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The Gatling laser is a weapon in Fallout 3.




The Gatling laser is the most advanced weapon type for the Big Guns skill. It is similar to the minigun, 事实上它根本不是一種格林機槍,没有会绕着一根轴旋转的枪管——虽然它的三个发射口的确是呈圆周阵列布置,在开火時,会依次轮流发射激光束,以便更好的散热。这样的设计使这款武器的使用更为简单,响应时间也更为短暂(因为格林機槍在开火前要让枪管旋转起来)。在实战中,这是少数可以迅速击落飞鸟直升机的武器之一。

One can easily take out any threat at a safe distance with a Gatling laser. At long range it is actually an incredibly accurate weapon, though it performs poorly in V.A.T.S.

At point blank range, it actually aims a bit lower than the cross-hair. This is easily observable when trying to shoot a corpse's head off while standing on top of it.

Although a very powerful weapon against targets of every type, this weapon is very rare without the Broken Steel add-on.


The Gatling laser can fire a total of about 3125 beams, the equivalent of 13 reloads, from full condition before breaking.


  • Vengeance - The most powerful Gatling laser, Vengeance is also one of the most durable weapons in the game, with 2000 item HP.
  • Precision Gatling laser Broken Steel - While not as powerful as Vengeance, the precision Gatling laser has a very high critical multiplier of .2.
  • Fawkes' Gatling laser - A unique, non-player version of the Gatling laser used by Fawkes after the end of The American Dream quest.


  • Gatling lasers are most commonly found on Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts and Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. These soldiers can be found in areas like The Washington Monument, Fort Independence, inside Arlington Library, Pennsylvania Avenue and outside of the Citadel. Gatling lasers are generally very rare in the Capital Wasteland without the Broken Steel add-on.
  • Defender Rockfowl will often carry one.
  • Inside Raven Rock there is a Gatling laser in an Enclave crate behind a blue energy shield as the player character is leaving Raven Rock, after one has spoken with President Eden. One will notice it on the right as they near the sentry bots which fight off three Enclave soldiers, just before the final door (leading to the Capital Wasteland). Deactivate the shield with the computer and the Gatling laser can be found in one of the five crates.
  • Broken Steel - Gatling lasers are also occasionally carried by overlords. The overlords can be encountered from level 13 on.
  • Point Lookout (add-on) Two Gatling lasers can also be found in the St. Aubin Medical Facility.
  • Mothership Zeta (add-on) - At least 4 Gatling lasers can be found in the cargo hold and in the engineering core as the quest Among the Stars progresses.
  • Broken Steel - There is a respawning pair of super mutant overlords on the path to the National Guard depot from Friendship Heights who come armed with Gatling lasers.
  • A Gatling laser may be carried or sold by a wasteland scavenger merchant spawned as part of the Type B random encounter, where the scavenger is allied with a robot against a group of raiders.