Cannibal Johnson is a former Enclave soldier, living in his cave in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


食人族约翰森以前是纳瓦罗的一名英克雷士兵,是克莱格上尉的下属。他与战友奧萊恩经常就“哲学”问题发生争吵;as in, Moreno was ruthless and Johnson had reservations about killing. 他痛恨英克雷,反感他们的所作所为,he remained with them out of loyalty to his friends and squadmates; 并且经常违抗军令,出工不出力。In contrast with Moreno, Johnson actually agrees with a lot of the NCR's goals and believes them to be the Mojave's best hope for a stable and free future.


Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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此角色是一位永久的同伴。 他们给予-辅助能力。
25 Strictly Business.png
Icon quest starter.png


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该角色是一名商人 Bottle cap -
卖: -
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此角色可以修理物品 修理 瓶盖: -
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此角色出租床位 Bottle cap -.
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此角色商队扑克牌' 他们可以出 瓶盖


For Auld Lang Syne: Cannibal Johnson is one of five Enclave remnants the Courier must recruit.

Effects of player's actions

  • During "For Auld Lang Syne," if the player character encourages the Remnants to aid the Legion during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, Johnson will refuse to participate in the attack and will leave the Remnants meeting in disgust. Unlike the similar scenario which occurs with Moreno if the player character encourages the Remnants to side with the NCR, Johnson cannot be convinced through any means to join the attack if the Legion is supported.
  • In addition to For Auld Lang Syne, Johnson will usually follow the Courier into the Legate's Camp when fighting for an independent Vegas or NCR.
  • Attacking the brahmin in the camp will turn him hostile.
  • When working for Mr. House and having the Securitrons kill General Oliver and his NCR Rangers, Cannibal Johnson will attack the Courier alongside the Rangers and Oliver.
  • With a Speech check of 30, Johnson will tell the Courier why he's named "Cannibal Johnson."

Other interactions

Low Intelligence characters (3 or below) can ask Johnson about "this Reaper guy."[1] The Courier is obviously missing that he's talking about death.


服装 武器 其他 物品
Leather armor
Remnants power armor*
Hunting rifle

* Battle for Hoover Dam only


Cannibal's word for the Remnants bunker is "old," which he finds appropriate.


Cannibal Johnson appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

If one continues to talk to him about the Enclave, he will have a dialogue option about a drill sergeant who once caught a soldier without his uniform.[2] This is a reference to Fallout 2 when the Chosen One travels to Navarro and talks to the drill sergeant there without wearing advanced power armor, Dornan will yell at him for being out of uniform.



  1. Cannibal Johnson's dialogue: "I've been in the Reaper's shadow for a long time now, and I thought he'd finally showed up to collect. He's just mocking me now."
  2. Cannibal Johnson's dialogue: "He was a drill instructor I knew. He was also the meanest bastard I've ever known."
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