This is an entire library's archives. You know how valuable that is, right?— The Lone Wanderer

阿靈頓圖書館 is a mostly-intact Public Library building in Fallout 3. It is now occupied by Raiders, boxed in and hunted by Brotherhood of Steel soldiers holding position in the front lobby.



阿靈頓圖書館 位於廢土的東南面,與亞歷山大武器旅館僅一路之隔。戰後圖書館的外圍雖然受到了一些破壞,但內部結構依然完整,裡面主要分為公共大廳、兒童館和媒體檔案館三部分;目前圖書館內存有兩股勢力,一是較早進入的匪徒,館內三部分都有他們的足跡;二是剛進入圖書館的由書記官Year Ling帶領的兄弟會勢力,暫時只守衛著公共大廳,並準備向其他兩個部分發起進攻以全面收復圖書館,其主要目的為收集戰前的資料和書籍。



一進到圖書館就會觸發兄弟會書記官葉寧的對話,who is tasked with archiving all pre-war knowledge into the Brotherhood's central computers. 葉寧會給你圖書館電腦密碼,然後可以在公共大廳中央的電腦下載資料到PIPBOY就可以完成廢土生存手冊任務,但如果要完成可選任務—取得完整資料的話,則必須進入到媒體檔案館的三樓,在一個被匪徒守衛的房間中央有另一台電腦名為「阿靈頓公共圖書館公用終端,下載那裡的資料才可以完成取得完整資料的可選任務。

在圖書館公共大廳到兒童館的路上有2~3個兄弟會戰士待命,當你到達他們附近時會觸發他們主動前進並攻擊匪徒,同時他們也會跟隨你到兒童館和媒體檔案館的2層,你可以和他們一起戰鬥,也可以躲在他們後面等他們先清掉敵人 。需要注意的是如果你攻擊匪徒的時候子彈誤傷他們的話,整個圖書館裡面的兄弟會戰士都會與你敵對並攻擊你。Unfortunately, their path does not lead them into the room where the player needs to go to achieve the optional objective of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Once they have cleared the room with the two turrets, they stand down and begin walking back to Scribe Yearling's position, so if the player wants help, they will need to lure the remaining raiders out.


  • 廢土生存手冊
  • 阿加莎的歌曲
  • 獨立宣言
  • Yearning for Learning



Arlington Library lobby map.png
  • Card catalog holotape - Taken from the check-in terminal on the lobby's desk.
  • 1 Stealth Boy upstairs on a counter overlooking the lobby.
  • 科學大全 - Upstairs from the lobby to the right, through the hallway in the first room on the right. On a desk in an office with two sofas.
  • 3本戰前書籍 - 進入兒童館大門前的走廊上: Two on shelves on the southern wall, and one on the table on the northern wall, next to the east hallway door.
  • 1 fresh apple behind the trash can in the women's restroom.
  • 175 small ruined books, 128 small burned books, 129 small destroyed books and 124 large scorched books, the highest amount in a single area in the game.


Arlington Library Childrens Wing map.png
  • 槍械與子彈 - 從媒體檔案館三層通道有一扇門通向兒童館的一個獨立房間,該房間由於部分坍塌而無法從兒童館進入,房間內地上有1個彈藥箱,通過地上的柜子去到房間另一端有個書架,上面有武器+彈藥、醫療用品和一本槍械與子彈
  • 3本戰前書籍 - 就在上述說的獨立房間架上
  • 國會教你撒謊 - 中央位置的茶水間桌上
  • 戰前書籍 - 與國會教你撒謊同房間桌上
  • 樂譜 - 兒童區西面的一個房間里的地上
  • 戰前書籍 - 與樂譜同個房間的桌上


Arlington Library Media Archives map.png
  • 垃圾鎮笨小販傳奇 -二層通道一個有撞球檯的房間內的桌子上
  • 戰前書籍 - 二層大房間內(同獨立宣言墨水)
  • 「獨立宣言」需要的墨水 - 二層大房間物品箱內
  • 撬鎖指南 -三層放有做「廢土生存手冊」可選任務所需電腦終端的房間內桌上
  • 戰前書籍 - 撬鎖指南旁邊的桌上
  • 量子型核子可樂 - On a table in the southwest corner of where you download the archives; it's hidden in the corner behind a crate and two skulls.


  • Just to the north of the main door there is a Pulowski Preservation shelter that contains a Guns and Bullets book.
  • 詳見鷹爪公司偵察營


  • If you kill Scribe Yearling along with her Brotherhood of Steel protectors the Scribes will become hostile in the Citadel. (But only the Scribes. Everyone else will be non-hostile).
  • If you offend Scribe Yearling, you will not be able to participate in her unmarked quest, in which you must sell her authentic pre-war books. She will ask about your search for books, but you will be unable to give her any.


  • Unable to load (freezing) when moving between various library sections (especially after completing optional part of Moira's "Retrieve complete library archive" quest), eventually begins to crash even when attempting to enter the library lobby from the outside (Xbox 360 - 2008/01/21) (PC version - 2009/01/26)
  • If the 'Restoration Supplies' are taken after the Stealing Independence quest is completed it may result in not being able to load the Arlington Public Library Lobby (Xbox 360 version)
  • Fast Travel from Arlington Library to Rivet City and JM resulted in 360 freezing.
  • Sometimes, when entering the Library, Scribe Yearling will be frozen in place, and unable to interact with. Moving away from her, or bumping into her, or leaving and re-entering usually fixes this. In a rather funny occurrence, when the glitch cleared, the Scribe actually said, "Hmm... Must have been a glitch." [-It was probably not the Scribe that said this, but rather Star Paladin Cross accompanying the player.] (Xbox 360 version)
  • Upstairs where the raider event occurs - can get stuck walking on tilted book shelves. Can't fast travel so you need to reload. (PC version - 2009/02/22)(Xbox 360 Version as well, 2009/03/18)(PS3 Version as well, 2009/10/25)
  • The radroaches on the bottom floor near the store-room and refrigerator can sometimes get stuck in the rubble and cannot move. They will come up on V.A.T.S. and their health can be seen when near them, but they will not attack the player. Worse yet is if they do pop out suddenly (usually when attempting to run at you to attack you), it will scare the hell out of you and allow them to get in a few good bites before you can attack. (PS3 Version and Xbox 360 Version)
  • A couple of Enclave soldiers and (dead, most likely killed by the Enclave) Talon company soldiers always respawn near the entrance of the library. This is not necessarily a bad glitch since all the Enclave soldiers have Tesla Armor and Plasma Rifle to loot.
  • The Game Freezes just in front of the library when fast traveling from the Museum of History. (Xbox 360 Version)
  • The game will never load the interior of the Library, and will crash every time you attempt to enter. (Xbox 360 Version)
  • Many of the books within the library appear to emit blood when punched with a power fist. (Xbox 360 Version)
  • When battling through the Children's Wing together with the two Brotherhood soldiers, they randomly dissapeared when going into a corridor and respawned in the Media Archive entrance. (360)
  • One of the two Brotherhood soldiers was shot, but then respawned at the start of a raider battle where he was killed again.
  • It may happen (for some weird reason) that in the raider base NE may spawn an alien blaster in one of the first aid boxes near a computer. (Good condition, though.) (Xbox 360.)
  • After one of the two Brotherhood Soldiers died and entering/exiting the Children's Wing, infinite Minigun firing can be heard from the main room. It's point of origin seems to be a few feet in front of the double door leading to the Children's Wing. Maybe it's the haunting ghost of the fallen soldier, although he wore an Assault Rifle. (PS3)




阿靈頓圖書館 only appears in Fallout 3.