Layton Towers is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The Layton Towers are a set of two towers in the Back Bay area. A dozen raiders control the tower interior and exterior.

The towers are connected together through an internal pathway on the fifth floor. There are three entrances to the Layton towers, one on the ground floor of the western tower, and one on the roof of each tower. The roof entrance to the eastern tower requires to use an external elevator.

Both towers comprise six floors but only the fifth and sixth floor are accessible in the eastern tower, and the second floor is inaccessible in the western tower. On the fifth floor of the eastern tower, a sleeping bag can be found in the broken elevator. Next to the same elevator there is a chemistry station. There is a living area on the roof of the eastern tower where the Sole Survivor can find two mattresses, a steamer trunk, a cooking station and a weapons workbench, along with a raider and her attack dog.

Notable loot

  • Fusion core - On the ground floor of the western tower, in a machinery room.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - On the ground floor of the western tower, in the entrance room.


  • On the second accessible floor of the building in the north east corner it appears a raider has had an overdose on jet. There is jet and a tipped over enamel bucket with what looks like vomit on the floor next to the body.
  • On the third accessible floor, there is a television set in a room that has bullet holes shot into the screen in the shape of a happy face.


Layton Towers appears only in Fallout 4.


PC It is possible to walk through the outside door on the top floor eastern exit, with no prompt to "Enter Layton Towers" showing up. Going through the door one can see through the mesh of the tower and the player character will fall to their death. Saving and reloading will fix it (prompt to enter Layton Towers will appear and the door is solid). [已核实]