本文介紹的是the energy weapon that appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues. 關於the Fallout: New Vegas quest item,參見Sonic emitter (item)
Old World BluesSonic emitter - Gabriel's bark
Sonic emitter - opera singer
Sonic emitter - revelation
Sonic emitter - robo-scorpion
Sonic emitter - tarantula
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The sonic emitter is a weapon that appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.




这种武器看起来就是一根插上了四个真空管的灰色金属圆筒在配上一个小型能量电池包的接口,一个倒锥形的发射口和一个后置的示波器。看起来和脉冲枪有些相似,Reprogramming the sonic emitter changes the color of the oscilloscope and energy rings, as well as introducing unique effects when the weapon scores a critical hit.

All variants are improved holdout weapons and are affected by The Professional perk. They can be repaired with any other variant of the sonic emitter, and any energy pistol with the Jury Rigging perk.


音波发射器 - 加百列的吠声

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  • Found within one of Gabe's dig spots in X-8. It is randomly placed in one of the many dig spots.

音波发射器 - 歌剧演唱家

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发射的声波cripples the target's limbs on a critical strike. A kill 可以把目标击碎, similar to the Bloody Mess perk.

  • Found on a nightstand upstairs, in Doctor 8's house.

音波发射器 - 启示录

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  • This is the default setting when the weapon is first obtained.

音波发射器 - 机器蝎子

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  • Found within the Giant Robo Scorpion room, located on the elevated platform in the back of the room, on the center desk.

音波发射器 - 狼蛛

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  • Found in Doctor 0's house, upstairs in the leftmost room on top of the computer.


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Sonic emitter - Gabriel's bark Old World Blues (add-on)55
56.9+20 EMP1.03x125Knockback301.80.124(12)495235001750502
Sonic emitter - opera singer Old World Blues (add-on)55
56.9+20 EMP1.03x125Dismember301.80.124495235001750502
Sonic emitter - revelation Old World Blues (add-on)31
32.1+20 EMP1.03x118Paralyze/10s3010.124495235001750502
Sonic emitter - robo-scorpion Old World Blues (add-on)65
67.2+20 EMP1.03x130+100Explosion302.20.124(8)495235001750752
Sonic emitter - tarantula Old World Blues (add-on)60
62.1+20 EMP1.03x130+2Fire/5s3020.124(8)495235001750752

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  • The sonic emitter is a type of weapon, not an individual model. The five models are variants of each other, but there is no basic variant.
  • The default sonic emitter is "revelation"; the other variants require the Courier to find the matching holotape.
  • Though Blind Diode Jefferson claims to be reprogramming the player's sonic emitter, regardless of the condition of the emitter you bring, he actually trades you a new one of the model you request, resulting in a new Emitter at nearly full condition, about 90% of full weapon health.
  • Although the pulse gun does more damage and bonus EMP damage against all robots, each sonic emitter does +20 damage against Big MT robots and +50 damage against Mojave robots and power armor.


All variants of the sonic emitter appear only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.