"Taggerdy's Thunder" was a US Army Ranger unit led by Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy. She continued to lead her troops - as a Paladin - after they all joined the Brotherhood of Steel.Survival Guide

The Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel, also known as the West Virginia Brotherhood,[2] was a founding chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel under the command of Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy. By 2095, they had been entirely wiped out by the Scorched; however, a small group of reinforcements later arrived from Lost Hills in 2103, and established a new Brotherhood contingent in the area.[3][4]


Taggerdy's Thunder was a US Army Ranger unit led by Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy. She continued to lead her troops—as a Paladin—after they all joined the Brotherhood of Steel. Paladin Taggerdy was known for only recruiting from those who had military experience and found it difficult to coordinate with the other, more “civilian” factions in Appalachia. Fort Defiance served as headquarters for the newly established Appalachian branch of the Brotherhood of Steel.Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide[Non-game 1]

The origins of the Appalachian chapter are closely tied to Taggerdy's Thunder, a US Army Ranger unit led by Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy. Deployed to war games organized in Appalachia in October 2077, 塔格蒂和她的部下们同海军陆战队进行对抗演习。塔格蒂本人对在演习中取得优胜颇为上, hugging the edge of the exercise area and striking where the Marines were least expecting it. She never got the chance to execute that strategy, as the Thunders were surprised by the Great War. 他们并没能在第一时间意识到这并不是演习的一部分,直到蘑菇云在阿帕拉契的山区升起他们才发现核大战已然爆发。[5]塔格蒂的下意识反应是联系上级以获得新的指示,通讯频道内一片死寂,而唯一打破这静默的声音却来自罗杰·马克森, looking for someone in Appalachia. Although she was hesitant about speaking to a confessed traitor, her friendship made her decide to give Maxson a chance. The fact that the U.S. Army disappeared in a nuclear fire overnight played a key role in the decision.[6] Together with her unit, Taggerdy占据了冒险营,此处曾是生存技能训练营, where they spent the dark winter of 2077.[7] Soon after, she ordered the camp reactivated to fill out the ranks of the Thunder.[8] 冒险营对新兵的要求使得新兵的通过率并不高,但越来越多的应征者开始出现在营地之中,其中一部分曾有在部队中服役的经历。[9]

That way out presented itself when Captain Roger Maxson announced the foundation of the Brotherhood of Steel. Although Taggerdy was hesitant to accept a completely new system of ranks and ideas, believing that the military training and loyalty to commanding officers was enough to carry the day, she did not object, at first treating it as an order like any other.[10] Although Taggerdy was skeptical, Maxson outlined his plan to give her and her men a new identity as members of the Brotherhood, both as a way to return meaning to their lives and combat the overwhelming depression that threatened to take what few survivors made it through the nuclear fire and to immunize them to the authority of any politicians that might emerge from the Vaults (or in Appalachia's case, the Whitespring Congressional Bunker) and set fire to the world again. Taggerdy accepted the new orders without believing in them at first, but soon grew into her role.[11]

塔格蒂本人倾向于只接受有服役经历的新成员的态度以及缺乏良好的和废土上其它“平民”组织沟通态度的问题也暴露了出来[12]:在2082年10月时,钢铁兄弟会在應變同盟处理亨特斯维尔的变种人问题时索要弹药补给,尽管双方并没有爆发实质冲突,这对促进他们关系起不到什么正面效果。[13] However, the relations eventually normalized, especially since the Brotherhood had other problems (as did the Responders, due to the Christmas Flood which destroyed Charleston in December 2082). 组织规模的不断扩大已经让冒险营人满为患。The Brotherhood decided to expand south into the Cranberry Bog, 占据了阿利根尼精神病院以作为新的据点。Although plagued by feral ghouls, 这栋建筑物结构坚固,还同他們驱逐了自由邦所占领的雷霆山电站相连。[14] Although the Asylum空间充足, they soon encountered problems: scorchbeasts, first 一只形似蝙蝠的怪物 flying in from Watoga, 兄弟会成员使用加特林机枪成功赶走了它。This was chalked up to Bog weirdness at first - a grave error.[15]

West of the mountains, the Brotherhood forged alliances. 在2086年5月时,钢铁兄弟会和應變同盟肩并肩和盘踞在亨特斯维尔的变种人战斗,[16] marking the high point in Responder and Brotherhood relations, although it claimed many lives, including Squire De Silva and Paladin Swafford.[17][18] Congratulating them on their victory, Elder Maxson also announced a new mission for the Brotherhood: To act as preservationists, keeping the embers of civilization burning, so that the Brotherhood may become the catalyst for a new, better civilization in the future.[19] 为了确保有足够多的人手来遂行回收科技的使命,钢铁兄弟会从格拉夫顿水坝撤出了所有的兵力,使得應變同盟和自由邦之间重要的贸易通道沦为完全不设防的危险地带。[20]

Some responded to this new policy with enthusiasm, others with grudging acceptance, and yet others, like Sergeant Hank Madigan, left the Brotherhood to join the Responders. The new mission quickly took a backseat, however, as the Brotherhood 遭遇辐尸兽辐尸人 in the Cranberry Bog. 据马克森手下最得力的學士海利·高野计算,辐尸兽的威胁程度将导致物种灭绝。Lost Hills supplied several designs and weapon schematics to help stem the tide, including 自动研究程序和音波诱饵装置, but by the 2090s, the failing infrastructure of the Old World rapidly rendered communication impossible. Before being cut-off, Maxson ordered Taggerdy to hold the tide - and proscribed the use of nuclear weapons.[21]

2093年7月,人手的紧缺迫使钢铁兄弟会关闭冒险营,营地中的人手被调派至其它据点,所有尚未完成训练的新兵亦被直接送上战场。[22] The Brotherhood focused on fighting the scorchbeasts entirely, tapping all available sources of supplies, taxing their goodwill. By January 2094, that meant routinely requisitioning food, dozens of missiles, fusion cores, and hundreds of rounds of conventional ammunition from all available sources.[23]

Realizing that time was not on their side, 2095年1月29日,触底行动開始:找到辐尸兽的起源地并消灭之,精锐部队在圣骑士塔格蒂的率领下踏上了一去不复还的征途。在接下来的两个星期里也確實看不到輻屍獸, leading Senior Knight Wilson to declare a preliminary mission accomplished.[24] However, this proved to be optimistic. 6月時輻屍獸再次大量出現, indicating that Touchdown had failed.[25] By August, the situation was clear: The Brotherhood had failed in its mission and was rapidly approaching extinction. Rather than flee, the soldiers decided to continue manning their posts until the bitter end, trying to buy as much time for Appalachia as possible.[25]

同年8月18日,格蘭特學士率領兄弟會進行最後的死鬥,抵抗要塞陷落。次日, 雷霆山电厂被大量辐尸生物淹没,兄弟會彻底地消逝。[26] With their deaths, the Brotherhood in Appalachia was extinguished, leaving behind a bounty of weapons and the automated defenses for those who would come after to try and fight the scorchbeasts.[27]


The Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia was initially limited to just Taggerdy's Thunder and auxiliary forces recruited at Camp Venture (later turned into full rangers and members by the brutal training methods). After joining the Brotherhood, they were folded into the existing Brotherhood of Steel hierarchy, with one minor difference characteristic to the early years of the Brotherhood in that squires were adult members of the Brotherhood training to become full knights. The nomenclature was unpopular among some of the troops and Maxson eventually changed it - long after the Brotherhood in Appalachia perished.

Another difference is the emphasis on the military aspect of the organization. Taggerdy was famously distrustful of civilians, considering them to be weak links in the chain, and that attitude translated into their dealings with non-military factions across Appalachia, making cooperation difficult. The landmark battle of Huntsville and Maxson's Preservation of Technology speech that introduced a new mandate and elevated scribes like Grant as equals of the knights changed the internal organization of the faction, but not, unfortunately, the general attitude that prevented effective cooperation and confronting the scorchbeasts.


  • 伊莉莎白·塔格蒂聖騎士 - chapter founder, associate of Roger Maxson, leader and namesake of US Army Rangers unit 坦格蒂雷霆. 反抗要塞的指揮官。Killed in action during 達陣行動, a mission to destroy what was thought to be the main scorchbeast nest in the Glassed cavern.
  • 斯瓦福德聖騎士 - 死於亨特斯維爾之役。
  • 安立奎·貝爾蒙特扈從
  • 伊芙琳扈從 - 駐紮於反抗要塞
  • 漢娜·德西爾瓦扈從 - performed initial recon of Fort Defiance, 死於亨特斯維爾之役。
  • 蘿森扈從 - 死守在雷霆山發電廠
  • 吉爾登扈從 - 死守在雷霆山發電廠
  • 蒙哥馬利扈從 - 和丹尼作為突擊隊前往避科大的自動研究實驗室。
  • 舒爾茨扈從 - 派往偵測紅莓沼澤地區。
  • 艾斯波西拖騎士 - 曾任冒險營的訓練士官長[28] later killed when her position was assaulted by three scorchbeasts.
  • 格蘭特·麥納馬拉學士 - 塔格蒂死後接任反抗要塞的執行官。Helped restore power to the Grafton Dam.
  • 馬丁尼茲 - Mentioned on a terminal at Grafton Dam.
  • 強尼·莫雷諾騎士 - 曾任格拉夫頓水壩前哨基地的指揮官,killed along with Paladin Taggerdy during Operation Touchdown.
  • 泰斯·羅傑斯騎士 - held out with Wilson and an unknown member on the fourth floor of Fort Defiance during its fall to the scorched.
  • Unknown member - held out with Tex and Wilson on the fourth floor of Fort Defiance during its fall to the scorched.[29]
  • 瑞秋·普萊斯 - 軍醫,前應變同盟成員。[30]
  • One Wasteland For All 弗農·道奇新兵 - 目前唯一生還者,之前在冒險營受訓時為追回逃兵與部隊失聯。
  • Gary·韋伯 - went missing during patrol.
  • 資深騎士泰德·威森 - 曾任冒險營的指揮官,反抗要塞的執行官,塔格蒂死後接任指揮官。held out with Tex and an unknown member on the fourth floor of Fort Defiance during its fall to the Scorched.
  • 梅莉莎·萊歇騎士 - 大彎山隧道東側的指揮官。[31]
  • 新兵法勒 - 和提格斯駐守於D轉運站
  • 新兵提格斯 - On a mission with Initiate Fowler.
  • 布蘭特 - 訓練的新兵
  • 「艾迪」愛德華·海斯二世
  • 湯米
  • 丹尼 - 死於避科大自動研究實驗室的行動中。
  • 高野海莉學士 - 西岸兄弟會的科技人員,接通衛星連線。
  • Wild Appalachia 羅密歐小隊 - a Brotherhood squad sent to investigate the large number of military robots at the 哈珀斯費里幫浦站.[32]
  • 小楓騎士 - 哥哥伊藤約拿提及。



  • E·費雪新兵 - 在冒險營結訓前夕逃兵。
  • K. Kelly - Committed suicide during her training at Camp Venture.
  • 漢克·麥迪根 - 脫離兄弟會後加入應變同盟成為焰息隊的小隊長。
  • 馬修·索恩伯里騎士 - 遠征途中受命歸建加州兄弟會。


Originally a small unit of US Army Rangers, Taggerdy's forces eventually exercised limited control of several strategic locations across Appalachia, including:

  • Big Bend Tunnel East: A chokepoint in the Cranberry Bog to help prevent the Scorched threat from spreading outside the region.
  • Camp Venture: A survivalist camp that acted as the first permanent base of operations for Taggerdy and the Thunder. Later served as a training camp for Brotherhood recruits. Abandoned in the terminal stages of the war against the scorchbeasts.
  • Drop Site V9, Firebase LT, Firebase Major, Firebase Hancock, Forward Station Alpha, Forward Station Delta, Survey camp Alpha, The Thorn: Defense sites established along the perimeter of the Cranberry Bog.
  • Fort Defiance: Formerly the Allegheny Asylum, the fort was established as the Brotherhood sought to expand its operations from Camp Venture. Although never fully cleared of ghouls leftover from the war, it became the nucleus of the Brotherhood's defense against the scorchbeasts.
  • Grafton dam: A frontier outpost used to provide power and secure a trade route between the residents of Morgantown and Harpers Ferry.
  • Spruce Knob
  • Thunder Mountain power plant: Primary source of power for the Brotherhood forces in Appalachia, seized from the Free States. It was the last location to fall to the Scorched.
  • Watoga


Like its parent organization in New California, the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel was the most advanced faction in Appalachia, especially after the Enclave under Thomas Eckhart went extinct. It used standardized weapons and uniform, and most importantly, had access to a large number of T-51 power armor suits that were standard issue to ranking knights, after completing their training at Camp Venture under Senior Knight Ted Wilson.[33] The Brotherhood used many conventional weapons such as the minigun, missile launcher, and even custom-modified hunting rifles. However, they also had access to highly advanced pre-War weaponry, such as the Fat Man, Gatling laser and laser gun. With the help of ultracite, they even modified some of their laser weapons to do improved damage against creatures infected with the Scorched Plague. The Brotherhood also made use of several surviving vertibirds to police the Cranberry Bog against the scorchbeasts,[34] and utilized numerous automated surface to air missiles to combat the Scorched both in the air and on the ground. Augmenting their firepower was a broad array of research and recon tools provided by Lost Hills and Scribe Hailey Takano, including an Automated Research Program for analyzing scorchbeast DNA for weaknesses,[35] sonic scanning module for tracking down the echolocating monsters using their unique frequencies (which provided the intel necessary for Operation Touchdown),[36] and even tentative designs for a modified T-51 power armor utilizing ultracite to enhance its combat performance.[37]

Interactions with the player character

  • The Brotherhood of Steel is the last faction to be introduced in the course of the main quest, as the main goal of the struggle becomes clear: The destruction of the scorchbeasts. The locations are primarily focused on fighting off the Scorched and scorchbeasts, reflected by the Brotherhood event quests.
  • There are two vendors for the Brotherhood, Vendor bot Phoenix (Watoga Shopping Plaza) and the Brotherhood vendor (The Whitespring Resort).


The Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel appears in Fallout 76 and was expanded upon in the Wild Appalachia, One Wasteland For All and Steel Dawn updates.

Behind the scenes

They're such an interesting group. At parts, noble. At parts, just completely introverted and not caring... and just trying to imagine how you go from the principled letters you see from Roger Maxson as he's basically seceding from the union to the Brotherhood of Steel-that is a journey. To me, it was fun to be able to at least put some-a little bit of breadcrumbs to where you can see like OK, this is how they went from here to there.Ferret Baudoin, CHAD

A large amount of the Appalachian Brotherhood's story was written by Ferret Baudoin. To Baudoin, writing for the Brotherhood in Fallout 76 was an opportunity to explore "some things that haven't been explored before that make sense," including Roger Maxson, whom he had always seen as an intriguing figure.[Non-game 2]

Ferret addressed some of the early criticisms claiming that the Brotherhood of Steel's presence in Appalachia was a retcon, explaining that the Brotherhood of Steel has always had a deeper history than the glimpses seen in the Fallout series show. Indeed, the Brotherhood's understanding of its own history and origin in the future timeline have been muddled and misinterpreted over time. Having worked on the Brotherhood of Steel for the unreleased Van Buren by Black Isle Studios, Ferret is intimately familiar with the deeper lore behind the Brotherhood as a faction, having worked directly with the designers of the original Fallout titles.[Non-game 3][Non-game 4] He went on to explain that he enjoyed the opportunity to tell the story of the evolution of the faction from everyday soldiers to zealots.[Non-game 5]



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