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Advanced power armor is a term referring to the family of power armor models developed and produced by the Enclave after the Great War.


The development of the first suit of advanced power armor, designated X-01, began shortly before the Great War. The first test batch of the armor, designated X-01 Mk I, was developed for presidential bodyguards,[1] and served as the baseline for the remnants of the United States military, who developed it into a power armor tailored for the post-War wasteland.[2][3] It represented a radical, new approach to designing powered armor, eschewing traditional armor design philosophies, but was never deployed in larger quantities until the 23rd century. Work on the model was restarted by the Enclave in 2198, although it wasn't until 2215 that the research efforts began in earnest under a presidential mandate, with the first production model created in 2220.

The X-01 advanced powered infantry combat armor is designed for a single human operator, provided with the comfort and protection of a next-generation suit of armor. While the T-51 power armor relied on a lightweight poly-laminate composite shell for protection, the advanced model uses lightweight metal alloys as a basis, reinforced with ceramic castings at key points. The resulting space savings allowed for reducing the armor's profile without compromising protection. Classic power armor pauldrons were retired in favor of a hump that encloses the operator's head, significantly reducing the chance of enemy fire damaging the vital areas surrounding the head. Perhaps the most noticeable change was a completely new helmet assembly. The unusual, insect-like design features a pair of polarized eyepieces in place of the usual vision slit, providing superior battlefield awareness. Its angled surfaces also help maximize the chance of outright deflecting projectiles and incoming fire.[4][Non-game 1]

The basic hydraulics system and servo-motors that provide the operator with enhanced strength are also high-quality models, with improved performance as opposed to the original T-51b.[4] Additional features include an auto-gyro and the ability to lock them in position, allowing the suit to be stored upright (or the operator to take a nap while on guard duty),[Non-game 2] an air conditioning system for comfort,[Non-game 3] a radio headset[5], and an urine-recycling system carried over from the T-51b, allowing the operator to survive for weeks without water.[6]

The combination of superior protection, mobility, and strength gave the Enclave a considerable advantage over wastelanders. Enclave's insignia was proudly worn on the breastplates of armors,[7] while rank indicators were typically placed on the arms of the suit.[8] However, while it was considerably powerful, it was not invincible. The Enclave's confidence in its technological superiority allowed the Chosen One to infiltrate Control Station Enclave without a problem thanks to the assumption that only Enclave troops would wear these suits. More importantly, the garrison at Navarro was defeated by the New California Republic Army, effectively destroying the Enclave's presence in New California.[9]

Despite their defeat at Control Station Enclave, the Enclave remnants would rally on the East Coast, at Raven Rock and Adams Air Force Base,[Non-game 4] restarting the development of the advanced power armor family, with the Mark II serving as the basis for developing superior models.


X-01 power armor

Fo4 Power Armor X01.png
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参谋长联席会议委托,X-01的发展在大战之前不久就开始了。[10]它代表了一种全新的动力装甲设计方法,避开了定义T系列的传统设计理念,[Non-game 5]是一个高调的研究项目,旨在取代以前的动力装甲型号。 然而,尽管2077年后期,该套装在技术上可以使用,但它有许多问题,妨碍了在该领域的广泛使用。虽然X-01的第一批测试型号是发给总统保镖的,但它从未被大量部署。[11]作为钴计划的一部分,一套X-01被提供给核子可乐公司。虽然这套装备成功地证明了在装甲上使用锶-90镀层的概念,[12]但在大战爆发之前,这种改进并没有被应用到装甲的图纸中。 由于大战的爆发,进一步的发展是不可能的。[10]大战结束后,有少数几套被进一步设计,并被美国军队的残余势力使用,比如英克雷钢铁兄弟会,以及學院[13] 炸弹坠落前,英克雷保存了装甲的图纸,该组织将副本保存在他们的海神和白泉设施的档案中,包括英克雷控制站。这使得英克雷能够生产有限的装备,并最终继续该型号的开发。[10]

全面地研发在2198年被英克雷重新启动,尽管直到2215年才在总统的授权下开始认真研究,导致2220年才创造出第一款高级动力装甲型号。[Non-game 5] 另一个在战后开发X-01的设计小组是學院。尽管没有得到原型的原理图,但到2287年,学院已经开发出一种改进的聚合铸造混合物来覆盖装甲,以及其他改进,以提高用者的智能。[14]

Advanced power armor Mark I

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Developed by the Enclave in 2220, the advanced power armor Mark I is the first true production run of the advanced power armor family. Initially designated Mark II Powered Combat Armor,[15] the advanced power armor Mark I is also the first model of power armor designed, produced and deployed after the end of the Great War. This armor was developed off of the pre-War designed X-01 power armor, overcoming the flaws of its predecessor. The advanced power armor Mark I was the standard service armor of Enclave soldiers by 2241. By 2246, the advanced power armor Mark I was being phased out by the superior advanced power armor Mark II. Despite this, the Mark I remained as the Enclaves' standard issue power armor until after the Sacking of Navarro. By 2277, the Mark I had been completely replaced by the Mark II among Enclave survivors who fled to the Capital Wasteland.[16] Enclave soldiers who could not escape continued to use the Mark I. Although eventually surviving Enclave remnants were forced to hide any stockpiles of Mark I armor they could, as anyone seen wearing those suits of armor in or near NCR territories are liable to attract unwanted attention and be tried as Enclave war criminals.[17] By 2281, the only remaining users of these suits were the Enclave remnants, and the suits took on the name of Remnants power armor. Despite advancing age and lacking maintenance, the Mark I continued to be one of the most effective models of power armor on the battlefield, and any who saw them were reminded why people once feared the sight of Enclave Vertibirds in the sky.

Advanced power armor Mark I (Tesla variant)

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Originally issued to officers at Navarro,[18] this version of the regular Mark I fitted with Tesla attraction coils for added defense. The coils generate a low-intensity power field around the armor, helping disperse energy attacks and deflect melee attacks, improving the defense capabilities of an already impressive suit of armor.

  • Gannon family Tesla armor - A unique variant of Tesla armor that is also the only attainable version in Fallout: New Vegas.

Advanced power armor Mark II

APA Mk III redesign
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The advanced power armor Mark II initially represented a significant upgrade over the older Mark I. It was composed entirely of lightweight ceramic composites, providing even more protection than the regular advanced power armor.[19] Unlike the Mark I, the Mark II featured a large profile and more effective, segmented armor plates to achieve a superior degree of protection, with the hump replaced with pauldrons that evoke old world power armor designs, such as the T-45. The helmet assembly retained the insectoid eyepiece arrangement of the Mark I helmet, but the overall shape had been changed, with a reduced vertical profile.[20]The suit was originally available in limited quantities. Following the destruction of the oil rig and the flight to the Capital Wasteland, the Enclave designated a variant of the Mark II as its official service uniform and manufactured it en masse once it gained access to Raven Rock and Adams AFB. The new Enclave power armor would eventually displace the older Mark I suits entirely with the Enclave justifying the change by claiming it offered superior protection to the Mark 1.[21]

Advanced power armor Mark II (Tesla variant)

FO3 Tesla Power Armor.png
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A heavily modified suit of standard Mark II armor used a long time ago by the Enclave,[22] the most noticeable difference is the Tesla device rigged to the suit, with five attraction coils mounted on rounded shoulders. While it retains the original's segmented armor coverage, the Tesla device aids with the operation of energy weapons and protects against laser and plasma weapons.[23] The armor is used by field specialists to take down large or armored enemies, boosting the energy damage output of their weapons through the attraction Tesla coils, channeled into both laser and plasma weaponry to produce devastating results.[Non-game 6]

Hellfire armor

Fo3BS Hellfire Power Armor.png
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The most advanced power armor variant in the wasteland is the Hellfire powered combat infantry armor, developed based on regular power armor designs. A prototype version was developed shortly after the Great War by the Enclave stationed at The Whitespring bunker. In October 2080, one of the prototype suits was sent to Vault 51 at the order of ZAX 1.3c, impersonating Stanislaus Braun through his writing style.[24] Further development of the armor was halted due to the Whitespring facility losing communication with the other Enclave facilities and the eradication of all Enclave personnel within the Whitespring facility.[25] The armor's development was not completed until 2277, at the Enclave's facility at Adams Air Force Base, after reallocating resources from other projects into the Hellfire project.[26]

While proving superior to its predecessors, the Hellfire armor could not be produced in large numbers quickly enough to replace the Mark II entirely during the Enclave's war against the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. Instead, the Enclave High Command deployed them in a supporting role for troops wearing standard issue advanced power armor or providing them to commanders of elite units, like Enclave Squad Sigma. Despite the superiority of the Hellfire armor, it was produced too late in the war to turn the tide in the Enclave's favor, and the research facilities that produced it were captured by the Brotherhood.[27]

The design of the Hellfire focuses on survivability and durability. Due to the thickness and amount of armor, it does not feature angled or rounded armor to maximize the comfort of the operator and avoid limiting internal space. The back-mounted power pack is piped into the superpowered servo-motors using multiple redundant power cables on the armor, allowing the operator to use the Hellfire with a high amount of agility. The characteristic pig's snout helmet completes the protective assembly with its thick armor and heavy-set design, maximizing protection.[28] These improvements grant the armor all the advantages of the advanced Mark II armor, with none of the weaknesses, while decreasing the weight, improving ballistic defense and granting protection against flame weaponry (a defense unique to the armor).[29]


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