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首都废土华盛顿哥伦比亚特区的废墟及其周边地区的通用称呼。西北方以Raven Rock为界,向东南方延伸至铆钉城波特马克河大致将这片废土划分为两块。


在核弹袭击中,一些导弹的目标定为附近的Fort Bannister。该要塞被直接击中,而其周边的地区也遭到彻底毁灭,直到2277年,废都的西部边缘仍然是了无生机的贫瘠荒漠,并且含有很高的辐射。

核灾变使得贝塞斯达成为一个由匪徒占据的废墟,奥尔尼成为“旧奥尔尼”并且被死亡爪毁灭,安纳戴尔成为了安戴尔,居住着一群食尸者。阿灵顿除了Mama Dolce's和国家公墓之外一无所有。春之谷被炸弹毁灭,成为了废弃的城镇。而杰曼敦现在是超级变种人的驻地。

许多前美利坚合众国的历史遗迹现已成为超级变种人聚集的废墟,如国会大厦科技博物馆美国历史博物馆、以及商业区等地。或者,像白宫那样变成了一个充满辐射的大坑。然而,在战争的灰烬之上也建起了新的城镇,如兆吨镇、铆钉城、十便士大楼地底城小灯火镇,除此之外还有些小的居民点,如戴夫共和国绿洲大镇断桥镇、Andale、the Temple of the Union坎特伯雷居民区以及梁影镇

这片土地上影响力最大的势力包括钢铁兄弟会东海岸分部,其基地设在由五角大楼废墟的地上和地下部分组成的大本营英克雷,隐蔽在Raven Rock的地下;从87号避难所出现的超级变种人;居住在失落天堂奴隶贩子Fort Independence兄弟会遗弃者;占据着Fort Bannister废墟的鹰爪公司佣兵;以及在整个区域中分布广泛的匪徒,其中最大的一个匪徒营地是常青寨

植被 编辑

  • Children of Bob: The children of Bob are plants grown from spoor produced by Bob. They can be found in Oasis.
  • Moss: In Oasis, much of the ground is covered in moss.
  • Flowers: The majority of the flowers found in the Capital Wasteland are in human dwellings and are mostly just for decoration. However, in the Arlington Cemetery, there are three healthy flowers poking out of the soil. There is also a flowering plant in front of a grave stone in a cemetery to the north of Mama Dolce's. It is purple and white and appears perfectly healthy.

There are 3 types of flowers:

  • Pansies: A cluster of 3-4 purple/white pansies with a few leaves.
  • Daffodils: Long, slender leaves with 2-3 trumpet shaped yellow flowers.
  • Hollyhock: A spire of pink flowers with a few leaves at the base.

Trees: Some types of trees are distinctive, with the following characteristics:

  • Leafless: A trunk with a mass of leafless branches.
  • Pine tree: A spire of leafless branches.
  • Willow tree: Drooping, low-hanging branches.
  • Mangrove tree: Lots of roots with thin trunks and a few branches.
  • Grass: Most wasteland grass is a sickly brown color.
  • Bushes: The bushes provide little cover from fighting, but they do provide concealment, making them a nuisance in VATS as they can cause hit percentages to drop to 0%.
  • Mutfruit: There are two types of Mutfruit: crunchy and regular. Mutfruit looks like a blue bloated version of a raspberry, and Crunchy Mutfruit looks like a brown peach with some glowing red-pink patches. The only source of Mutfruits is through traders and some stores, and have never been found growing in the wild.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: The fresh fruit and vegetables of the wasteland can be found in the Arlington Public Library beside a trash can in a bathroom and in the Science Lab at Rivet City. Dialogue with various characters throughout Rivet City reveals that they have a hydroponics lab. In which case, the scientists have been engineering pre-war plants to grow with their roots systems in purified water rather than the irradiated soil of the Wasteland.
  • Simulated plants: Two types of pine trees can be found: a green and healthy kind in Tranquility Lane and a brown sickly kind in Operation: Anchorage. Both are a tower of branches and pine needles.
  • Glowing fungus: The green, glowing mushrooms that are found in the Capital Wasteland. Found in most caves, metros, sewers, and other damp, dark places. Often found at sites of radiation. The Deathclaw Sanctuary and Little Lamplight have multiple formations of this fungus.
  • Brain-like fungus: A fungus that resembles a mass of brains. Found in many caves, as well as damp places, and near outcroppings of rocks in the Wasteland. The fungus shares characteristics with live tissue because, when attacked by a weapon, blood flies.
  • Cave Fungus: Cave Fungus is found only in the caves of Little Lamplight. It is used extensively by the children of Little Lamplight. The fungus is believed to have grown out of the bodies of deceased adults within the caves. The fungus thrives on Strange Meat. The fungus soaks up radiation and replenishes lost health. It also acts as a food source for the children, but it supposedly does not taste very good. Cave fungus is eaten on a spit.



Other Maps 编辑

Planet Fallout interactive map - 这是一张可以显示几乎一切东西的互动地图,包括地点、物品和复活节彩蛋。

The Vault Fallout 3 Location map - 这张地图只显示地点,但它包括了外星人坠机点的信息。另外它也提供了正确的坐标和更详细的地点说明。如果第一个太大,请用这个。

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