She's presently the head of the Children of the Cathedral in the Hub. I've reason to believe that may change soon.Decker about Jain

Dispose of Jain is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Dispose of Jain
Speak to Lorenzo Giovanni about a job. (optional)
Speak to Kane and Decker.
Reward: 1000 caps
Go to the Hub's Water Merchants section.
Kill Jain and her guards.
Report to Decker.
Reward: 700 XP
4000 caps
-2 Reputation
Leads to: Take down Decker

Detailed walkthrough

This quest is given by Decker after the Vault Dweller has completed the dispose of merchant quest, and Daren Hightower was successfully killed. Decker will then ask the Vault Dweller to also kill High Priestess Jain of the Children of the Cathedral.

Go to the southeast exit grid in the downtown area of the Hub and locate the Hub water tower toward the west. Go into the back office where Jain can be found, then kill her. After she is dead, everyone else in the building will become hostile towards the Vault Dweller.



If the Vault Dweller has an Intelligence of 1, completing this quest is almost impossible. If the Vault Dweller has an Intelligence of at least 2 (maximum 4), Mentats will be needed to complete the quest.