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雷區, 正如其名, 是廢土上一個荒廢的居住地,主要由幾條公路和房子圍繞而成,公路和區域周圍遍布地雷。As if navigating through the mine-infested town wasn't dangerous enough, travelers must do so under fire from a sniper named Arkansas, who will not only fire on any intruders but will also attempt to detonate any cars they approach with a well-placed shot to the engine (detonating cars are scripted and occur even if the player is hidden).

Common belief in the wasteland is that this settlement is haunted, presumably because of the sniper firing on anyone who tries to enter the village. There is no evidence of supernatural beings.

The center of the merry-go-round in the Minefield playground is a quest target for one of the tasks involved in The Wasteland Survival Guide quest available from Moira Brown in Megaton.

There are (at last count) at least 67 mines planted about the town and strewn over the various approaches to it. Disarming the mines offers between 5 to 8 XP at low levels, and the mines can be sold for a decent amount of caps, making a good case for finding and disarming them all.

Minefield in G.E.C.K. -- walking into red areas cause Arkansas to shoot cars, mines, or other objects if he is present (even if he is not hostile).

雷區房子[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

雷區內建築包括4間可以進入的房子: 本森住所; 吉布森住所; 吉利安住所贊恩住所,可以在裡面找到戰前書籍 (每間1到2本), 醫療補給品, 一把突擊步槍;以及一座破爛的三層建築和一個小型兒童遊樂場。

Inside the 吉布森住所, there is a locked model of a house. Picking the lock is Very Hard and nets you 3 Buffout, 3 Pre-war Money, and Junk Food. There is also a key on Gibson's corpse in the Capitol Post office building in L'Enfant Plaza (only 1 Buffout on Xbox 360). If you take Dogmeat he can get the 3 Buffout and the Junk Food. (On Xbox360)

Consistencies[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

All four houses have an "Easy: Locked" safe. In the 本森住所 the safe is behind a dresser upstairs and contains Pre-War Money and ammo. In both the 吉布森住所吉利安住所 the safe is upstairs under the double bed; the safe in the 吉布森住所 sometimes has a Stealth Boy. The贊恩住所's safe is behind the dresser in the office on the ground floor. Also, all houses contain at least two pre-war books and a skill book.

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值得注意的物品[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


  • 贊恩住所:二樓一個房間裡面床上有具小骷髏,旁邊小熊身上有一本拳擊畫報。同時有一本戰前書籍in the front room
  • 吉利安住所: 房子門前的一個輪胎上有製造火焰刀需要的摩托車手剎和油箱。二樓一個房間裡面床上有一本野蠻人柯南。同時有兩本戰前書籍, both in the front room,
  • 吉布森住所: 一張桌子上需要開鎖技能100才能打開的房間模型,裡面只有幾個藥品和很少的瓶蓋;另一張桌子上有一本撬鎖指南。另外有四本戰前書籍 -- one in the front room, one on the bookcase in the children's room, one in the bathroom tub off the master bedroom, and one on the bedside table in the master bedroom
  • 本森住所:二樓最裡面房間桌子上有一本戰前書籍和一本特區內醫學雜誌。另外一本戰前書在一樓on top of the bookcase.


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註釋[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 雷區在布滿地雷以前叫里奇菲爾德, 從阿肯色身上拿到的鑰匙就叫做"Ridgefield Gate Key". 這座城鎮是被匪徒清空的。
  • 往東北方,在前往聯邦聖殿的路上有一個未標記地點蟑螂王的寶座,裡面有微型核彈。
  • A few mines cannot be disarmed -- you never get the red prompt. When you see that you are not getting a red prompt, you must back up quickly to avoid injury.
  • Sometimes there will be a dead raider in one of the houses who has an Assault Rifle.
  • This is a very good place to find parts for custom weapons. Especially toy cars in the children's rooms for the Dart Gun, and lawn mower blades in the various lawn mowers in town for the Shishkebab.
  • There has been a report where Arkansas had spawned inside the Zane house and starts shooting at the Lone Wanderer, when he was at his hideout just a few seconds ago.
  • There has been cases were the Firelance event will occur on top of the hill behind Minefield.

幕後[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 雷區裡面住家的名稱都是來自小島秀夫的遊戲"攔截者"。在朗方廣場首都郵報大樓裡 可以找到一個頭部位於兩腿之間的斬首身體,上面有一張寫著「搜索房子」的紙條。這與「攔截者」中的場景完全相同。攔截者遊戲中的房子也有一個微型房屋模型。 "吉布森(Gibson)" 來自攔截者的角色Jean Jack Gibson。吉利安(Gillian)來自「攔截者」的主角「Gillian Seed」 。「本森(Benson)」也是遊戲中兩個角色的名字(首長Benson Cunningham或工程師Harry Benson)。

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