Pilot is a skill in Fallout Tactics and Fallout 2d20.

Fallout Tactics

The ability to operate and maintain all vehicles effectively.— In-game description

This skill allows the driving of vehicles in Fallout Tactics. A higher percentage in this skill increases driving speed. Also when multiple characters occupy a vehicle, the individual with the highest skill in Pilot takes the wheel.

Fallout 2d20

The Pilot skill covers your ability to operate vehicles, from buggies and motorcycles, to Vertibirds and tanks.Fallout 2d20 Rulebook p.45

Pilot is used to operate and drive ground and flying vehicles. By default, it is paired with the Perception ability score but, depending on the context of the action, the book also recommends the possible use of Strength, such as maneuvering out of a dangerous situation, or Agility to perform skillful piloting.


  • Lack of this skill in Fallout Tactics does not disable the ability to drive a vehicle, even if the skill is negative.
  • Also it is possible to get a dog or similar creature to drive a Hummer in Fallout Tactics multiplayer.