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Beastlords were a group of cannibalistic tribals who underwent a mutation which gave them psychic control over various creatures. They were fond of poison, which can cause problems for even the most stalwart of bands. In 2197, their leader was Emperor Daarr.


The Beastlords inherent telepathic suggestion was a unique ability, acquired through prolonged exposure to an unknown radiation present within Mardin's underground caves. The creatures controlled by Beastlords included giant cockcroaches, giant wasps, komodo dragons, brahmin, dogs, wolves, giant rats and radscorpions. While they weren't able to control the intelligent deathclaws, they forced them to serve them by holding the deathclaw matriarch hostage.

Around 2197, the township of Quincy petitioned the Brotherhood of Steel for protection from a large group of the Beastlords. These Beastlords, under the leadership of Duff the beast master and an unnamed Beastlord commander, took over certain parts of Quincy and were using hostages to ensure they have control over the rest of the town. Among those captured was Hillary Eastwood, the mayor. A Brotherhood squad was sent to rescue the mayor and assist in dealing with the Beastlords.

After rescuing Quincy, the same squad was sent to the Beastlords' lair in Mardin in order to eliminate the psychic cannibals that delayed their expansion and possibly learn how to control the beasts themselves. While the tribals were eliminated, the latter was not achieved, since that would require undergoing the same mutation as the Beastlords did.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • One of the Beastlord combat taunts, "Fear is the mind-killer," is a reference to the Litany against Fear in Dune.


Beastlords appear only in Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Warfare.

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