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The riot shotgun is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.




镇暴霰弹枪是一把由弹鼓供弹的半自动霰弹枪。它的秒伤相当之高,而持续输出也得益于大容量的弹鼓(12发)十分可观。在使用者拥有了霰弹枪医生击退这两个特技之后,它就成了一把可怕的近距离杀戮机器。尤其,它的换弹速度要远远超过任何其它种类的霰弹枪,这除了意味着它可以随时方便地依据实际需要而切换弹药种类之外,更意味着它带来的恐怖的霰弹雨几乎不会有停顿的时候!It also has the distinction of having the lowest Action point cost of all shotguns at 17 AP per shot which is comparable to some pistols, making it very useful for VATS dependent player characters.



The riot shotgun can fire a total of about 870 standard shells, the equivalent of 73 reloads, from full condition before breaking. Template:Durability table


  • Camp McCarran - fiends near McCarran may drop them (in poor condition).
  • Gomorrah - the Omerta thug guarding the bank has one. This is generally the only way a low-level character can get one, as he always has one even at level 1.
  • Gun Runners - can be bought from Vendortron after level 13. (in near perfect condition of 98%)
  • Hidden Valley bunker - Knight Torres sometimes sells them, in varying states of repair.
  • The Tops - the Chairman guarding the bank has one.
  • Vault 34 - located in the armory.
  • It is also possible to find one during a quest for the Van Graffs, at the final confrontation between the Van Graffs and Caesar's Legion where three of the Legionaries carry riot shotguns (if above level 14).
  • Some NCR Veteran Rangers carry riot shotguns at higher levels.
  • At the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, if you've recruited the Great Khans, they will show up carrying riot shotguns.
  • NCR troopers sometimes carry them at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in the power plant if you are helping the NCR.
  • Honest Hearts White Legs occasionally drop them at high levels.
  • Lonesome Road (add-on) Marked men regularly carry them at high levels.
  • Lonesome Road (add-on) A nearly perfect condition one can be found in a very hard locked locker in the Hopeville armory.
  • Hoover Dam - NCR troopers inside the visitor center may carry riot shotguns around level 20.


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