SM Grand Opening
起始地点Abandoned BoS Bunker
委托者Sierra Madre Broadcast
奖励Holorifle, Dead Money jumpsuit
base idxx005229
Find Collar 8: "Dog"
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Gametitle-FNV DM

Sierra Madre Grand Opening!辐射:新维加斯的DLC Dead Money开场任务。Sierra Madre Grand Opening! is a quest in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

Quick walkthrough编辑

追踪Sierra Madre 的邀请信号 Track down the source of the Sierra Madre invitation.

Detailed walkthrough编辑


新增的SierraMadre Broadcast电台信号会为Sierra Madre 赌场做广告宣传。

旅行到Nelson东北方的Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker(Camp Forlorn Hope的东南方)去寻找更多信息。

进入地堡后,径直下楼梯并开面前的门,有提示问玩家是否继续旅行到Sierra Madre


开门进入并接近无线电台,涌入的气体会将The Courier弄昏迷,玩家将看到介绍Sierra Madre赌场历史的幻灯片,同时PipBoy会有信息说明队友离开玩家返回招募地。

醒来后,Father Elijah的全息影像会欢迎The Courier,并解释他给The Courier装了爆炸线圈以“期望”The Courier去招募伙伴来洗劫赌场。

当进入赌场时,玩家会遗失所有的非任务物品。所以即便弹药很难找,保留如同Missing laser pistol这样的任务物品仍不失为明智之举。

注意:如果你带着Missing laser pistol,刚开始不要装备它。否则Father Elijah说完话后游戏会崩溃。

当从Father Elijah问完所有你想知道的信息,开始进行一下三个任务:Find Collar 8: "Dog"Find Collar 12: ChristineFind Collar 14: Dean Domino。

This quest is given to the player automatically after downloading the Dead Money add-on and then, either loading a saved game or stepping out into the Mojave wasteland for the first time.

The Sierra Madre Broadcast radio signal is found which advertises the Sierra Madre casino.

Travel to the Abandoned BoS Bunker, north-east of Nelson to learn more, south-east from Camp Forlorn Hope.

Upon entering the bunker, head down the stairs and approach the door ahead of you, attempting to open the door causes a prompt to appear asking whether you wish to continue and commit to traveling to Sierra Madre. Accepting the challenge opens the door.

Walk through the door and approach the radio, The Courier is then knocked unconscious by gas flooding into the room and the player is treated to a slide show detailing the history of the Sierra Madre casino. You will receive an in-game message stating that your companions have returned to their homes.

Upon waking, the courier will find they have been stripped of all useful armor and weapons. The player is greeted by Father Elijah's hologram, which explains that the courier has been fitted with an explosive collar and that he, Father Elijah, demands the player to recruit three companions in order to carry out a heist for the centuries upon the casino.

After getting all the information you wish from Elijah, end the conversation and you will start the three quests: Find Collar 8: "Dog", Find Collar 12: Christine and Find Collar 14: Dean Domino.

Journal entries编辑

1Quest finishedIcon checkTrack down the source of the Sierra Madre invitation.


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