Longneck Lukowski's Cannery is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Longneck Lukowski's Cannery was a meat processing and packing plant that survived the Great War relatively unscathed. 到了2287年,西奥多·柯林斯在之前借助仍在运行的机器人,并修好蒸馏设备,经营起了这家罐头工厂。他说服了一些商人为他提供肉类,工厂里的罐头总是供不应求,偏偏有些商人送来的肉并不新鲜,还没来得及装进罐头就坏掉了,于是西奥多偷偷往罐头里装鼹鼠肉。Eventually one of the canning retorts exploded, causing the basement to become infested with feral ghouls. He then began mixing in the meat from the feral ghouls to keep up with demand, causing consumers to become ill.

When the Sole Survivor encounters the cannery, they find Theodore arguing with Trader Rylee about the quality of the meat. He claims that the meat was contaminated by mole rats and 警告玩家千万别去旧地下室。When the Sole Survivor goes down to investigate, he locks the elevator to prevent them from telling anyone his secret.



Longneck Lukowski's Cannery is constructed with reinforced concrete and a flat roof with three large red and white painted chimneys rising above it. The main entrance doors are on the west side of the building, with a metal stairway leading up to the roof space on the east side. On the roof is a small office entered via a Novice locked door. Inside to the left is an Expert locked safe and other minor loot.

Production area

Entering the interior of the cannery there is a small reception and shop area, leading into the cannery proper. There are a few catwalks and, on the northern end, an elevated office with some more loot. Red buttons on either side will open the yellow doors of the canning retorts on the ground floor and allow access to a small area behind them. At the upper south side of the cannery there's an elevator (at the top, there is a red button one needs to push, elevator is in the ground) that goes down into the basement and leads to a long, winding tunnel.


In the basement area where the stairs lead down into water with an exit tunnel on the left, behind the stairs there is an underwater tunnel leading to a duffle bag, suitcase, and an Advanced locked safe.

Going back up the stairs onto the upper walkway, the path will split into a short branch on the left leading to a machine gun turret and a fusion core powered generator on the right.


  • 交易娃娃 - 在北邊可以俯瞰整個產線的辦公室。
  • 垃圾城奸商傳第4期 - 同上。
  • 長脖子魯柯斯基牌的鑰匙 - 在西奥多·柯林斯身上,用來打開上述的辦公室,然而任務期間辦公室的門是開的,因此這把鑰匙沒甚麼用。
  • 核融合核心 - 在地下室,穿過下水道之後抵達的區域。
  • 46 cans of potted meat, the largest amount in a single section in the base game.

Related quests

  • Mystery Meat


  • The basement/tunnel section of the local map is only displayed after taking the elevator down.
  • Trader Rylee can be found here for recruiting. She is a level 4 trader for a general store, meaning if one places her at a level 3 general store, it will be upgraded to a level 4 store.
  • If Cait enters the cannery, she may comment about the meat, calling it "junk" and commenting about how disgusting it is to put meat in a can when entering the cutting room.
  • If Codsworth enters the cannery, he may comment that some mysteries, such as where the meat comes from, are best left unsolved.
  • If Deacon enters the room in the basement containing mole rat carcasses, he may comment about how he wished he didn't recently eat mole rat.
  • In a random encounter, the player character can happen upon a settler, who will complain at the quality of Lukowski's meat and place the location of the cannery on your map. After confronting the settler, he will continually ask the player character to excuse his sickness as the mystery meat has given him "bowel issues."
  • The door leading to the Barter bobblehead has a master lock-picking requirement to open, until the dialogue between Theodore Collins and Rylee has ended, when Theodore gives the player the warning about entering the basement.
  • If the player speaks to Stanley Carrington and asks about a "Dead Drop," Robert Joseph MacCready will comment about how he got sick from a "bad batch of cram." Whether this is foreshadowing or a reference to the "Mystery Meat" quest is unknown.


Longneck Lukowski's Cannery appears only in Fallout 4.