• 布莱克·阿伯纳西 - 创建人,一家之主。
  • 康妮·阿伯纳西 - 布莱克的妻子,是一个商贩(全程可以通过交易来购买她所有的货物)。只要攻击一次她们家的猫,康妮就会对你发动攻击。
  • 露西·阿伯纳西 - 布莱克幸存的女儿,可以和她交流得到一个未标记的任务,用瓜换取瓶盖。
  • Maisie - 虎斑
  • 克雷儿贝尔 - 阿伯纳西农场的双头牛


  • 投桃报李
  • 食尸鬼的问题
  • 露西·阿伯纳西的任务(未标记) - 这个任务将不会显示在任务面板中,如果将瓜带给露西·阿伯纳西那么她就会付给你3~5瓶盖的报酬,如果已经可以使用阿伯纳西的工房该任务将失效(只要完成投桃报李的任务,和露西对话只能交换物品)。


  • 阿伯纳西农场可通过两种办法变成聚落:
    • 从掠夺者营地取回项链(如果在没有接到投桃报李任务且没遇到加维的情况下,先去空军基地拿回项链后和布莱克对话将直接触发任务完成的提示。此时任务面板不会显示该任务。)
    • 赶走阿伯纳西一家人
  • Abernathy farm can be turned into a settlement in two ways:
    • Retrieving a locket from a raider camp (Returning the Favor) and convincing the Abernathys to join the Minutemen.
    • Driving the Abernathys away.
  • Abernathy farm has the tallest building limit possible, at 20 stories, surpassing Finch farm's 13 stories, and Spectacle Island's 10 stories.
  • Unlike human settlers, Maisie and Clarabell will be permanently dead if they die during a settlement raid. They also do not regain lost hit points over time. Clarabell does not respond to feeding troughs. If one is built, she will remain where she is, unlike all other Brahmin. Thus, she is stuck where she is, even if the fence surrounding her is scrapped.
  • Mary's grave can be seen just outside the settlement build area, northwest of the settlement. The grave is unmarked, with wet footprints in the dirt, denoting a recent burial. There is a bouquet of dried flowers on the grave.
  • Abernathy farm is one of the first and safest locations to gather crops for Sanctuary and Red Rocket truck stop.


Abernathy farm only appears in Fallout 4.


  • Has platform::PCPC Assigning the Abernathy family to the existing owned beds in the settlement may cause a glitch that prevents other settlers from being assigned to various tasks. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 Has platform::Xbox OneXbox One It may be necessary to create three new beds and assign the Abernathy family (and any recruited settlers) to player-created beds in order for the Happiness mechanic to work properly. [已验证]
    • Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 Has platform::Xbox OneXbox One The reaction time of settlers, from when you assign them to when they are assigned, is significantly longer than at any normal settlement. Therefore, it may seem like they are unable to be assigned to anything. It may take anywhere between 30 seconds to over 5 minutes for them to be assigned to a specific resource. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 Has platform::Xbox OneXbox One The existing food crops may need to be uprooted and replanted immediately upon gaining access to the workbench to ensure that they do not become unavailable for assignment on subsequent visits. [已验证]
    • Pre-existing crops that become damaged and in need of repair may cause a glitch where attempting to repair the plant will use available seeds but not fix the plant. (Uprooting/replanting as described above should prevent this glitch).
      • If one of the tato patches becomes non-interactive, quick-saving and then loading may allow them to be selected again, whereupon they should be stored and re-planted to prevent recurrence of the bug.
      • One can make the unrepairable crops work properly again by using console commands: first enter the console and select the damaged crop, repair it with SetDestroyed 0, exit the console and replant it in a proper location (the original location usually works), then enter the console again and destroy the crop with SetDestroyed 1, finally repair it normally outside of console.