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Praised for its range and stopping power, the PPK12 Gauss Pistol is of German design. The pistol uses an electromagnetic field to propel rounds at tremendous speed and punch through almost any armor.Fallout 2 in-game description

The PPK12 Gauss pistol is a small gun in Fallout 2.


The most expensive non-energy handgun in the game, the PPK12 has an unrivaled range, accuracy, and damage-per-action-point in its class. Its ammo capacity is also top-notch. The 2mm cartridge used by the Gauss pistol has good armor penetration, enabling the weapon to be used to lethal effect against any kind of opposition.

This pistol averages 40.27, 28.64, and 13.73 Hit Points against unarmored, medium-armored, and maximally armored enemies, respectively. It is especially deadly with critical hits because when compounded with the armor-piercing critical effect, the 2mm round's armor-penetrating properties completely negate the Damage Resistance of any target.

The PPK12's low action point cost becomes particularly advantageous when coupled with Fast Shot and the Bonus Rate of Fire perk, which enables the weapon to deliver over 20 HP of damage per AP -- more than any other single-shot Small gun.

The PPK12 has no weaknesses strictly from a combat standpoint, however, the scarcity of its ammo type may necessitate the use of a sidearm for dealing with lesser threats, in order to save the 2mm EC for the most dangerous battles.