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Welcome to the great green jewel of the Commonwealth. Safe. Happy. A fine place to come, spend your money, settle down.Mayor McDonough

鑽石城, 俗稱"璀璨的翠鑽"[1]聯邦內一座設防的聚落。This settlement is based on the pre-War structure of Fenway Park, its distinctive "Green Monster" color visible on the reinforced walls.[2] The city guards can be seen wearing baseball jerseys with umpire's pads and helmets, reflecting the location's former use.


鑽石城於2130年由芬威球場改建而成[3],建成之後迅速吸引大量來自聯邦廢土的居民,thanks to what its residents affectionately referred to as "the Wall"。之後的幾十年間鑽石城發展成聯邦上最繁榮的城鎮。[4]努力謀生的鎮民逐漸分化出貧富階層,富裕居民大多居住在城市的上層區,these overlooked the lower field where everyone else strived to make a living.[5]


2229年,鑽石城發生了名為 "破碎面具" 的屠殺事件。一名自稱 "卡特先生" 的旅行者在鑽石城酒吧突然開槍,殺死了數名居民與保安人員,當保安將其擊斃後,人們恐慌的發現 "卡特先生" 實為一名合成人。從那時起,居民們對於合成人替換人類的恐懼日益增加。[7] Although such talk was discouraged and ridiculed by the city's leadership a number of people began inexplicably disappearing from the city over the following years, a disturbing trend that no one wished to acknowledge.



到了2287年,some residents came to believe McDonough had been replaced by a synth,而派普和她妹妹小奈的報社發行的公共事件報加劇了人們對現狀的懷疑。

When Piper reaches idolized status with the Sole Survivor, she explains that when she first moved to Diamond City with Nat, the Great Green Wall was broken and patched with a solitary bookcase. This drove her to create Publick Occurrences to address the issues of Diamond City.[8][9]

The city is split into social classes where the rich and powerful reside in the upper stands, whilst the common people live in the field below.

At the back and to the side of the stadium there is a crop field and brahmin pen, similar to the one in Abernathy Farm. There is also a small lake to the right of the marketplace, which is irradiated.




  • 羅伯科玩家 - 附贈遊戲Z星(澤塔)侵略者,在瓦倫坦偵探事務所最裡面的檯子上。
  • 神秘客 - 一個案件夾在瓦倫坦事務所的床底下。
  • 愛與生活第九期 - 學堂內的床上。
  • 大傢伙 - 特殊版胖子發射器可以多射一發核彈,在市集的聯邦武器行處找亞圖羅買。
  • 老忠實 - 特殊版雷射手槍,一樣亞圖羅有售。
  • 迷你核彈 - 在亞圖羅的家裡,在床附近的桌上。城外二樓的隱藏餐廳內也有一顆。
  • 名為谷內啤酒釀造子程序的全像磁帶在殖民酒館的吧檯內側。


  • The first time entering Diamond City, Mayor McDonough will give a speech to a small group of residents where he proclaims "I am NOT a Synth" and shortly after praises the wall. 在玩家第一次進入鑽石城時,麥多那市長會對一小群居民發表發表一個演講。期間,他會大聲宣稱「我不是合成人」並且很快對城牆發表一番讚美。
  • 如果 唯一倖存者 在確定加入一個主要派系的情況下完成了主任務流程,所有位於城市內的旗幟將會被該派系的旗幟取代,並且該派系的成員將會開始在城市內遊盪。
    • 如果義勇軍摧毀了學院,數個義勇軍旗幟將會在城內飄揚,並且兩名義勇軍士兵可以被發現與市場附近閑逛並且討論他們正在全鎮散布好消息,以及他們預測在他們獲得勝利後不會有徵兵短缺問題的想法。
    • 如果鋼鐵兄弟會摧毀了學院,數個鋼鐵兄弟會的旗幟將會被懸掛於城市內,並且一個文書和騎士將會出現在市場附近,討論他們來這裡是為了採購補給的。
  • 在遊戲內的一些節日日期(比如聖誕或者萬聖節),市場的裝扮將會隨節日主題發生變化。比如,在聖誕節當天,普通照明燈將會被聖誕燈所取代,並且聖誕樹也將會出現,而且一些守衛也會對節日作出討論和交流。
  • There are baseball bases around Diamond City that are labeled with tally marks of which base they are. Running over each of them in order will grant the Homerun! trophy/achievement and the guards will occasionally encourage the Sole Survivor to run the bases and hint it will be worthwhile. Also, all the street names relate to the bases with each named after their respective base including Home St.
  • There are two bounty boards in the city, one next to Swatters and another inside the Dugout Inn, in front of the door after entering. Both give the same radiant quest asking the Sole Survivor to kill a raider, ghoul or super mutant marked on the map at a randomly selected location upon interacting with the notice. Although it says there is no reward except what is looted from the corpses, in actuality some quest completion XP will be granted after killing the marked enemy. A new bounty will appear on the boards as soon as the current one is complete.
    • However, a glitch may prevent the spawning of new bounties. Currently, there is no workaround for this problem.
  • If one exits the stadium and immediately goes left around the first corner, there is a small diner on top of the wall, overlooking the junkyard. It contains a bed, a Power armor station and a mini nuke among other miscellaneous loot items. If one turns right instead and goes a full block to the crumbling corner outside of third base, they can get on top of the wall and find a duffle bag and an explosives box. Finally, if one continues in that direction and gets on the wall behind second base, there are two stimpaks and a dose of Addictol sitting on a crate. These areas are most easily accessible with the jetpack power armor modification.
  • One can close the Diamond City gate by reaching the hidden diner overlooking the junkyard and from there head west until one reaches the upper parts of the gate. From there the player character will have to access the top of the gate (most easily accessible with the jetpack power armor modification) and approach one of the yellow beams holding the gate in place to open the gate. The gate will not immediately close upon closing it, the player character will need to enter an interior cell for the gate to properly close. Once closed, the player character can open it from the ground by simply walking up to it and opening it.
  • Despite ghouls being banned from Diamond City, if Hancock or Billy Peabody, an intelligent child ghoul found during the quest Kid in a Fridge, is taken to the city, they will be allowed inside.
  • On occasion while waiting in the market an assaultron may spawn. While not hostile to the player character it will engage anyone within the city.
    • It may spawn as a glitch after hacking a robot with the Robotics Expert perk and not shutting it down or destroying it.
  • If the Institute ending is given, an Institute flag will be put up, indicating that the residents of Diamond City consider the Institute to be better than they thought they were. Also, gen 1 synths will walk around the Diamond City Market, if the Sole Survivor communicates with them, they inform them that they're here to spread the presence of the Institute. Diamond City security will comment saying that the synths suddenly appeared but they weren't causing any disruption or trouble, so they let them stay. Some will be crafting weapons/armor while other synths may be browsing different stores in the market.
    • Myrna, who seemed to previously have a paranoia to synths, would let them browse her store and will no longer comment on hating synths.
  • The crops in the crop field do not re-spawn once harvested.


Diamond City appears only in Fallout 4 and is also mentioned in Zoe's diary in the Automatron add-on.[10] It is also a mentioned location as a question in the Fallout Shelter weekly quest Game Show Gauntlet.


50 Vault-Tec C.E.O..png以下内容基於未經證實的幕後花絮,因而不應完全作正史内容看待。
  • 在記者席的頂端懸掛著五面世界大賽冠軍的紅旗,分別為1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 和1918。這意味著自輻射世界線開始出現區別後,紅襪隊再也沒贏過世界大賽,而貝比魯斯魔咒也從未被打破直到2077年。在現實世界裡紅襪隊於2004年拿下睽違86年的世界大賽冠軍,2007年和2013年再度高舉冠軍獎盃。
  • 波士頓號角報大樓裡有一份報紙描述著2077年10月23日,就在核大戰的那一天紅襪隊贏得世界大賽,結束了幾十年來的冠軍荒,然而不幸的是當天核彈就落下來了,自此之後紅襪隊連世界大賽都沒得參加。
  • 有幾個芬威公園的地標被還原在鑽石城內。
    • 根據左外野看台,球隊於輻射世界裡退役的背號有1, 4, 6, 11, 13, 21和33。其中146是真實退役的數字。
    • 鑽石城居民稱為巨牆的記分板是芬威公園的真實設計,它真正的綽號叫"綠色怪物"(常常沒收全壘打)。
    • 在現實的芬威公園裡有一個大型可口可樂標誌,與遊戲中的位置和風格差不多。
    • 同樣的,全壘打牆後的建築上方麻州核融合廠廣告看板參考了現實雪爾戈石油公司的霓虹燈看板位置。現實的標誌將會在擊出全壘打的時候依序亮起C,IT和Go(See it Go,看著球飛出去,合起來便是CITGO雪爾戈)
    • 看台上有一個紅色的座位,代表著泰德·威廉斯在芬威公園歷史上最遠的全壘打,距本壘502英尺。
50 Vault-Tec C.E.O..png關於未經證實的幕後花絮的内容到此作結。


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png When using the elevator to the mayor's office with a companion the companion can end up at the first green trash can when you enter Diamond City, behind the street light in front of the elevator and be stuck there. Walking outside of Diamond City to the Fens (manually without fast-travel) will sometimes work to free a companion in this frustrating situation. [已核实]
    • For PC players, utilizing moveto.player after selecting the companions ID can rectify this issue.
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Occasionally, if the player activates the elevator on the way down from the mayor's office, and before the elevator reaches the bottom floor, activates the second button, the guard rail will extend, as if the player were to disembark, and retract upon arrival, as if the player is riding the elevator. [已核实]
    • Activating the elevator and leaving Diamond City or entering a building before the elevator stops moving and reload the game may fix this. On PC Using tcl to noclip through the exit will make this easier.
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Putting any items in mailboxes, even the one in front of the Sole Survivor's Home Plate residence, will show as owned upon closing the dialogue box. Stealing is the only way to access said items. [已核实]
  • Has platform::Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png After completing the quest Unlikely Valentine, two triggermen may spawn in Diamond City each time you travel to the city. Nobody in Diamond City will engage, leaving the Sole Survivor to eliminate the two themselves. As of now, there is no fix. [已核实]


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