Chance's knife is a unique weapon in Fallout: New Vegas, and a centerpiece of the graphic novel All Roads. It is a unique variant of the combat knife.


这把特殊版匕首属于漫画All Roads里主角之一和大汗幫成員钱斯,他在蛮族村庄用这把刀杀死了很多的恶魔帮成员。把近战武器技能加满,学习所有的相关特技,这把重量只有1的小刀输出能力可以和重20磅Oh Baby媲美——当然,小刀的基础伤害不高,在面对高DT的目标时会很难切开坚固的护甲或者外壳which is offset somewhat by poisons。这把刀的位置离清泉鎮很近,所以如果能够处理好那些毒蜂的威胁,这把刀可以很早就入手。钱斯死后,这把刀和他一起埋进了坟墓。把这把刀挖出来后可以发现,刀刃上现在还残留着恶魔帮成员的血迹。记得带上一把铲子



特殊招式Back Slash 为消耗14点AP,V模式下造成70%的伤害,requires a Melee skill of 50.

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Chance's knife can successfully strike about 445 times from full condition before breaking.


  • Combat knife
  • Assassin - The Caesar's Legion assassin sent to kill President Kimball carries a special version which is non-playable. This prevents the weapon from normally being shown in inventory, e.g. when pickpocketing the assassin. The weapon is otherwise identical to the standard combat knife.
  • Cass - Rose of Sharon Cassidy carries a special non-playable version of the weapon, also otherwise identical to the standard version.


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Combat knife 15
Chance's knife 22
Note: Melee damage is doubled in V.A.T.S.




  • Chance's knife, like all combat knives, gets the damage bonus from both the Cowboy and the Grunt perks, making it the only Unique weapon that benefits from both perks.
  • The Elijah's Ramblings perk (Dead Money) will completely offset the critical damage penalty of the Heavy Handed trait, letting the knife utilize its full critical damage and the bonus damage of heavy handed if used simultaneously.
  • The blood stains on the knife are most likely from Chance's duel in the tribal village.
  • With the Slayer and Ain't Like That Now perks you have faster movement speed by power attacking (provided you aren't using the light armor movement speed perks) and rushing water can be used to increase movement speed again.

Behind the scenes

In All Roads, Chance used his knife to carve a map of the settlements in the Mojave Wasteland. Also, he used it to kill multiple Fiends at the tribal village before being fatally drugged.