Alpha Squad is an elite team of NCR Veteran Rangers operating at Hoover Dam in the year 2281. They will only be encountered if the Courier sides with the New California Republic during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.


This five-person team consists entirely of NCR Veteran Rangers. Its regular members are armed with hunting shotguns and hunting revolvers while the commander uses a brush gun along with the aforementioned revolver.

Notable members

  • NCR Ranger Veteran commander - team leader.

Interactions with the player character

Eureka!: If the Courier chooses to side with the NCR during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, Alpha Squad will aid them in crossing Hoover Dam in order to reach the Legate's camp.


  • The team's members are called "Ranger Veteran"' instead of the normal "Veteran Rangers."
  • The members of Alpha squad are equipped with an unobtainable variant of NCR Ranger combat armor called Damwar combat ranger and helmet. This armor is identical to the normal variant except that it completely exposes the wearer's hands.
  • Alpha Squad will not follow the Courier into the Legate's camp.


Alpha Squad appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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