Fallout 2M72 Gauss rifle
Operation: AnchorageGauss rifle
Cut content Gauss rifle (Beta)
Fallout: New VegasGauss rifle
Fallout 4Gauss rifle
The Last Minute
Fallout TacticsM72 Gauss rifle
Fallout ShelterGauss rifle (rusty, enhanced, hardened, accelerated)
Magnetron 4000
Fallout ExtremeGauss rifle
Enhanced Gauss rifle
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Gauss rifles are hand-held weapons utilizing electromagnetic coils to propel metal slugs at extremely high velocities.

While in Fallout 2 the Gauss rifle uses the Small Guns skill, it uses the Energy Weapons skill in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.





Fo2 M72 Gauss Rifle.png
游戏文章: Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout Extreme


It uses 2mm EC magazines containing both batteries and ammunition. In 2241, it is often used by Enclave soldiers.


FO3 Gauss rifle.png
Gauss rifle.png
游戏文章: Operation: Anchorage, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout Shelter

The scoped Gauss rifle is an advanced sniper rifle used during the invasion of Alaska. 和M72高斯步槍不同,這款高斯步槍uses 2mm EC magazines containing both batteries and ammunition,其供能電池並沒有和彈匣放置在一起,而是需要武器的使用者每射擊一次就更換一次微型核融電池包[2]這把武器命中時會產生一種奇特的「爆炸」效果,有時候這樣的命中甚至會直接將敵人打翻在地。

  • For other versions in Fallout Shelter, see Rusty Gauss rifle, Enhanced Gauss rifle, Hardened Gauss rifle, Accelerated Gauss rifle
  • For the unique version in Fallout Shelter, see Magnetron 4000


Gauss rifle FNVUnique.png
游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

YCS/186 作為特殊版的瞄準鏡高斯步槍,2281年在一群傭兵手上。它和槍身看上去和普通版一樣但更更鏽蝕,槍管上多了四條線圈。它開一槍消耗的電池比普通版節省一些,其精度和威力也有提升。


Gauss rifle (Fallout 4).png
游戏文章: Fallout 4

The Gauss rifle has large, external capacitors and exposed copper wiring run alongside the barrel. The rifle operates on a charging principle: the user holds down the trigger to build up the charge which is shown on a nixie tube display above the stock. Releasing the trigger fires the round with a larger charge dealer more damage.

跟德制M72一樣,弹药使用2mm EC,which is fed through a dorsal mounted cylindrical magazine. When fired, its projectile produces a momentary blue trail, similar to a lightning bolt. It can also be modded with a shielded barrel, extra capacitors, a compensator or suppressor, and various sights and scopes.

Beta Gauss rifle

AER9 laser rifle.png
游戏文章: Fallout 3

The Beta Gauss rifle is a beta version of the Scoped Gauss rifle that uses the model of a laser rifle and features a five round magazine. It only does about 25% of the damage of the final version, but has a 100% knock-down chance. It is only obtainable through console commands.

Enhanced Gauss rifle

游戏文章: Fallout Extreme

An enhanced version of the M72 model.



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  2. Emil Pagliarulo in the Bethesda Game Studios forum [1][2] - "The gun energizes and magnetizes a standard projectile round; those are already pre-loaded into the weapon, and are in that giant clip attached to the side of the weapon. The player loads in the Micro Fusion Cells needed to energize/magnetize each round. We did it this way because we knew we wanted to have an Energy Weapon equivalent of the sniper rifle..."