阿纳科斯蒂亚路口站, or Eastern Market, is a Metro station, and a stop on the Red Line. This station is the southernmost point of the Red Line in Washington, D.C.. The Red Line continues past this station, under the Anacostia River, into Virginia. According to a status monitor, this station is currently active.

The name of this station, where it is identified as Eastern Market, appeared on an advertisement for the Metro.

Points of interest

  • A ticket robot can be activated in the office areas near Seward Square. You can also download a metro map from the same computer.
  • In the rubble and debris at the rear of the entrance is a glitch where you can go out of the map and you can gain easy access to the National Guard Depot by going directly north and going through the door on the opposite side.


It's mainly inhabited by Raiders.

Note that Sydney from the quest Stealing Independence can be found dead here on her journey from Rivet city to Underworld. It is advised you escort her there if you want to purchase equipment from her, though it's not necessary to accompany her as she can get to Underworld by herself.

Notable loot

Pugilism Illustrated can be found on a table near some raiders above the northern part of the platform.


  • Anacostia Metro Station is an actual metro station in DC, however the in-game Anacostia Crossing Station is actually the Navy Yard Station in real life, this can easily be discovered by referencing the Fallout 3 map of DC to a real one.


  • There is a bug in the station at the piles of rubble near the tracks, which might cause Dogmeat (and possibly other companions) to become trapped inside it. While the player can still interact with him, he can not move. This means that Dogmeat might disappear for no apparent reason, and that he will not respawn at Vault 101 and never return to the player.

This can be fixed on PC by forcing him to spawn by the player by leaving the area, opening the console and typing:

prid 6a775 then moveto player

This should make Dogmeat spawn next to the player. (Confirmed PC)