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A Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol. Civilian model, so the wattage is lower than military or police versions. Uses small energy cells.

In-game description, Fallout

The Wattz 1000 laser pistol is an energy weapon in Fallout and Fallout 2.


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Laser weapons tend to become less effective as the game progresses due to the fact that most late-game enemies have high resistance and threshold to laser damage. The Wattz 1000 can roast most weaker enemies, but you'd be better off with a Glock 86 if you want an energy weapon handgun.

Can be upgraded with a magnetic focusing field, tightening the laser emission by Algernon in Fallout 2. This gives its damage -50% to laser resistance and -5 to laser threshold, making it much more effective late in the game.



Fallout 2编辑

Related quests编辑

The pistols have a somewhat important role in New Reno in Fallout 2.

In the game, the Salvatores have begun conducting secret transactions with the Enclave (the player will be asked to guard one such transaction for Louis Salvatore's final quest), trading dangerous chemicals for Wattz 1000s (or "lightbringers" as they are referred to by denizens of New Reno). This gives the Salvatores an immense advantage over the other "families", and, using the "lightbringers", the Salvatores brutally massacre Mordino family members in the streets, striking fear into all those who oppose Salvatore.

Although no family is willing to fight the laser-packing Salvatores head-on, Orville Wright will ask the Chosen One to locate a source of weaponry which would give the Wrights a chance at doing so, and Big Jesus Mordino will contract him or her to murder Louis Salvatore as revenge for the massacre.

Eldridge is willing to pay if someone brings him one of the weapons to examine.


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