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The Retreat is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia. Formerly known as 樹屋村, it was once a settlement run by the Free States, before raiders attacked the survivors taking refuge there and taking over. They later abandoned the treehouses, though in 2103, a group of villagers led by Jennie Brown revamped the abandoned settlement and renamed it to The Retreat.


另见: Treehouse Village

As humans returned to Appalachia in 2103, a group of villagers took up residence in the old Free States settlement previously known as Treehouse Village and converted it into their own home. The group renamed the settlement to The Retreat. The villagers are led by Jennie Brown, who treats the community like her family. However, they have recently been extorted for supplies by Dagger, a powerful Blood Eagle operating out of the nearby base known as Dagger's Den. As such, many of the villagers are starting to grow hungry and paranoid of outsiders. Jennie Brown would like the help of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force in resolving this issue, before the Blood Eagles decide to kill the villagers once and for all.[1]


Located off the ground, the village is spread across over a dozen platforms connected by walkways. The platforms are made from a variety of materials and built as the terrain permitted. The central part of the village is a large shack with a cooking station and tinker's workbench, connected directly with a platform that housed the pantry and the main kitchen. From there, denizens could reach the northern platforms, which includes one that hosted the living quarters and another jutting out northwards.

The southern side includes several smaller platforms, including one that houses the secondary kitchen, bar, and housing for families.


  • 釀造師購物清單 - 酒吧的吧檯上。
  • 匕首的兩難 - 在最北的樹屋桌上。
  • 配方:戴伯特的地洞肉餅 - 在該區靠近中央的樹屋內,洛恩的終端機附近鐵櫃上。
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - On a red shelf in the treehouse with hanging bat decorations and the painting of a clown.
  • Power armor chassis with raider power armor pieces - In the treehouse with stairs built on a red dump truck.


The treehouse village appears only in Fallout 76.




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