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Far From Home is a main quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor main quest: Far from Home
(Optional) Listen to Valentine's Detective Agency Radio.
Talk to Ellie.
Travel to the Nakano Residence.
Talk to Kenji Nakano.
(Optional) Question Kenji and Rei Nakano.
Investigate the Boathouse.
Listen to Kasumi's holotape.
Talk to Kenji.
Travel to Far Harbor.
Inform the Brotherhood of the synth refuge
Inform the Railroad of the synth refuge
Inform the Institute of the synth refuge
Reward: Placeholder reward BoS.
Reward: Placeholder reward RR.
Reward: Placeholder reward Inst.
Reward:400+ XP
Access to the Island .
Leads to: Walk in the Park

Detailed walkthrough


  • 去他们家 (north of the Coastal Cottage in the north east corner of the map) 。
  • After completing Getting a Clue a new radio station will appear on the Pip-Boy, Valentine's Detective Agency. It has a message from Ellie Perkins to come and see her about a new case. Upon reaching the agency Ellie informs the Sole Survivor of a new client, Kenji Nakano. The man's seemingly uneasy attitude points to the likelihood of a missing person case. Ellie asks the Sole Survivor to meet this new client.

Either way, once at the Nakano residence meet with Kenji and his wife, Rei. They inform the player character that their daughter, Kasumi, has gone missing, and want the Sole Survivor to help find her. Progressive questioning, besides some Charisma checks, leads the player character to the boathouse, where a holotape, locked in an Expert safe, with the key hidden inside a picture frame on a desk. The holotape within the safe reveals that Kasumi made contact with a colony of synths near a northern location called Far Harbor, and their presence made her question her own humanity, causing her to runaway in order to discover the truth.


The Miscellaneous missions given after listening to Kasumi's final holotape and talking to Kenji lead to the following quests for the main three factions:

Quest stages

2 Listen to Valentine's Detective Agency RadioMy Pip-Boy has received a radio broadcast from Valentine's Detective Agency. I should listen to it and see what it's saying.
5 Talk to EllieThere's a new case at Valentine's Detective Agency. I should talk to Ellie about it.
30 Read Kenji Nakano's Case NotesEllie Perkins has asked me to solve one of Nick Valentine's cases. All the details are in the file she gave me.
40 Travel to Nakano ResidenceI've agreed to take on a case for Valentine's Detective Agency. I'll need to interview the client, Kenji Nakano, at his home.
50 Talk to Kenji NakanoI've arrived at the Nakano Residence. Someone inside is shouting about getting his daughter back. I should see what's going on.
200 Investigate the Nakano Residence. (Optional) Question Kenji and ReiKasumi Nakano has run away from home. I need to investigate to find where she went and why.
245 Investigate the BoathouseKasumi Nakano has run away from home. I need to investigate to find where she went and why.
300 Listen to Kasumi's final holotapeKasumi Nakano has run away from home. I need to investigate to find where she went and why.
310 Talk to Kenji Nakano
400 Travel to Far HarborKenji Nakano has given me his boat so that I can make the trip to Far Harbor to look for his daughter, Kasumi.
500Quest finishedQuest CompletedI've made it to Far Harbor. Now I just need to find where Kasumi went and where this group of free synths is.


  • Nick Valentine 会有额外的对话。.
  • The player doesn't need to complete Getting a Clue, going to the Nakano residence right after leaving Vault 111 will start the quest. Though later when the Sole Survivor "meets" Ellie, she will first be worried about Nick being gone, then respond as if she did send the Sole Survivor to Far Harbor (possible phases include "You're back" and "good job gum-shoe"), and then respond as though they are meeting for the first time (starting off by saying the office is closed and such).
  • After learning about, and informing Kenji of Far Harbor, three options are presented, if the necessary quests have been completed: to inform the Brotherhood of Steel by talking to Lancer Captain Kells, the Railroad by talking to Boxer, or the Institute about the existence of the synth colony.
  • If this quest is listed in the journal, but has not yet been started, and if Nick is not currently a companion, he can be found sitting in his office and cannot be interacted with until this quest is started. If Nick is already a companion for an unrelated quest then he will constantly comment that "We should head over to the Nakano Residence when we can. Find out what the case is about!"

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