關於任务,參見银河新闻电台 (任务)
關於地点,參見银河新闻电台 (地点)

You're listening to Galaxy News Radio, bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts.Three Dog.

Galaxy News Radio is a radio station based in Washington, D.C. in 2277.


Galaxy News Radio is the remnant of the pre-War Galaxy News Network. An energetic man named Three Dog created the radio station in 2272 with the help of a technician named Margaret. By 2277 it is the most popular radio station in the Capital Wasteland. Three Dog also provides a commentary on the actions of the Lone Wanderer. The station plays music from a selection of twenty pre-War songs. These songs all focus around 1940s American hits. This radio station plays more or less late 40s blues, pop, and some early 50s proto-rockabilly, compared to the Enclave radio who play more traditional patriotic songs.


Galaxy News Radio (GNR) splits its time between wasteland news, survival advice, and big band music. Three Dog operates the station as part of the "Good Fight," which he explains is his attempt to inform inhabitants of the Capital Wasteland how "things really are" and expose the Enclave's true intentions. He also explains that the reason he plays the same few songs over and over is because they are the only records he's been able to locate in playable condition.

As the Lone Wanderer advances throughout the game, they will periodically hear Three Dog report on their exploits, each based on how they handled a given situation. For example, if the Lone Wanderer disarms the nuke as part of The Power of the Atom, Three Dog will mention this event specifically in a news broadcast.

Before each quest-related news broadcast, Three Dog will refer to the Lone Wanderer by their current Karma level. For example, if their current Karma ranking is "Paladin," Three Dog will introduce them by stating, "A Paladin walks among us children. And no, this ain't one of our buddies from the Brotherhood. I'm talking about the knight in shining Vault suit."

If Three Dog dies, he will be relieved on-air by Margaret, his technician. She is far less charismatic and active than Three Dog and will simply play record after record, occasionally breaking in to announce that she's taken over for the normal DJ because he's dead and all she has to play are the records. Margaret's broadcasts will continue for the duration of the game; she cannot be encountered in any sense.

Fallout 4

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Galaxy News Radio (also known as Silver Shroud Radio) reappears in the Commonwealth, except instead of being the news, survival advice, and big band music, it plays episodes of The Silver Shroud with a limited range to only the Boston Commons area.

Related quests

GNR's initial signal quality is poor; it can barely be heard in Megaton and fades out entirely as one gets further away. Patrons inside of Moriarty's Saloon comment on this being a recent development. Gob, in particular, responds by physically hitting the radio in annoyance, with Nova explaining that it's the signal and not the radio that's the problem. If the Lone Wanderer decides to meet Three Dog as part of the main quest line, he explains that his relay dish on the Washington Monument was destroyed when a super mutant shot it to pieces, severely reducing his overall transmission range. The Lone Wanderer can obtain a replacement relay dish from the Virgo II lunar lander in the Museum of Technology and install it on the Washington Monument, which results in the station becoming one of three that can be picked up anywhere within the Capital Wasteland (the other two being Enclave Radio and Agatha's Station).


The following twenty licensed tracks cycle on Galaxy News Radio, listed here by song title and performer in the order found in the Fallout 3 credits. Songs licensed from APM Music, Inc do not credit performers; the composer is listed if available.

  • A Wonderful Guy by Tex Beneke featuring Claire Chatwin (1949)
  • Anything Goes by Cole Porter with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks (1934)
  • Boogie Man by Sid Phillips (late 1940s)
  • Butcher Pete (Part 1) by Roy Brown (1950)
  • Crazy He Calls Me by Billie Holiday (1949)
  • Civilization, also called "Bongo Bongo Bongo", by Danny Kaye and The Andrews Sisters (1947)
  • Easy Living by Billie Holiday (1937)
  • Fox Boogie(sports Boogie) by Gerhard Trede (1998)
  • Happy Times by Bob Crosby (1949)
  • I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire by The Ink Spots (1941)
  • I'm Tickled Pink by Jack Shaindlin
  • Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall by Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots (1944)
  • Jazzy Interlude by Billy Munn (Early 1900's)
  • Jolly Days by Gerhard Trede (1995)
  • Let's Go Sunning by Jack Shaindlin (1954)
  • Maybe by The Ink Spots (1940)
  • Mighty, Mighty Man by Roy Brown (1948)
  • Rhythm For You by Eddy Christiani and Frans Poptie (1948)
  • Swing Doors by Allan Gray (1935)
  • Way Back Home by Bob Crosby & The Bob Cats (1935)

Note that parts of the song "Jazzy Interlude" are played at the beginning and end of The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood broadcasts.


After a round of music, Three Dog states these introductions before beginning his report.

  • "各位聽眾,這裡是三狗,你們最友善的鄰居,唱片騎師,什麼是唱片,但願我知道吧。不過管他呢,我仍然會竭誠為您服務,送上我性感的嗓音!"
  • "首都廢土的粉絲們!我,三狗,就是你們的統治者。聽到了嗎?要絕對服從。噢。對不起,你們轉錯台了。"
  • "先生女士們,弟弟妹妹們,開始為我顫慄為我瘋狂為我痴迷吧,我就是三狗,你們偉大的電台司儀。"
  • "(捏著鼻子學伊登說) "各位美國公民,是我,你們的總統... (End of different voice)哈哈,中套了吧。我是三狗,向聽眾朋友們問好了!"
  • "三~~~~狗~~~~~!就是我了,小朋友们,此刻我正在哥伦比亚特区中间一个令人发指的地方,在一座强力掩体内为您直播。Ain't life grand?"
  • "一條狗狗打水喝,兩條狗狗挑水喝,三條狗狗沒水喝,我就是人見人愛,花見花開的三狗!今天你們從末世中又獲得什麼靈感了嗎?"
  • "Good news everyone, Stocks are up, poverty is down, and the U.N. has just declared Global Peace Forever. Now, to the real news. *Sigh*"
  • "小朋友們,這裡是三狗,在漆黑中的聖音,或者...至少是在輻射中的。"
  • "歡迎廢土首都的朋友們!收聽這來自銀河新聞電台的鏗鏘之音。"
  • "讓我三狗來喚醒廢土中所有沉睡的人們吧,帶給你脆弱的心靈所能承受的新聞與音樂。"
  • "您現在收聽的是銀河新聞電台,我是你們的主持人,三狗,宇宙的統治者!"
  • "你只需要知道,銀河新聞電台,還有三狗。"
  • "廢土的居民大家好,這裡是三狗,您現在正在收聽的是銀河新聞電台,千萬別忘了,這裡是銀河新聞電台!"
  • "Got lots of stuff goin' down in Post Apocalyptia these days. Here some of the latest news."
  • "And here's... ME, hahaha, with the news!"
  • "Ah yes, time for the news."
  • "We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for: SOME NEWS!"
  • "News time, children!"
  • "Seems we've got - dadadadada - a bit of news, Just listen to this!"


  • "What rhymes with shoes? And often gives you the blues? That's right, it's time for the cashews! Okay, that, doesn't really rhyme... How about, news?"
  • "Let me ask 'ya something children, are you hungry for some two-hundred year old Salisbury steak? Or are you hungry for some news? I'm guessing news, here 'ya go."


Three Dog says these before either going onto a song or a public service announcement.

  • "Thanks for listening, chiiill-dren! This is Three Dog, OWWWWWW! And you're listening to Galaxy News Radio! We're Radio Free Wasteland! And we're here... for you."
  • "Until next time, this is Three Dog, OWWWWWWWWW! And you're listening to Galaxy News Radio! Bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts."


Three Dog comments on the song he is about to play. After a short time of gameplay, he will stop announcing the song. He may also make conclusions, simply saying "That was" and the artist with the name of the song.

  • "Now, some music."
  • "And now, some music."
  • "It's Roy Brown, singin' about the one, the only, "Butcher Pete"!"
  • "Up next is Roy Brown, tellin' us all about that, "Mighty Mighty Man"."
  • "Here's Bob Crosby, singin' to us all about, "Happy Times"."
  • "This is Bob Crosby, takin' us, "Way Back Home"."
  • "It's the Ink Spots, and "Maybe"."
  • "This is the Ink Spots, with their timeless classic, "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire"."
  • "It's Billie Holiday with... "Crazy He Calls Me"."
  • "How about some "Easy Living," from everyone' favorite songstress, Billie Holiday?"
  • "Here's Danny Kaye and Andrew Sisters, crooning about - what else? - "Civilization"."
  • "It's the "First Lady of Song" herself, Miss Ella Fitzgerald, telling us that, "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall." Ain't that the truth, sister?"
  • "Here's Tex Beneke with... "A Wonderful Guy"."
  • "It's Cole Porter and "Anything Goes"."


Three Dog reports three types of news (generic, quest-specific and public service announcement) and occasionally plays one drama.


  • "鋼鐵兄弟會的兄弟姐妹們還在為聖戰而戰。他們最近增加了特區的巡邏隊來對付大量出現的大家最喜愛的怪物,超級變種人。要是沒有兄弟會的夥計們,它們在首都廢土上早就泛濫成災了。所以如果你看到一位騎士或聖騎士為你而戰,要重重謝他,或者——給點子彈更好。"
  • "勇猛的鋼鐵兄弟會和他們不和的兄弟,放逐者之間的緊張形勢仍在積累。通常,家庭矛盾不關我事。
    但當放逐者決定拿我的大樓當靶子——鋼鐵兄弟會拿它做前哨——我只好破例。所以,放逐者們,停下!我還不想掛在自家後院。另一邊,鋼鐵兄弟會的小貓們,你們就不能伸伸橄欖枝或做點別的什麼嗎?你們覺得和超級變種人戰鬥還不夠嗎?" - reporting about sporadic attacks on his building
  • "越來越多的掠奪者在常春寨附近被發現。我敢打賭他們一定在那裡有個營地。下次想在附近鬧事的時候記住這點。"
  • "鷹爪公司的傭兵瘋子們的活動越來越頻繁,尤其是在特區。如果你看到這些傢伙,離遠點。不管你有什麼,他們都要,並且不會很禮貌。傳言說,這些傢伙接其他傭兵不接的合同。簡言之,他們無惡不作。一定要小心。"
  • "傲慢的十便士大廈發來報道,一群移民來的屍鬼想進來。啊,但是高貴的阿里斯太爾·特佩尼先生說:「殭屍免進!」 阿里啊,給屍鬼一個機會吧。如果他們有瓶蓋,你有空房間,這是雙贏,不是嗎?你說呢?" - before completing Tenpenny Tower
  • "今天天氣——輻射非常強烈,一定概率把人分解,稍後播報未來5天天氣預報!"
  • "問你們這些忠實的聽眾一個問題。哥們姐們看過……一棵樹嗎?不,不,不。不是那些燒焦的黑東西。我是說真的樹。棕色的樹皮,綠色的樹葉,還有光合作用,那種好東西。那麼現在,全知全能的三狗要告訴你們,首都廢土的某處,有一個綠樹叢生的地方。一個壓抑的褐色海洋中的真正的綠洲。也許是幾年前,也許那時我在吸杰特,但是我告訴你,真的有…… " - if Harold is burnt to death, this report will cease.
  • "Alright, 三狗聽說過首都廢土上許多瘋狂的故事,但這一個才是真正的出人意料。一些零碎的傳言說有一對制服怪人正在爭奪被稱為坎特伯雷居民點的控制權。其中一個有機器人幫忙,而另一個能控制變異蟲子。每天上演同樣囧事,打來打去打成僵局。所以如果你碰巧到了坎特伯雷,請保持冷靜上好子彈面對瘋狂。" - before completing The Superhuman Gambit
  • "那個灰渠的聚落似乎變得荒無人煙了。居民不出來和商隊交易,而且與居民聯繫的嘗試……毫無迴音。所以一旦到了灰渠,你也許想進去看看發生了什麼。" - before and (sometimes after - see bugs section) completing Those!
  • "上帝啊!最壞的事情發生了,有人強製為我們規定了「拾荒者遮羞布」的款式和型號!從鉚釘城到特區,到處都有「英克雷」在開店。孩子們,無論你們是不是根本不在乎過去五年我說過的每句話,現在,都請聽好,並且相信。「英克雷」,包括他們已經歸來的頭頭,約翰·亨利·伊登「總統」和他的大猩猩,奧古斯塔·奧特曼「上校」,*不是*來幫你的。醒醒吧,孩子——英克雷有一整卡車的雙頭牛,並且他們打算給你們填鴨式的喂牛屎喂到飽。這些傢伙是陰謀家、騙子和殺手,並且很快你們就會有意識地反抗他們的鎮壓。那麼,我的朋友,為聖戰而戰吧。" - upon completion of The Waters of Life


  • "距離勇猛的身穿動力裝甲的聖騎士們攻佔傑佛遜紀念館並且讓英克雷滾蛋已經一段時間了。但是戰鬥,親愛的孩子們,並沒在此結束。兄弟會在整個廢土追逐著伊登「總統」的小嘍啰們。這裡一些激光束,那裡幾聲爆炸。我們祈禱這點掃尾工作儘快完成吧。英克雷造成了太多的傷亡和毀滅。我們需要回歸平常。就像打打掠奪者和超級變種人什麼的。" - After completing Take it Back!.
  • "兩星期了。我們的動力裝甲男孩們把那些英克雷混蛋踢出凈水工程已經過去兩星期了, and started that baby chuggin'。還記得詹姆斯嗎?101出來的那位父親?三狗聽說,過去詹姆斯的老婆有一個夢想。她也是個科學家,為凈水工程工作。知道她想什麼嗎?「生命之水。清潔而免費,為每個人和所有人。」上帝啊,真美妙!更妙的是,竟然成功了!這水是乾淨的,他媽的還是免費的!有點耐性,孩子。就在此時,兄弟會和鉚釘城保安團正在往廢土派送純水。送水車隊來啦!So get your glasses ready, children. This round's on me!"


Quest-specific news covers both main and side quests. There are three options pertaining to each of them: unresolved, path A and path B. Not all quests will have all paths.


  • "Time once again for an important GNR public service announcement."
  • "Now listen close for this important public service announcement!"
  • "Up next, we've got a public service announcement. Listen up, children. This stuff's important!"
  • "And now, a super important Public Service Announcement."
  • "For all you guys and gals tempted by the thought of scavving in the downtown D.C. ruins, here's a tip... You see, children, the Frankensteins might violently and horrifically rip you to shreds. But only if you're lucky... According to most of our reports on the super mutants, they actually prefer capturing their victims and hauling them off to God knows where. Consider yourself, officially warned."
  • "Remember, children, when the raiders come, there ain't no shame in locking your doors, barricading the windows, and 躲到床底下去。When these psychos come to play, they have one thing on their minds: making your life as fucking miserable as humanly possible. 不要和掠奪者理論,那是白費勁, cause they'll just shoot you anyway. So run, hide or... 有種的就跟他們拚了,不過不要掛白旗,那幫痞子只會用旗子把你給勒死。"
  • "不要成為妖怪的盤中餐,就這麼多。"
  • "We all know the dangers of radiation, but with the right precautions, you CAN prevent accidental death or even... eeeewww... ghoulification... Keep your eyes on those geiger counters, kids. Tick, tick, tickety means run your ass outta there, and then pop some RadAway for good measure. If you do need to head into the heat, be smart. Give yourself a nice boost of Rad-X first. Remember, only you can prevent human flesh fires."
  • "Listen kiddos, never forget the importance of periodic weapon maintenance. Rifle, pistol, police baton, I don't care which. If your weapon is falling apart, the only wasteland asshole it's gonna kill is you. So be smart. Salvage those parts and make repairs whenever you can."
  • "Just a friendly reminder to all you would-be bigots out there, ghouls are people too. You see, children, ghouls are simply humans who've been exposed to an ungodly amount of radiation and haven't had the good fortune to die. Sure, they may look like hideous zombies from an old monster flick, but 他們有人的感情和思維,他們也會感到痛楚和悲傷,所以,if you meet one of the Capital Wasteland's many Ghouls,不要見到他們就開槍,Ah, yes, one important caveat, kiddies. Those feral ghouls that prefer the dark, dank underground? 當然了那些瘋狂了的屍鬼是無藥可救的,見到他們不用客氣。"



赫伯特·大膽·達什伍德的大冒險,是由銀河新聞電台播出,廢土收聽率第一的廣播劇!故事講述了廢土傳奇探險家赫伯特·達什伍德和他的忠實老友阿蓋最後的冒險。It runs through four episodes, each episode lasting for at least three minutes. It is based upon the radio dramas of the 1950s. Although the stories may be a bit stylized, they are confirmed to be at least partially true. This is confirmed by both Dashwood himself (at Tenpenny Tower) and by the body of Argyle (located at Rockopolis). Three Dog staggers the four episodes over time, and plays them in a loop.

第一章 – 逃出失落天堂!

Daring and Argyle must defeat the slavers and escape Paradise Falls and rescue Penelope Chase.

達什伍德:(Theme music) 你正在收聽的是我的冒險經歷,赫伯特·「大膽」·達什伍德,還有他忠實的屍鬼僕人阿蓋!Today's episode: Escape from Paradise Falls.
阿蓋:(sigh) 唉。英雄難過美人關。 (跑步聲)
阿蓋:讓我來。(腳步聲)喂老兄,借個火成嗎?(奴隸販子:啊?) 蓮花腿!呀!嘿!(sound of a kick)
阿蓋:小事一樁,老大。(咔噠聲開聲)好了小姐,你安全了。現在和我們一起……啥?老大,這裡面是空的! (上膛聲).
達什伍德: (Theme music) 記得下次準時收聽我激動人心的冒險經歷,赫伯特·「大膽」·達什伍德,還有他忠實的屍鬼僕人阿蓋!
第二章 – 變種人之亂!

The three must survive and defeat a nasty horde of super mutants.

達什伍德: (Theme music) 你正在收聽的是我的冒險經歷,赫伯特·「大膽」·達什伍德,還有他忠實的屍鬼僕人阿蓋!Today's episode: super mutant Mayhem.
阿蓋: (槍聲) 哈! 看那些蠢貨奴販還敢不敢跟著我們。他們應該被打退了,老大。(腳步聲)
達什伍德:那麼,蔡斯小姐……你是怎麼,呃…… 「落到」失落天堂里的?
阿蓋:恕我直言,老大 - 沒我你確實活不下去。還記得嗎,是我把你從那個「狀況」里給……
佩內洛普:噢,我可不知道,大膽。比如說,你的名字。我挺喜歡 「赫伯特」的。為什麼……(兒童哭叫聲)
第三章 – 黑寡婦之網!

The three arrive in Rockopolis, and Penelope reveals a secret.

達什伍德:你正在收聽的是我的冒險經歷,赫伯特·「大膽」·達什伍德,還有他忠實的屍鬼僕人阿蓋!Today's episode: In the Black Widow's Web.
達什伍德:(machine gunfire) 哇呀,這些超級變種人可真是執著!現在我提議——繼續跑!
達什伍德:就在那兒!這塊大石頭!現在是……暗號(敲擊聲),然後……看!(sliding stone)
達什伍德:噢,不,蔡斯小姐! 我向你保證,這是我們倆的私人世界。
第四章 – 進退維谷!

Daring and Argyle must defeat Mrs. Chase, the slavers, and King Crag to escape Rockopolis.

達什伍德: (theme music) 你正在收聽的是我的冒險經歷,赫伯特·「大膽」·達什伍德,還有他忠實的屍鬼僕人阿蓋!Today's episode: Between Rockopolis and a Hard Place.
達什伍德:噢,偉大的峭壁王, 無畏的岩石城之主!是我,大膽!大膽達什伍德?
峭壁王:赫伯特·達什伍德? 啊……我應該猜到的。不過這個……這個死女人是誰?那個……是她的……心臟嗎?
阿蓋:老大,他們快追上來了!前面那懸崖 – 你能跳過去嗎?你可不象以前那樣精力充沛了。


  • Three Dog will continue to play "The Adventures of Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood" on GNR if Herbert Dashwood is killed.


  • "在你們不知道的地方,核彈鎮的西北邊,座落著這個避難所,101號避難所。 聽著,無論你信不信,這個避難所里有人在生活!並且每隔幾年,都會有人爬出來。 更難以置信的是,剛剛又有人出來!不是我騙你,他跑來錄音室里與你們會面了。 這傢伙叫詹姆斯,在洞里呆了N年。他需要知道美麗的首都廢土上到底什麼是什麼。 所以我,偉大而強力的三狗,做了這位兄弟的指路人。告訴他什麼是什麼。誰是勝者、敗者,推動者和動搖者。 你如果看到詹姆斯,記得打個招呼。對我們的新哥們好點,在外面幫幫他,我們一直為聖戰而戰。嘿,我看到你頭上有個燈泡亮了,關掉開關忘了它。你進不去那個避難所。 住在那裡的人明顯不需要你兜售的東西,並且,也別想著去踢門,那門有13噸重。" - after Escape!
  • "不久以前,我報道過最近離開101號避難所的小貓。名字叫詹姆斯,一個好人。更巧的是,我剛剛聽說另一個傢伙又爬出了那個洞穴!那裡發生了什麼?革命了?放假了?有人放屁了?我們來搞個有獎競猜吧,寶貝們。" - some time after Escape!
  • "吼吼吼!寶貝們,你們一定會愛上這條新聞。OK,我告訴過你們詹姆斯,避難所出來的傢伙。我也告訴過你們另一個剛剛出來的,對吧。Guess who came to visit ole' Three Dog, at his luxurious studio in beautiful downtown D.C.? That's right - the other Vault dweller! 現在,你們一定想知道更多,對不?讓我告訴你們吧,避難所住民2號就是詹姆斯的孩子!我不是在胡扯!OK,雖然說起來有點悲情。這孩子正在尋找他的爸爸,尋找詹姆斯。懂了吧,詹姆斯離開了101號避難所,沒有告訴那孩子原因。之前我瞭解到詹姆斯是個在幹大事的科學家。這是他離開避難所的原因嗎?看上去沒錯。So who knows, 說不定詹姆斯想拯救世界。沒有更好的理由了。但是詹姆斯,如果你在聽……你的孩子出來了,哥們,而且它很想你。你要在它找你找到要吐之前見它。還有你們這些在聽的小貓們,如果看到101號避難所的孩子,拍拍它的背祝它好運吧。" - after Following in His Footsteps
  • "各位廢土父老鄉親們,你們又可以開始歇斯底里了,記住了,不要轉檯,也永遠別想著抹掉這輝煌的電波,哈哈。太棒了,從核彈鎮到梁影村,失落天堂到戴夫共和國,我們即將為聽眾帶來響亮而自豪的新享受!但是三狗!你在特區的酷斃了的播音室裡!你怎麼知道無論我在哪,都能聽見你?這要歸功於親愛的101小子!這小貓盡力修好了我們的天線!多麼美好!從現在開始,對愚蠢的靜電噪聲說拜拜吧,向華麗的音樂問好!坐下來,放鬆,欣賞經典的調子吧。小子,回GNR來,聽見沒?我們有事談談。" - Galaxy News Radio (quest)
  • "拿好手絹,孩子們,我要講一個感人的故事。關於一個小孩找他的……父親。哇……這是愛,是放棄,還是——美好的一面——團圓!101號避難所的孩子一直在找它的父親,一個叫詹姆斯的好人,他離開時把自己的孩子留在了避難所。什麼樣的父親會把自己的孩子丟在地下洞穴?孩子們,我不知道。三狗不能去評判,你們也不能。但是沒事了!父親和孩子被看到在廢土上一起行走,交談。在此希望他們以後可以彼此永不分離。" - after completing Tranquility Lane but before The Waters of Life
  • "錫帽子時間,孩子們!我們的又大又壞的政府佔領了傑佛遜紀念館的大機器!第一時間向你報道,英克雷粉墨登場了!他們有神奇的飛鳥和致命的動力裝甲小隊。他們一出現就嚇跑了那群科學家,裡面有鉚釘城的梨博士,還有我們的101瘋狂小子。感謝上帝!讚美上帝!他們安然無恙地到達了要塞。沒有那小子父親的消息。讓我們祈禱詹姆斯平安無事。女士們先生們,看來伊甸總統並不僅僅只是一坨屎而已。我想我們麻煩了。" - The Waters of Life
  • "101小子,那個廢土流浪者,那個「瘋狂的撒瑪利亞人」,最近被人看到在西方洞穴中出沒。依我看來,這孩子受夠了廢土的荒涼和殘酷,想找到另一個避難所鑽進去。祝你好運,我的朋友。那一帶能找到的東西僅僅是妖怪,變種人和一群山上的野孩子而已。" - Finding the Garden of Eden
  • "哎呀?孤單的廢土流浪者好像不小心掉進了英克雷的卑鄙陷阱。我的最深最秘密的超級線人告訴我說,一隻飛鳥從西方的群山上飛過,避難所小子是裡面被迫的乘客。換成你你願意被凍在一塊冰裡嗎?這很瘋狂,不過我們就生活在這瘋狂的時代……無論如何,飛鳥向西北的深山裡飛去了。我敢肯定英克雷的秘密地下俱樂部就在那裡。祝你好運,流浪者!你會需要的。" - Complete Finding the Garden of Eden
  • "我來告訴你們一個爆炸性新聞!已經兩星期沒有我們101號避難所的老朋友的消息了,多麼令人悲傷啊。
    振作起來,粉絲們!我們的朋友活的好好的,他成功地解開了英克雷的圈套,並且逃出了他們戒備森嚴的碉堡!繼續為聖戰而戰吧,孩子!我們都站在你這邊!" - Complete The American Dream with good Karma and without killing President Eden
  • "我來告訴你們一個爆炸性新聞!叮咚!假裝神聖的,自以為是的,自封總統的混賬東西掛了!西北方英克雷的不是什麼秘密的基地出事了!而且據我所知,真他媽爽,那個伊登根本沒有活著出來!毫無疑問,英克雷的電台正式的下線了。不信的話自己聽聽。還有更好的新聞,據說我們101號避難所的老朋友不缺胳膊少腿地出來了。繼續為聖戰而戰吧,孩子!我們都站在你這邊!還有新聞,鋼鐵兄弟會在要塞集結了一支大軍。到了向傑佛遜紀念館的英克雷殘餘勢力攤牌了?一直聽著,孩子們,GNR會帶來最新報道。" - Complete The American Dream with good Karma 並建議伊登總統自爆
  • "我來告訴你們一個爆炸性新聞!已經兩星期沒有101號避難所的小混蛋的消息了,我們都祈禱上帝誰能照著他腦袋來一槍。可惜運氣不在我們這邊。他不久前剛剛從西北方的英克雷的不是什麼秘密的基地走出來。這個嘛……that's just great.從地獄來的避難所小子已經和惡魔們達成了共謀。如果伊登宣佈那孩子成為副總統,我向上帝發誓我會把面前的話筒吞下去。." - Complete The American Dreamwith evil Karma and without killing President Eden
  • "我來告訴你們一個爆炸性新聞!叮咚!假裝神聖的,自以為是的,自封總統的混賬東西掛了!西北方英克雷的不是什麼秘密的基地出事了!而且據我所知,真他媽爽,那個伊甸根本沒有活著出來!毫無疑問,英克雷的電台正式的下線了。不信的話自己聽聽。再來一條壞新聞,不幸的是,101號避難所的小混蛋在爆炸前成功地逃走了。這個世界一直不完美,我想。還有新聞,鋼鐵兄弟會在要塞集結了一支大軍。到了向傑佛遜紀念館的英克雷殘餘勢力攤牌了?一直聽著,孩子們,GNR會帶來最新報道。" - Complete The American Dream with bad Karma and convince President Eden to self-destruct himself and the base.
  • "If there's one thing I wish I could find out there in the rubble, it's a working bugle, cause Three Dog wants to play some Taps. It's always a sad day when a soldier falls in the line of battle. And the greater the soldier, the deeper the grief. Now imagine the tragic and untimely demise of the most amazing American hero the Capital Wasteland has ever seen. This grunt stands 100 feet tall, is made of some kind of metal alloy, and slings nukes like a quarterback chucks footballs. That's right, children, I have received word that Liberty Prime, the Brotherhood of Steel's super duper super robot, has been killed. By the Enclave. No, I'm not really sure how, cause yeah, it would take a hell of weapon to take out that gigantic G.I. And that's what worries me. The Enclave are supposedly beaten, bruised, and on the run, but they have the firepower capable of destroying a 100-foot tall robot? Brothers of Steel, what's the deal? If Prime can go down, what about the rest of us? Are we sitting ducks for some kind of new Enclave terror? Look Lyons, I love you guys, you know I do, but your tin soldiers better get these Enclave assholes in check, once and for all, or we're all screwed." - Complete Death From Above.
  • "There's one place you find on a tourist map of D.C. and its lovely suburbs, and that's the cozy little villa known as Old Olney. Ah, but you locals, you know the place. Am I right? It's become a veritable Wasteland legend. Why? Cause it's filled with goddamned deathclaws! I met a guy once, name was Johnny 12 Fingers, had one arm. Turns out the other one was ripped off while he was scavving in deathclaw central. Lucky he made it out alive. Most people don't. At least not in one piece. But wouldn't you know it, that kid from Vault 101 has once again proven the exception to the rule. My flies on the wall tell me that 101 was seen dodging deathclaws and gathering up as much used tech as he/she could carry. Just what is he/she up to? Is the kid looking for something to use for the Enclave, or against them? And does this have something to do with the shinies from the Brotherhood of Steel, who seem poised to pounce once again? Don't you worry children. Three Dog's got his ear to the ground and his mic on standby, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! As soon as I know more, you'll know more." - Complete Shock Value.
  • "We've had our share o' problems here in beautiful Washington D.C., but did any of us really see those Enclave idiots coming? Man, I thought that blow-hard Eden was just a pre-recorded pain-in-my-ass. That was before devil-headed stormtroopers moved into the neighborhood. Now, the Brotherhood of Steel may have taken care of those losers back at that new-fangled faucet called Project Purity. But they weren't done! Children, I'm pleased to announce that the beautiful Brotherhood has mangled the last base those Enclave bastards had left! So if you see some Enclave rejects wandering around, have pity! They're homeless, after all. And if you see that kid from Vault 101, pass along your thanks, cause the Brotherhood did NOT act alone. Thank you 101!" - Complete Who Dares Wins by destroying Adams Air Force Base.
  • "Not too long ago, I saw a big boom from my bedroom, in the direction of that bastion of neo-knightly badassness. But that would be impossible, right? Nobody would have the power, the opportunity, or the giant gorilla-sized balls to destroy the Citadel. Right? Wrong, my children. So very wrong. I really can't believe I'm saying this, but the concrete casa of those shiny guys with big guns has gone kablooey. As reported by loads of people around the Capital Wasteland, missiles rained down from the sky and left the Citadel a big smoking crater. And, my sources tell me, this is the same hail of hellfire that destroyed Liberty Prime himself. Looks like an Enclave super weapon at work. It's a dark day for us all, when someone sees fit to destroy the only guys standing between us and complete obliteration. Why, 101? Why has it come to this? Children, pray for the soul of that Lone Wanderer, and pray for the rest of us too, while you're at it." - Complete Who Dares Wins by destroying the Citadel.



  • "Know what I've decided, children? I'm gonna start a book club. Right... NOW! Wanna join? Good, cause you got no choice! Our first masterpiece is called 'The Wasteland Survival Guide', written by Megaton's/Underworld's own Moira Brown. Oh, and, get this - researched and co-authored by none other than - yep, you guessed it - that tenacious teenager from Vault 101. Now, let me tell ya. This thing's got all sorts of useful tips. Where to find food, how to deal with radiation, tons o' stuff. Survive, Thrive, and Revive, that's the name of the game. The book is the Wasteland Survival Guide! Pick up your copy today!" - Completing the Wasteland Survival Guide with maximum research
  • "失落天堂那群傻逼奴隸販子們的面罩裡鑽進了一隻大黃蜂,而且它知道該往哪裡刺。怎麼回事?這只引起麻煩的黃蜂恐怕就是從避難所出來的那小子。第一時間向你報道,忠實的聽眾。廢土流浪者出現在奴隸販子中間,搞得壞蛋們上竄下跳。是他們賣給他一個廢物,然後拒絕退款嗎?還是所謂的「拯救勞力行動」?但更重要的是,這值得譴責嗎?奴隸販子掛了,奴隸們自由了。要我說這是雙贏啊,孩子們。" - 完成任務Rescue from Paradise並屠光奴隸販子。
  • "Got some great news out of the town of Megaton. Turns out that live atomic bomb in the town's center has finally been deep-sixed for good. The town's sheriff, one Lucas Simms, commissioned the one, the only Lone Wanderer from Vault 101 to disarm the nasty nuke, and the kid delivered. Hey, nice work, 101. Next time you're in the neighborhood, pop into the studio. Ol' Three Dog's toaster's been on the fritz..." - Complete The Power of the Atom by disarming Megaton's atomic bomb
  • "God knows why, but the kid from Vault 101 is scouring the Capital Wasteland for a unique brand of Nuka-Cola. It's called Nuka-Cola Quantum, and I believe it was made in limited quantities before the war. I've also heard it tastes like radscorpion shit and turns your piss blue. Or does it taste like radscorpion piss and turn your shit blue? Whatever. Hey, wouldn't you know it, the Lone Wanderer is done collecting bottles of soda. Christ, talk about your slow news days." (Later he just says "Hey, wouldn't you know it, the Lone Wanderer is done collecting bottles of soda. Christ, talk about your slow news days.") - The Nuka-Cola Challenge
  • "The master/mistress of adventure him/herself, that rough and tumble lad/lass from Vault 101, has really outdone himself/herself this time. The kid has recovered one of this country's most important historical artifacts -- the Declaration of Independence. Huzzah! The time of British oppression is finally over! Now we can finally turn our attention to the super mutants, raiders, and radscorpions." - Stealing Independence
  • "I've gotten word that a band of mercs called Reilly's Rangers were trapped on a DC rooftop, pinned down by super mutants. It would seem that a brave soldier named Theo was lost in the line of duty… but some of the others have been rescued. Do I suspect some vault dweller intervention on this one? I certainly do. Good work, 101." - complete Reilly's Rangers successfully.
  • "I've gotten word that a band of mercs called Reilly's Rangers were trapped on a DC rooftop, pinned down by Super Mutants. Reports are sketchy... but it appears there have been some human casualties. Sorry for your losses, Reilly... assuming you ain't one of 'em. Oh, and Vault kid? I know you were seen in the vicinity. I hope to God you had nothing to do with this carnage." - fail Reilly's Rangers
  • "Now, the Lone Wanderer, aka that kid from Vault 101, has done some pretty interesting things, but this one takes the cake. My contacts report that he/she recently went on a highly dangerous excursion to recover -drum roll please- a violin. Oh, but not just any ol' violin, children... We're talking Stradivarius here. That's one top o' the line fiddle, you dig? Here's the best part. The violin was for an old woman named Agatha, who has taken to the airwaves herself to share some truly beautiful music. Agatha, we love ya. Keep playin', sister. And Vault kid? You've helped make the Capital Wasteland a better place. Hats off, my friend." - Complete Agatha's Song by returning the Stradivarius to Agatha
  • "Now, I've got new reports from the settlement known as Big Town that Mister/Miss Vault guy/gal has helped them out with one hell of a mess. Somethin' about a rescue from super mutants, if you can believe that. Nice going, kid." - Complete Big Trouble in Big Town by teaching the town's people to defend themselves
  • "This, faithful listeners, is the story of a little boy. A little boy... named Bryan Wilks. You see, Bryan's from Grayditch, a small settlement that was recently overrun with overzealous giant ants. Bryan, sadly, was the sole survivor. That's where the kid from Vault 101 comes in, and where our story, thankfully, gets better. You see, not only did Mister/Miss Vault 101 stop the Ant problem, he/she also found little Bryan Wilks a new home. So if you see Bryan and his new parents, wish them all good luck. Oh, and 101? Nice work." - Complete Those! by finding a place for Bryan Wilks to stay
  • "Looks like our friend from Vault 101 has turned amateur abolitionist, lending a hand to the folks at the Temple of the Union. Is the tide finally turning on those scumbag Slavers? Lordy knows it's been open season on defenseless settlers long enough. So if you're a slave on the run, the time for lying low is long gone. Head to the Temple of the Union and keep your head held high. Slavers of the Capital Wasteland, consider this the big fuck you you've had coming since starting this scurrilous skin trade. And special thanks to 101, for kicking the bad guys where it counts: their wallets. If you happen to make it down to the Mall, you just may notice that a previously decapitated statue has had an unexpected reunion... with its head. Thanks to the kid from Vault 101, for assisting with this little bit of civic restoration. Now if he/she could just remove all those ugly pipes from the Jefferson Memorial..." - Complete Head of State by helping the slaves
  • "A big 'thank you' goes out to the mysterious traveler from Vault 101, for saving the little town of Canterbury Commons. From who, you ask? A couple of self-obsessed super psychos called... the AntAgonizer and the Mechanist! Hey, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried." - Complete The Superhuman Gambit without siding with the AntAgonizer or the Mechanist


  • "失落天堂那群傻逼奴隸販子們的面罩裡鑽進了一隻大黃蜂。嗡嗡……嗡嗡……怎麼回事?這只引起麻煩的黃蜂恐怕就是從避難所出來的那小子。瞧,我要說的就是廢土流浪者出現了,然後幾個奴隸就神秘地消失了。巧合?不會吧……" - 完成任務Rescue from Paradise且不殺失落天堂的奴隸販子
  • "Those scumbag slavers way over in Paradise Falls have one big ole bee on their bonnet. Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! But Three Dog, the selling of live human beings is completely fucked up! Yes, children. Yes it is. So what was the Vault kid doing out there? You do the math." - Complete Rescue From Paradise with Strictly Business enabled and at least one slave candidate enslaved or dead.
  • "Hey, remember those down-on-their-luck ghouls who wanted to share the luxury accommodations at the fancy shmancy Tenpenny Tower? Looks like they finally got their upscale address! And all it took was the wholesale slaughter of every other Tenpenny resident! Three Dog's all for stickin' it to the Man, but good golly ghoulies—that's a liiittle much. Oh, and kiddo from Vault 101? You look like a complete freak show in that mask. Hey, somebody had to say it..." - Complete Tenpenny Tower by helping Roy Phillips
  • "Now, the Lone Wanderer, aka that kid from Vault 101, has done some pretty interesting things, but this one takes the cake. My contacts report that he/she recently went on a highly dangerous excursion to recover - drum roll please - a violin. Oh, but not just any ole violin, children... We're talking Stradivarius here. That's one top o' the line fiddle, you dig? Now here's where the story gets sketchy, in true Capital Wasteland style. The kid THEN delivered the violin to some guy at Rivet City, NOT the old lady who had commissioned the retrieval job. Ohhh... Bad form, 101. Bad form, indeed..." - Complete Agatha's Song by selling the Soil Stradivarius
  • "This, faithful listeners, is the story of a little boy. A little boy... named Bryan Wilks. You see, Bryan's from Grayditch, a small settlement that was recently overrun with overzealous giant ants. Bryan, sadly, was the sole survivor. That's where the kid from Vault 101 comes in, and where our story, unfortunately, gets even worse. You see, Mister Vault 101 may have stopped the Ant problem, but he couldn't be bothered to help poor little Bryan. Noooo! But, what did he do with the boy, Three Dog? Where's Bryan Wilks now? I'll tell you where Bryan Wilks is. That little boy is stuck in a fucking box, that's where! Good God, 101, have you no conscience? You left the kid to rot in that fallout shelter. I have witnesses! So for the love of God, if someone is in the vicinity of Grayditch, could you please give the kid a Nuka-Cola, a Salisbury Steak, something?" - Complete Those! without finding a place for Bryan Wilks to stay
  • "Who says you can't go home again, huh? The kid from Vault 101 did, but it looks like the prodigal son's/daughter's return didn't last all that long. He/She was seen coming out of the Vault, again, and headed God knows where. Don't let that revolving door hit you on the ass on the way out." - Trouble on the Homefront


  • "Public Service Warning, children! Watch out for a book claiming to be a "Wasteland Survival Guide"! The kid from Vault 101 had a big hand in getting this thing written, and his/her research methods suck. There, I said it. Following this thing's advice'll get you killed faster than you can say, Hug a deathclaw!" - Completing the Wasteland Survival Guide by lying in your research
  • "有人看到101號避難所的孩子走進了失落天堂,出來時帶著一臉笑容。你們知道那個被遺忘的剝皮市場每天上演什麼事嗎?醒醒吧,孩子們!那是個天殺的奴隸販子營地!他們·販賣·人口!三狗覺得,販賣活人是純粹的混賬行為!是的孩子們,的確如此。所以避難所小子到底去做什麼?自己想想吧。" - Strictly Business (Completing Rescue From Paradise triggers this)
  • "Hey, remember those down-on-their-luck ghouls who wanted to share the luxury accommodations at the fancy shmancy Tenpenny Tower? Looks like that dream has died on the vine. You see, those hapless, homeless irradiated rejects have all been brutally slaughtered in their temporary digs in the tunnels of Warrington station. The butcher-at-large? Yep, you guessed it -- none other than the kid from Vault 101. Nice going, scumbag." - Complete Tenpenny Tower by killing Roy Phillips
  • "Looks like that loony lad/lass from Vault 101's been busy lately, this time systematically executing some of the Wasteland's most colorful characters. What's the deal, 101? You killin' for kicks, or is this a paying gig? Maybe I'll just ask around Underworld, hmmm? Cause a little irradiated birdy told me you've been spending some serious time down in ghoulville." - You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
  • "現在向大家廣播一條令人無比悲傷的消息,通過我們多方確認,一朵蘑菇雲從兆噸鎮方向升起。It's been no secret that the pre-War nuke in the center of town had a live atomic core, and under the wrong conditions, could still go kaboom. Well, go kaboom it has. But it was all just a tragic accident, right? Don't you believe that for a second, folks. Word is that twisted old land grabber Allistair Tenpenny, founder of the posh Tenpenny Tower, has been looking to secure that spot for years. But just who did the dirty deed? Ask yourself this -- 101避難所小子進入了坦普尼大廈,為什麼?" - Complete The Power of the Atom by detonating Megaton's atomic bomb
  • "Now, the Lone Wanderer, aka that kid from Vault 101, has done some pretty interesting things, but this one takes the cake. My contacts report that he/she recently went on a highly dangerous excursion to recover -drum roll please - a violin. Oh, but not just any ole violin, children... We're talking Stradivarius here. That's one top o' the line fiddle, you dig? Now here's where the story gets sketchy, in true Capital Wasteland style. The kid THEN delivered the violin to some old lady, who shortly thereafter was found stone cold dead AND violin-less. Should we suspect foul play? Damn straight. And you're Suspect Numero Uno, vault asshole." - Kill Agatha after completing Agatha's Song
  • "Trouble, oh we got trouble, right here in Rivet City! Looks like trusted resident and head of security Harkness has unexpectedly flown the coop. Could this have something to do with Mister/Miss Vault 101 playing junior gumshoe lately, interrogating everyone about a fugitive from the Commonwealth?" - Complete The Replicated Man by siding with Zimmer
  • "Looks like Rivet City's latest visitor, a certain Zimmer from the scientifically superior Commonwealth, has finally packed his bags and headed home. Weird thing is, trusted Rivet City resident and head of security Harkness has abandoned his life here in the Capital Wasteland... and gone with him. A case of unrequited middle-aged romance, or some kind of spontaneously beneficial business arrangement? I'd ask the kid from 101, but I hear he's busy oogling some newly obtained piece of shiny Commonwealth technology. Quite a 'coinc-of-a-dink', that..." - Complete The Replicated Man by convince Harkness to go with Zimmer
  • "Now, I've got new reports from the settlement known as Big Town. Somethin' about super mutants takin' residents prisoner... All I know is the kid could have helped, and didn't. Nice going, asshole." - Complete Big Trouble in Big Town by leaving the town to die
  • "We've been getting reports of a raging sustained fire somewhere up north. 'Yeah yeah, so what?' Well, here's what. Point one: the kid from Vault 101 was seen in that area just before the fire. Point two: the smoke and smell from this thing don't match your typical chemical burn; reports are this smells like burning...wood. You heard it here, first, children: a forest fire in the Capital Wasteland, where all the trees were already burnt to a crisp 200 years ago. Only you, 101...only you." — Complete Oasis by burning Harold
  • "This, faithful listeners, is the story of a little boy. A little boy... named Bryan Wilks. You see, Bryan's from Grayditch, a small settlement that was recently overrun with overzealous giant ants. Bryan, sadly, was the sole survivor. That's where the kid from Vault 101 comes in, and where our story, unfortunately, gets even worse. You see, Mister/Miss Vault 101 may have stopped the Ant problem, but he couldn't be bothered to help poor little Bryan. Noooo! But, what did he do with the boy, Three Dog? Where's Bryan Wilks now? I'll tell you where Bryan Wilks is. He's at fucking Paradise Falls, that's where! Oh, you heard me right! 101, a little defenseless boy begged you for help, and what did you do? You SOLD HIM AS A FUCKING SLAVE! Shame, shame, shame on you..." - Complete Those! by selling Bryan Wilks as a slave
  • "Are you sick enough to think slavery is the best thing to happen to the Capital Wasteland since broiled mirelurk cakes? Well you're in luck! Human bondage is here to stay, folks, thanks to that asshole from Vault 101 and his Slaver amigos. One small step backwards for man, one giant evolutionary rewind for mankind...." - Complete Head of State by helping the slavers



  • Vault Martyr Level 2: "And now the latest on that enigmatic Vault Martyr who only recently stepped out of Vault 101 and into our hearts."
  • Sentinel Level 3: "So what's everyone's favorite Sentinel been up to? Here's the latest on that sweet kid from Vault 101."
  • Defender Level 4: "Now, let's check out the latest on everyone's darling Defender, giving evil the one-two punch out there in the wooly Wasteland."
  • Dignitary Level 5: "Okay, children. I've got the skinny on the Capital Wasteland's newest, noblest Dignitary, that charming cat from Vault 101. Check this out."
  • Peacekeeper Level 6: "It』s time for an update on that Vault 101 Peacekeeper, a man/gal who proves that not everyone out there is a complete asshole."
  • Ranger of the Wastes Level 7: "Good news, kids! Our old friend from Vault 101 is - get this - still alive! Guess there is a God. Here's your update on the Ranger of the Wastes."
  • Protector Level 8: "Now the latest on everyone's favorite runt from Vault 101. He/She's out there serving as our Protector, so show the kid some respect. Listen to this."
  • Urban Defender Level 9: "And now an update on our very own Urban Defender. Did he/she leave that Vault just to help us? Who cares, man. We owe him/her either way. Check this out."
  • Exemplar Level 10: "Hey, our friend from Vault 101 is at it again. A true Exemplar, showing us all the true meaning of love, compassion, and all that other crap."
  • Capital Crusader Level 11: "It's that time again, kids! The adventures of... the Capital Crusader! YAYHURRAY!!! Seriously, how can you not dig this guy/gal? Am I right?"
  • Paladin Level 12: "A Paladin walks among us, children. And no, this ain't one of our buddies from the Brotherhood. I'm talking about that knight in shining Vault suit."
  • Vault Legend Level 13: "And now an update on everyone's favorite hero from a hole, a guy/gal I feel really comfortable calling - drum roll please - the Vault Legend!"
  • Ambassador of Peace Level 14: "Hate. Prejudice. Violence. Leave 'em all behind. The kid from Vault 101 did, so why can't you? The latest on our own Ambassador of Peace."
  • Urban Legend Level 15: "Hallelujah! The Urban Legend is real, children! He/She's real, and he/she's out there, everyday, helping poor schlubs like you. The latest and greatest."
  • Hero of the Wastes Level 16: "And now, for another exciting adventure of, "The Hero... of the Wasssssttteesss!"
  • Paragon Level 17: "LOORDY! I just love that vault boy/girl! Hole-dweller one day, Paragon of all that is good and right in the world the next. And, he/she's been busy..."
  • Wasteland Savior Level 18: "Hey, out on that ridge! It's Buddha! It's Jesus! No, it's the... Wasteland Savior! Here's an update on Vault 101's homegrown messiah."
  • Saint Level 19: "Question: is there a God? And if so, does he give a shit about the rest of us? I was skeptical, but that was before a certain Saint from Vault 101..."
  • Last, Best Hope of Humanity Level 20: "All right, children. It's time for Three Dog to be honest with ya. Here it is, plain as day - I used to think we were all well and truly fucked. The good ole U.S. of A... ahhh, she's a mess. I had pretty much written us all off. But that was before a certain kid from Vault 101... I've always given it to you straight, have I not? For good or ill, Galaxy News Radio has been the voice of truth on these airwaves. So believe me when I tell you that I was wrong. Dead wrong. That kid from Vault 101 is the Last, Best Hope of humanity. We'll get through this, children. You just gotta believe. For now, listen close, as I share yet another of our friend's adventures."
  • later he just says "This just in, my friends. Looks like we've got an update on the Last, Best Hope of humanity himself/herself, the kid from Vault 101."


  • Restorer of Faith Level 21: "Ugh... What's the matter kids? Feeling down? Low on vim, vigor, and the simple will to live? What you need is the latest news on the Restorer of Faith."
  • Model of Selflessness Level 22: "Just when you thought there was no charity, no good, no decency left in this world, everyone's favorite Model of Selflessness surprises ya."
  • Shepherd Level 23: "Fear not, my poor lost flock, hehehe, for the Shepherd from Vault 101 has come to guide you to the promised land! Listen to this!"
  • Friend of the People Level 24: "In this vicious yao guai eat yao guai world, the exploits of a certain Friend of the People are usually a cause for rejoicin'! Listen up!"
  • Champion of Justice Level 25:"We may not have superheroes--those two wackos near Canterbury Commons don't count--but we do have our very own Champion of Justice. Listen up."
  • Symbol of Order Level 26:"Our wasteland might be a friggin' mess--hence the name--but there's one person we've come to know as a Symbol of Order, and he's/she's been busy."
  • Herald of Tranquility Level 27:"Call him/her a Herald of Tranquility, that kid from Vault 101... usually righting any wrongs that cross his/her path. Here's a new update."
  • Light Bringer Level 28:"Only one person can bring a hint of sunshine to this dim and dreary wasteland. Children, I bring you an update on... The Light Bringer!"
  • Earthly Angel Level 29: "We may never get to Heaven, children, but at least we've got our own Earthly Angel walking among us. And I've got his/her latest exploits."
  • Messiah Level 30: "Don't lose hope children; don't ever lose hope. The kid from Vault 101, th-the Wasteland's one true Messiah still walks among us. Just listen to this!"


  • Renegade Level 2: "And now the latest on that enigmatic Vault Renegade, who only recently stepped out of Vault 101 and into our lives."
  • Seeker Level 3: "So what's that brave little Seeker been up to? Here's the latest on the kid from Vault 101."
  • Wanderer Level 4: "Now, let's check out the latest on the Vault 101 Wanderer, as he/she, well, wanders."
  • Citizen Level 5: "Okay, children. I've got the skinny on the Capital Wasteland's newest Citizen. Curious? Of course you are. Check this out."
  • Adventurer Level 6: "It seems the lost little boy/girl from Vault 101 has become quite the Adventurer these days..."
  • Vagabond of the Wastes Level 7: "Got some news for you kiddies. Looks like that dude/chick from Vault 101 is still kicking. And now, a friendly update on the Vagabond of the Wastes."
  • Wasteland Mercenary Level 8: "Hey! So whatever happened to that kid from Vault 101? Huh? Ooh! Ooh! I know! Man, that cat/girl has turned into one hard-edged Wasteland Mercenary."
  • Urban Ranger Level 9: "Grow up in a hole, confined and bored? Hit the Wasteland! You, too, can be an Urban Ranger! And now, the latest on the kid from Vault 101."
  • Observer Level 10: "Now more on the kid from Vault 101, keeping that moral compass firmly grounded in gray. Angel? Devil? More like neutral Observer at this point."
  • Capital Councilor Level 11: "Neutrality, baby. That's today's lesson, taught by our own Capital Councilor. Maybe that vault door leads to Switzerland? Anyway, he/she's at it again."
  • The Keeper Level 12: "Now, an update on a certain crazy dude/chick from Vault 101. Let's call him/her the Keeper. The Keeper of promises, of secrets, of his/her own destiny."
  • Vault Descendant Level 13: "And now, a little story. A story about a boy/girl who climbed out of a hole. I'm talkin' about that Vault Descendent, of course. Here's the latest."
  • Pinnacle of Survival Level 14: "Never quit. Never stop believing. That's the story of the cat from Vault 101. Here's the latest on the very Pinnacle of Survival."
  • Urban Myth Level 15: "Special report! Da da dum dum, da da da dum dum! This just in -- The kid from Vault 101 is not just an Urban Myth ! Oh, he/she's real all right."
  • Strider of the Wastes Level 16: "You've seen him/her out there, haven't you, wandering the D.C. ruins, looking for adventure? The latest on Vault 101's very own Strider of the Wastes."
  • Beholder Level 17: "Ah, the kid from Vault 101. He/She hurts, he/she helps, he/she does whatever he/she damn well pleases. Sometimes just a watcher... a Beholder, if you will."
  • Wasteland Watcher Level 18: "He/She came from Vault 101... Friend? Foe? Or simple Wasteland Watcher? Here's an update on that kid from the hole..."
  • Superhuman Level 19: "I don't know how he/she's even still alive, but I've got an update on the kid from Vault 101. I swear, he/she must be Super-Human or somethin'..."
  • Paradigm Level 20: "Alive? Yes. Still wandering? Uh huh. One of the most powerful individuals in the Capital Wasteland? You bet your bobby socks, Susie. I'm talkin' about the kid from Vault 101. Just 19, and this cat/babe has been in some serious shit. And there ain't no sign o' stoppin'! Kid from the Vault, if you're listening, I want you to know that you are, truly, a Paradigm of humanity. Keep on fighting, man/girl! And now for you other faithful listeners, here's an update on our friend."
  • later he just says "This just in, my friends. Looks like we've got an update on that Paradigm of humanity, the kid from Vault 101."
  • Soldier of Fortune Level 21: "So, here's the question. How's that smooth operating Soldier of Fortune from Vault 101 getting along these days? Business, it would seem, is booming."
  • Profiteer Level 22: "Ugh. Sometimes, in this cold and crazy world, you just wanna make a buck. Like that penny-pinching Profiteer from Vault 101. Here's the latest."
  • Egocentric Level 23: "I've got new reports on that wayward soul from Vault 101, the capital wasteland's infamous Egocentric, check this out"
  • Loner Level 24: "Now you'd think that Loner from Vault 101 would stay out of the spotlight, but I guess some people just can't help themselves."
  • Hero for Hire Level 25: "It shouldn't surprise anyone that the capital wasteland's most notorious Hero for Hire is in the headlines once again."
  • Model of Apathy Level 26: "If you're tired and nobody giving a crap, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. Remember ol 101, the very Model of Apathy. Well he's at it again."
  • Person of Refinement Level 27: "Looks like ol 101 has become quite the Person of Refinement, mostly by taking people's hard earned caps in exchange for anything"
  • Moneygrubber Level 28: "By now everyone knows the kid from Vault 101 is a no good selfish Moneygrubber but who knew he was keeping so busy, listen to this"
  • Grey Stranger Level 29: "Neither light, nor dark. Not good, nor bad. Just one truly walks down the middle of life's road. Here's an update on that Gray Stranger."
  • True Mortal Level 30: "Ahh, that kid from Vault 101. Only a True Mortal could get involved in so many adventures, make so many damn caps. Behold! The latest tribulation."


  • Vault Outlaw Level 2: "And now the latest on that enigmatic Vault Outlaw, who only recently stepped out of Vault 101 and into our nightmares."
  • Opportunist Level 3: "So what's that creepy Opportunist been up to, huh? Here's the latest on the kid from Vault 101."
  • Plunderer Level 4: "Want to know the latest on that heartless little Plunderer from Vault 101? Here's the deal."
  • Fatcat Level 5: "All right, faithful listeners, I know what you really want to know. What's that nasty Fatcat up to? Sharpening his/her claws, I bet..."
  • Marauder Level 6: "You know him/her, you hate him/her. (How could you not?) He/She's the malignant Marauder who oozed out of Vault 101. You'll never guess what he/she's up to now."
  • Pirate of the Wastes Level 7: "News flash! Listen up, children. Lock your damn doors. The Pirate of the Wastes is out there, wreaking havoc, wrecking lives. Here's the latest."
  • Reaver Level 8: "Question time, kids. You know what a Reaver is? It's a killer, a liar, a monster. In other words, it's that bastard/bitch from Vault 101. Check it out."
  • Urban Invader Level 9: "Man, am I getting sick of this little punk. From innocent vault kid to sicko Urban Invader. Here's the latest..."
  • Ne'er-Do-Well Level 10: "Okay, let's see. Anything new with that rancorous little Ne'er-do-well from Vault 101? Well, there's this..."
  • Capitol Crimelord Level 11: "Now more on the kid from Vault 101, living a life of unrepentant vice and violence. Jesus, he/she's like some kind of, of... Capital Crimelord."
  • Defiler Level 12: "I know, I know, you want the skinny on Mister/Miss Vault 101. Well here's a news flash - that merciless fucking Defiler is still out there, all right?"
  • Boogeyman Level 13: "Time again, my children, for chills and thrills, fears and scares. Do you know what that creepy Vault Boogeyman has been up to? Listen to this."
  • Harbinger of War Level 14: "Want peace and quiet? Good luck with that, kids. The name of the game is chaos, thanks to Vault 101's own Harbinger of War. Listen and learn."
  • Urban Superstition Level 15: "You don't want to believe it, I know. That kid from Vault 101, he/she can't be real. He/She's just some creepy Urban Superstition, right? Wrong."
  • Villain of the Wastes Level 16: "Yeah, you guessed it - time for another update on the Villain of the Wastes him/herself, that evil little bastard/bitch from Vault 101."
  • Harbinger of War Level 17: "You think all that shit between the super mutants and Brotherhood is bad? Here's the latest on the Harbinger of War himself/herself, that kid from Vault 101."
  • Destroyer Level 18: "So. Just when you thought it was crazy enough out there... Here's an update on the kid from Vault 101 who fancies himself/herself the Wasteland Destroyer."
  • Evil Incarnate Level 19: "I have a new theory. Vault 101 is actually Hell. Hear me out. I mean, that kid we all know and hate is Evil Incarnate, right? Here's the latest."
  • Scourge of Humanity Level 20: "And lo, the boy/girl did step forth from his/her shadowy hole, and proclaim himself/herself Scourge of humanity. If they rewrite the Bible, they really need to add that part. Why? Because that kid from Vault 101 is the worst thing to happen to our neighborhood since radiation sickness! Here's the latest news on Vault 101's evil progeny..."
  • later he just says "This just in, my friends. Looks like we've got an update on that Scourge of humanity, the kid from Vault 101."
  • Architect of Doom Level 21:"So what's new with that master of disaster, that duke of destruction, that bad to the bone… Architect of Doom? Here's what."
  • Bringer of Sorrow Level 22:"You think you're sad now, children? Just wait till you hear the latest on the Capital Wasteland's very own Bringer of Sorrow. Cue the crying."
  • Deceiver Level 23:"If you've run into him/her, you know you just can't trust that despicable little Deceiver from Vault 101. And now, he/she's at it again. Take a listen."
  • Consort of Discord Level 24: "Now I know you're sick to death of hearing my horror stories, but what's a Three Dog to do when that Consort of Discord keeps causing so much mayhem?"
  • Stuff of Nightmares Level 25:"If you have trouble sleeping, maybe it's because that kid from Vault 101 has become the Stuff of Nightmares, and is out there, walking among us."
  • Agent of Chaos Level 26:'"We all know the Capital Wasteland is an anarchist's wet dream, and a certain Agent of Chaos doesn't help matters much. Here's an update."
  • Instrument of Ruin Level 27:"If you've been wondering if that Instrument of Ruin from Vault 101 has been wreaking any new havoc, let me give you the latest scoop."
  • Soultaker Level 28: "Think you'll rest when you're dead, children? Not if that refugee from Vault 101 has anything to say about it. Here's the latest on the Soultaker."
  • Demon's Spawn Level 29:"It's gotten to the point where that piece of shit from Vault 101 can't even be considered human. Am I right? Here's the latest on that Demon's Spawn."
  • Devil Level 30:"The Devil walks among us, children. Oh, he/she may look like us, but he/she calls Hell home. He/she is legion, and his/her deeds are legend. Like this one."


  • Prior to the Great War, the station was broadcast on 103.8 FM.
  • One of its many programs was Mornings with Marie.
  • Three Dog's announcements often reference real-world culture.
  • Many of the songs' lyrics have something to do with the state of the Fallout universe. For example, in "Civilization," the atom bomb is mentioned. This often makes the songs rather ironic and at times dark. Most notably with "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" by the Ink Spots, as well as "Butcher Pete (Part 1)" by Roy Brown.
  • When Three Dog asks you if you want Salisbury Steak or some news, when he says "I'm guessing news," a man can be heard shouting "Oh right!" in the background.
  • Three Dog seems to have many of the broadcasts pre-recorded, as the radio can still be heard even when he is obviously not broadcasting live.
  • After the Lone Wanderer first leaves Vault 101, if GNR is immediately turned on, one can hear, through the static, Three Dog reporting on his talk with James.
  • After the Galaxy News Radio quest, Gob may still complain about the radio problems.

Behind the scenes

  • The Galaxy News logo appears originally in the introductory movie for Fallout. The popularity of Fallout, along with the distinctive style of the logo, led to the logo's adaptation into the brand symbol for Interplay, the original publisher of the game.
  • The radio broadcast featuring the adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood is a reference to the 1930s radio program The Green Hornet featuring masked vigilante Britt Reid fighting crime with the help of his faithful manservant Kato. The program has subsequently been converted to films and a television series the latter of which featured martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. Lee's performance in the series often overshadowed Reid's; a fact that is parodied in the GNR broadcast. Also, this is reinforced by the fact that, in the first chapter of the series, the Green Hornet and Kato break into a building called "Argyle Arms".
  • Right after the Lone Wanderer fixes the antenna at the Washington Monument, Three Dog will announce, "You can't stop the signal", a line from Joss Whedon's Serenity.
  • "Trouble, oh we got trouble, right here in Rivet City!" is a reference to the 1950s musical called The Music Man. In the play, the refrain to one of the songs is "Trouble, oh we got trouble, right here in River City!" - River City being where the play takes place.
  • "Your friendly neighborhood disc jockey" is a reference to the 1960s cartoon Spider-Man, in the intro it says "Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man"
  • "Ding, dong, the Presidential asshole is dead!" is a reference to The Wizard of Oz. The original phrase is "Ding, dong, the witch is dead!".
  • "One small step backwards for man, one giant evolutionary rewind for mankind.." is a reference to U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong's quote when taking his first step on the moon. The original quote is "One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind."
  • GNR may be a reference to Washington D.C.'s "WTOP" a radio station located near the center of the city. And it would be near the place that GNR is located.


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png With the Broken Steel add-on downloaded/installed with the 1.5 Patch, there is a chance that the radio station may disappear from the station list in your Pip-Boy. The same will happen with the Enclave station, even after Raven Rock is destroyed. Radios in the Wasteland will also refuse to play any sort of music, with only the light on the panel denoting that they are even on at all. This can happen if the player teleported out the DLC zones instead of going backward. To fix the bug, the player needs to teleport in any DLC zone and leave the area normally. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Sometimes, after the installation of Broken Steel, no radio in the Capital Wasteland (including the Pip-Boy's radio) will play the Galaxy News radio station, not even static. It will be completely silent at any distance from GNR building plaza. This changes, however, after replacing the dish on top of the Washington Monument, upon which the radio will begin playing normally again. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png In the Spanish and Italian versions of the game "The Adventures of Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood" audio files are almost entirely in French. Some sentences will be in Spanish. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When Three Dog starts broadcasting the beginning of the good/neutral Karma Paradise Falls reports, he will abruptly skip to say "But Three Dog, isn't the selling of live human beings completely fucked up?" from the bad Karma report. Some lines from other bad Karma parts of the report may also be included. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When GNR is removed from your Pip-Boy (i.e. traveling to a DLC location), upon reinstatement Three Dog may repeat his announcement about having fixed his broadcast relay. This is most likely just an oversight by the developers, who have it set to play whenever the entity for Wasteland-wide GNR is enabled. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Reaching level 20 in the base game may cause Three Dog to comment on the player one last time before stopping saying anything at all about him/her. He'll still make his generic announcements though. This can be temporarily fixed by changing karma in any way (increasing or decreasing). [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png When GNR plays Boogie Man, it can randomly make the game stutter. You can fix this by turning the radio off. You cannot turn it back on directly after you turn it off, you simply must wait until the song ends.

Broadcast errors

FIX Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The only and best fix for these broadcast errors is is to finish Agatha's Song and have her station in your Pip-Boy. This also fixes lag in the GNR radio station and Enclave radio station because your Pip-Boy reads it as an error not having Agatha's station in Version 1.7 or Game of the Year Edition. [已验证]

Skipping and Loop

  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png After Three Dog starts giving news updates involving the player's actions, he will stop announcing the songs he will be playing (third party fixes available). [已验证]
    • This problem may repair itself if ever the station is removed from the Pip-Boy's station list. For instance, visiting Point Lookout and returning to the Capital Wasteland can potentially cause Three Dog to begin announcing songs again.
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Three Dog may mention the player's title but fail to deliver any quest-related news, skipping straight to generic news - e.g., if the player's rank is "Ranger of the Wastes", Three Dog will mention the "ranger of the wastes", but instead of following this statement with a quest-related news segment, he'll instead skip to saying "This is Three Dog with a bit of news!" and deliver a generic news piece. [已验证]
    • This problem may repair itself after the player completes The Nuka-Cola Challenge.
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Occasionally, reaching a level beyond 2 with good or bad Karma without completing any quests will result in Three Dog getting stuck in a news announcement loop (announcing that he has news several times in a row without actually delivering any). [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes right when Three Dog says And now some music, he will restart his broadcast instead of playing a song. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Three Dog will say he's going to play music and then will go straight into talking about the player. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png On the PS3 Three Dog might always call the Lone Wanderer "The last, best, hope for humanity" even if he/she is above level 20. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes after 'The Superhuman Gambit', Thee Dog will only deliver half of the news, ending at ...the AntAgonizer and the Mechanist! Hey, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png The 4th episode of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood will skip the fourth and third last line of the script and go straight to the second last line. [已验证]


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png After the Enclave arrives at the end of The Waters of Life, Three Dog will stop mentioning news stories about the player. He will continue to announce the arrival of the Enclave, give public service announcements, and give news updates on the status of The Wasteland. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Prior to actually completing Take It Back!, Three Dog will give a long report on how Project Purity was founded by James, and then finally brought into operation by the Lone Wanderer. He will continue to talk about how the Brotherhood of Steel is working with Rivet City Security to push the water out through the caravans. This report was obviously meant to be announced once the player completed Take It Back!, but you might hear it shortly after your Pip-Boy found the GNR signal. This is apparently caused by installing the Broken Steel expansion (fix available). [已验证]


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