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I'll be able to charge even more for it than I was originally planning. The only thing left to do is set up shop in one of the towns on the surface. None too soon! These filthy raiders have been my bane, and after these long months, I'm as destitute as the worst of them.

Ryan Brigg, Jury St. tunnels terminal entries



  • Raiders (usually 6 on patrol, more in Jury St. Tunnels)
  • Ryan Brigg (in Jury St. Tunnels)

Notable Loot编辑

  • 工作台上有一本《迪恩的電子學》和瓶蓋地雷
  • Once in the Jury Street Tunnels Mole rat meat can be combined with Wonderglue using a device located near the caged mole rat to create a more valuable type of meat.


陪審團街站 僅出現在輻射3


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