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An H&K L30 Gatling Laser. Designed specifically for military use, these were in the prototype stage at the beginning of the War. Multiple barrels allow longer firing before overheating. Powered by Micro Fusion Cells.— In-game description

The L30 Gatling laser is an energy weapon in Fallout and Fallout 2.


Designed specifically for military use, the L30 was in the prototype stage at the beginning of the Sino-American War. Capable of firing only in burst and with a low energy capacity, it was eventually superseded by the more advanced full auto Gatling.


Commonly regarded as the ultimate energy weapon, the L30 saw use (post-War) by Brotherhood of Steel Paladins, Unity Nightkin, and even Enclave soldiers. On that note, advanced power armors have a 90% resistance against laser damage, which means the user has to rely solely on critical hits to deal significant damage against enemies in any sort of metal or power armor. However, if one has tagged Energy Weapons from the start, and picked the right perks, the Gatling laser can be both very devastating and economical due to the popularity of ammo in the later part of the game, along with high per-shot damage and canceling armor AC/DR due to each shot being critical (Fast Shot trait, Better Criticals perk, Sniper perk combined with 10 Luck).



  • Carried by some of the nightkin on the second level of the Mariposa Military Base.
  • Carried by the Lieutenant.
  • Two in the Cathedral: one is carried by the nightkin just after the door requiring the black COC badge, the other is in a locker on the third basement floor of the vault in the mutant bunk room.
  • Carried by the leaders of the Brotherhood of Steel patrols around the Lost Hills base.
  • Carried by many soldiers inside the Lost Hills base.


  • Carried by Sir Launcelot.
  • Sold by Mai Da Chiang at Red 888 Guns.
  • Oil Rig trap room far east area (the room with the advanced power armor Mk II).
  • Carried by a member of Sergeant Granite's company.
  • Rarely used by Enclave patrolmen in random encounters near Navarro.