Foggy Bottom station is a pre-War Metro station on the White Line. It is part of the Metro system under the Washington, D.C. ruins.


This metro station has 2 major entrances from the north and south side in which toll-booths have to be passed. In the center there is a second floor waiting area with some benches and raider holdouts. Down the escalator are two caved-in metro tunnels and a serviceable metro tunnel leading east. To the west is the Metro Central exit, and the left tunnel leads to a tunnel entrance.

Notable loot

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - Walking from the DCTA tunnel 014-B Potomac entrance, if you take the first left into the small area between the tracks, you will find one or two raiders along with the Quantum, which can be found behind the gate next to the table and machinery.
  • Danielle's book, a unique (though functionless) book on the floor next to a bench at the bottom eastern end of the central area.
  • Nikola Tesla and You - There is a room to the north with an (average) terminal, with the skill book on the electric cabinet left of the protectron charging pad, under the clock on the wall.


  • The approach to the Dupont Circle exit has several bear traps to avoid/disarm. The Georgetown North approach has only one such trap.
  • You can also download a map of the DCTA metro via the terminal that activates the protectron.
  • There is a unique (but useless) item called Danielle's book located on the floor next to an eastern bench in the bottom of the large central area.


Foggy Bottom station appears only in Fallout 3.