• Wazer Wifle - 這一款特殊變種有更高的傷害力和耐用性,能量容量也更大。可以從小燈火鎮Biwwy處以500個瓶蓋購得,或者,如果有Child at Heart特技的話可以免費獲得。
  • Metal Blaster (The Pitt add-on) - This unique variant of the AER9 fires nine beams at once, using one Microfusion Cell similar to the Protectron's Gaze Laser Pistol. This feature, coupled with its remarkably high damage-per-shot makes it a devastating short to close-range weapon, though its effectiveness greatly diminishes at a range with the "shotgun effect". It can be obtained by bringing fifty Steel Ingots to Everett in The Pitt.
  • Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (Broken Steel add-on) - The Tri-Beam Laser Rifle is a variant of the AER9 that fires three high-powered beams per shot - similar to the Metal Blaster - though it does require three Microfusion Cells every time the trigger is pulled. It is technically not a unique version of the AER9 but rather a variant as it frequently drops from Super Mutant Overlords and is not repairable with anything but other Tri-Beam Laser Rifles. It was first made available in Broken Steel.


There are a number of Laser Rifles that can be found from an early level:

  • Laying next to a dead Brotherhood Initiate in the north office building off of Falls Church (the one without Initiate Pek).
  • In a cabinet in the Talon Company Camp
  • On a shelf in the Overseer's Office of Vault 92
  • One in a cabinet in The Family's home. (Hard lock)

These Laser Rifles aren't usually in the best shape and getting them repaired by merchants can be quite expensive.

Additionally, Enclave Soldiers typically have Laser and/or Plasma weapons equipped (usually at about 1/3 CND) so plenty of Laser Rifles can be found inside of the Enclave Headquarters at Raven Rock.


  • If you explore Fort Independence, you will come across a terminal in the Weapon Research room near the Armory Room, which says the AER9 will overheat after numerous shots, and that it is only supposed to be able to fire 12 to 13 shots per microfusion cell when you can shoot 24 (or 30 with the Wazer Wifle) lasers per cell. A terminal in the Citadel laboratory likewise describes the model for being notorious for overheating.
  • One very useful trait about this weapon is that, with a high enough Repair skill, you can repair them to 100%, giving them the sizable value of 999 caps. Meaning at 100 Barter skill, you can usually sell one for around 890 to 950 caps, depending on the vendor.


On the barrel, there is a warning: "Caution: laser radiation". It's also rated as a "Class 6" laser, which may be a subtle nod to the internationally used laser class rating system, which currently rates the strongest industrial lasers as "Class 5".