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FalloutWattz 1000 laser pistol
Fallout 2Wattz 1000 laser pistol
Wattz 1000 magneto-laser pistol
Solar Scorcher
Icon cut Phazer
Fallout 3AEP7 laser pistol
Protectron's Gaze
Smuggler's End
Colonel Autumn's laser pistol
Colonel Autumn's laser pistol Gametitle-FO3 BS
Fallout: New VegasAEP7 laser pistol
Pew Pew
Missing AEP7 laser pistol
Compliance Regulator Gametitle-FNV HH
Laser pistol (GRA) Gametitle-FNV GRA
Fallout 4Laser pistol
Good Intentions
Old Faithful
Prototype UP77 "Limitless Potential"
Righteous Authority
Wazer Wifle
Protectron's Gaze Gametitle-FO4 AUT
Institute pistol
Virgil's rifle
Fallout TacticsWattz 1000 laser pistol
Fallout: BoSLaser pistol
Home-made electric laser pistol
Fallout ShelterLaser pistol (rusty, tuned, focused, amplified)
Smuggler's End
Institute pistol
Van BurenAPOLLO laser pistol
Unnamed laser pistol
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Laser pistols are high-tech sidearms that emit a concentrated beam of coherent light, with sufficient wattage to do considerable damage. They can be powered by various power sources, but most models use an internal capacitor, charged by a small energy cell. Apart from pistols, other, more powerful laser weapons exist, like laser rifles and Gatling lasers.


Several different variants of laser pistols exist, from low-power civilian models to extremely powerful military sidearms. Typically, the main difference is the focusing optics. While civilian models utilize a laser diode,[1] military models employ a photonic focusing chamber and crystal array,[2] which creates a tighter, more destructive beam, although certain modifications (e.g. a magnetic field targeting system) can improve the performance of a civilian model, bringing it on par with military models.[3] Certain models can also be locked down for transport, requiring an arming sequence to make them operable again.



Fo1 Laser Pistol
这把瓦茲1000是民用型号,它的输出功率比军用和警用的型号要低,[4]因為其使用雷射二极管代替了军用版本的水晶透镜<section begin="Wattz 1000 laser pistol" />。[1][2] 这把武器在关闭保险之后可以很安全地转运,直到输入解锁序列号把它重新启动。

瓦茲1000 magneto型编辑

Fo2 Magneto-Laser Pistol
游戏文章: Fallout 2
瓦茲1000雷射手枪的改进版本,装配在枪上的改进型聚焦装置使得它发射出来的激光束更加集中,穿透力有了显著的改观。[3]<section begin="Wattz 1000 Magneto-laser pistol" /><section end="Wattz 1000 Magneto-laser pistol" />

太阳能聚光器 编辑

Fo2 Solar Scorcher
游戏文章: Fallout 2
太阳能聚光器是使用日光作为能量来源的special laser pistol。[5]暴露在日光下充能完毕之后可以满足六次发射所需,在那之后它就必须重新充能<section begin="Solar Scorcher" />。

This rare weapon was seen in the armory of Vault 13, prior to the events of Fallout in 2161.[6] <section end="Solar Scorcher" />


Laser pistol (Gamebryo)
AEP7型雷射手枪的入役取代了老式的AEP5型手枪,[2]相对于后者它有着更大的电池容量、更好的光束寿数型以及更广泛的使用范围,当然,威力自然也比后者高得多。作为一把非常不错的副武器,在东海岸地区钢铁兄弟会英克雷广泛地把它配发给下属的作战单位。<section begin="AEP7 laser pistol" />

作为AEP5的后继者,AEP7的水晶聚焦装置经过了重新设计,并且可以手动地调节光束的focusing chamber, and selectable laser focusfocus 、[2]波长、脉冲能量以及重复率。[7]此外,它比它的前任更加轻巧,因此被认为是一把足以取代10mm手枪的雷射副武器。[2]

然而,虽然得益于美国强大的工业体系,这把手枪得以在短时间内大量地生产出来,但是战争造成的物流体系的混乱使得它们并没有真正地配发到部队手中。[2] <section end="AEP7 laser pistol" />


Fallout4 laser pistol
游戏文章: Fallout 4


Fallout4 Institute pistol
游戏文章: Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter

A small energy weapon often used by the Institute and its synths.

Home-made electric laser pistol编辑


<section begin="Home-made electric laser pistol" />This electric laser weapon only appears in the city of Los and is to be manufactured using technology contained in the Secret Vault. It's equipped by the low ghouls of the cult, Church of the Lost. <section end="Home-made electric laser pistol" />

Electric laser pistol编辑


<section begin="Electric laser pistol" />This kind of electric laser weapon only appears in the city of Los and is to be manufactured using technology contained in the Secret Vault. This rare weapon is only found in the Secret Vault and was part of the Secret Vault guards' weaponry. <section end="Electric laser pistol" />

Mentioned and cut content编辑

AEP5 laser pistol编辑

游戏文章: none (mentioned in Fallout 3)

<section begin="AEP5 laser pistol" /> The AEP5 laser pistol was a military model that was notorious for its problems with overheating.[2] <section end="AEP5 laser pistol" />


Icon cut content以下内容基於輻射2刪節内容,因而不應完全作正史内容看待。
游戏文章: Fallout 2
Phazer是把強大、奇特的雷射武器of unknown origin. 只能在神秘的联邦快递太空梭坠毁地点找到的<section begin="Phazer" />, and is a reference to the Star Trek weapon.<section end="Phazer" />

APOLLO laser pistol编辑

游戏文章: Van Buren

<section begin="Apollo" /> The APOLLO laser pistol is a primary weapon designed and abandoned by Poseidon Energy that science-oriented characters in Van Buren could complete. <section end="Apollo" />

Unnamed laser pistol编辑

游戏文章: Van Buren

An unnamed laser pistol.


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