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Fallout 3 locations project
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阿靈頓公用隧道地鐵白線上的一個電車隧道,崩塌的部分原本連結著阿靈頓站(阿靈頓公墓北)和霧谷站 。只能透過旁邊的公用隧道連結波托馬克DCTA 014-B隧道抵達霧谷站。 It is an underground utility tunnel and caves infested with Raiders and a few Mirelurks. .

Notable Loot

  • U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes is found on the second floor in the "kitchen area". Coming from DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac, it's past the caves, when you enter the tunnels again full of raiders. The first stairs on the right, on a shelf.