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The double-barrel shotgun is a small gun added to Fallout 3 with the Point Lookout add-on.




不像削短型霰彈槍,双筒霰彈枪的枪托和枪管都是完整无缺的, yet is quite rusty and still requiring a metal strap to keep the foregarm and barrels together。这把武器单次射击的伤害极为恐怖,即便在武器耐久度低下的情况下也依旧高于战斗霰弹枪。这是因为它一次开火会同时发射出两发12号霰弹,这也就意味着每一次开火之后它都要重新进行装填。不过它的重新装填时间很短,只有0.8秒,这使得它的射速并没有受到太大的影响,但这导致了它的另一个不足之处,那就是弹药消耗的比较快(因为一次打两发)。 频繁装弹导致的另一个问题是把双筒霰弹枪从满耐久一直打到报废可能遭遇到比战斗霰弹枪多得多的卡壳次数(因为游戏中卡壳只发生在换弹的时候)。 这把武器被非玩家使用的时候对玩家有着无视防御的35点额外伤害。而且这个三十五点伤害是按照每一次命中来算的,这意味着双筒霰弹枪的每一发铅丸(总共有9发)都附带35点额外伤害!算起来就有315点额外伤害了。Additionally, this damage ignores Damage Resistance and is independent of the condition of the weapon, making it especially deadly in the hands of swampfolk and other non-player characters.


Because the weapon discharges two shells per shot the weapon deteriorates twice as fast. Starting from a fully repaired gun, it will:

  1. Begin to jam after 50 shots, almost halfway through the gun's health.
  2. Break after 118 shots.


  • Pa's Fishing Aid Point Lookout (add-on) - a unique version of the double-barrel shotgun that was cut from the game.


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Sawed-off shotgun 50
The Kneecapper 75
Double-barrel shotgun 85


  • One may be found relatively early in the add-on inside the naval recruiting center. One can also find one in the sea cave in a surfaced wooden boat containing a skeleton, shotgun shells and pre-War money.
  • It is also obtainable at the Homestead Motel, in the main lobby behind the counter and in room 1G.
  • The tribals that invade Calvert Mansion during the The Local Flavor quest also carry this weapon, as do various swampfolk.
  • There is also one on the porch of Marguerite's shack, on a small table.
  • Can be purchased from several merchants across Point Lookout.
  • During the quest Hearing Voices, several shotguns can be found in the sea-cave on the floor in the room where you encounter Jackson.


  • The model for the double-barrel appears to be that of a sawed-off shotgun but with full length barrel and the stock of a combat shotgun.
  • The double-barrel shotgun cannot be repaired with the sawed-off shotgun.

Behind the scenes

The double-barrel shotgun was slated for inclusion in Fallout: New Vegas at some point during development. While it was either removed prior to the release of the game or never implemented to begin with, a number of resources remain in the game's files for the weapon, including the weapon model and firing sounds, as well as an unused Form List, RepairNVDoubleBarrelShotgun. The weapon model and associated animations are identical to those found in Point Lookout, meaning the weapon lacks iron sights and the multi-step reload sound effect used for compatibility with the Rapid Reload perk. Despite this, sufficient resources exist for the weapon to be fully implemented within the game, leaving the ultimate reason for its exclusion unclear.


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