a Talon Company Camp west of Grayditch. They are also engaged in a large battle with the super mutants in and around the Capitol Building and the Clifftop Shacks though it is unknown why they are besieging them. You will sometimes come across a fire team of three mercs, patrolling through the Wasteland or in various towns. If they have a contract for your death, you may also be ambushed by them after either fast traveling or zoning to a new location. Killing these fire teams should keep you in supply of armor and ammo, as they each wear a customized variant of combat armor and tend to have more advanced weaponry as you level up; feel free to use the nearest exit as a rest stop while your Action Points regenerate - but remember that humanoid enemies can (and most likely will) follow you between zones!

Talon Company Mercenaries are almost exclusively male. Bodies of female Talon mercs can however be encountered in the bathroom of Hall of Columns in the Capitol Building, in the Metro Central and the Corvega Factory. A live female Talon merc can be encountered in the Fort Bannister bunker. Another live female can be encountered as part of the first fire team that ambushes you (the one that explains that there's a hit out on you, though the merc is usually male).

In addition to conventional infantry, Talon Company controls several reprogrammed military Mr. Gutsys and Sentry Bots, which they use sparingly to guard some of their outposts in the D.C. Ruins.

Talon Mercenaries that are known as "Hitmen" - Mercs who are hired by Mr. Burke - have a different set of characteristics that make them stand out from the average Talon Patrol. Their characteristics consist of light armament, same in appearance(All three mercs are the same character build), and very pale skin.

With the addition of Broken Steel, you can now find a group of Brotherhood of Steel Knights outside Fort Bannister who are trying to retrieve a water caravan that the Talons have stolen. You will also find a captured Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, Paladin Jensen, in the tents in Fort Bannister. After releasing him, he will thank you and then proceed into the base to get revenge, quickly followed by his fellow Knights. The Brotherhood will then quickly kill all mercenaries inside the base including Commander Jabsco. This will make proceeding through the fort much easier then going through it by yourself.

Weapons and tactics编辑

Members of roving Talon Company fire teams typically have as their primary armament Police Batons, Combat Shotguns, Laser Rifles or Chinese Assault Rifles, with no more than one of each encountered per fire team (exception: Combat Shotgun). Talon Company personnel in set encounters may also have other weapons, such as Sniper Rifles and Missile Launchers. Combat Knives, .32 Pistols and Pulse Grenades are often carried as backup weapon.

In random encounters, fire team tactics are simple: depending on the weapon type, the merc will close to within effective range (if necessary) and engage. At typical encounter distances, this means that riflemen will open fire from where they are, shotgunners will close part of the distance and then open fire, and hand-to-hand fighters will charge at the player.

When they have the hit on you, the main places for them to ambush you (this is the same for the regulators) are West Sencea Metro Station near Arefu, Anacostia Crossing near Rivet City, Lucky's just near Tenpenny Tower and Warrington Station, randomly near Megaton and the player can run into them in the Wasteland.


  • In early previews, Pete Hines was said to have stated that "the humans going up against the mutant occupiers were mercenaries working for the Talon Corporation." However, it is most likely a previewers mistake, and Hines mistook the military term "company" as being the business term "company".
  • The Talon Company symbol (eagle talon) is similar to the Blackwater logo (bear claw). The concept of Talon Company is similar to real-world Private Military Companies (PMCs) like Blackwater, Aegis, Erinys, and Executive Outcomes.
  • The Talon Company's reputation as "ruthless mercs who take on contracts other mercs won't" is a Fallout 3 version of the Blackwood Company from Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The same motto was used in that game as well. On top of this, both wear black armor, and both are antagonists to the player (but Blackwood was only an antagonist if the player joined the Fighters Guild). Both groups named themselves "Company".
  • It is interesting to note that there are only male Company Mercs, and any appearances of female Talon Mercs, are usually dead before the player finds them. Perhaps even within the ranks, Talon members look down on, or even frag female mercs.
  • The Talon Company also appears to have been inspired in part by the Black Talon mercenary group from the Baldur's Gate series of games by Interplay, the original parent company of the Fallout game series.
  • It appears that if you have good karma, Talon Company will hunt you down and if you have bad karma, Regulators will hunt you down. The status of the Megaton bomb apparently makes no difference, just that the quest was completed. Neutral characters have nothing to worry about.
  • Though the individual(s) contracting the Talon Company mercenaries to kill you due to good karma are not specified, there is good reason to believe that they are Littlehorn & Associates, as they are the only organization within the Capital Wasteland who appear to be targeting individuals solely for being "good."

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