本文介紹的是the weapon that appears in Fallout 3. 關於appearances in other games,參見lead pipe


The lead pipe is a melee weapon in Fallout 3.


One of the ends has tape wrapped around it to improve grip, while the other is heavily corroded and/or bloodstained, and topped with a pipe fitting. Though it has a short reach, it has decent damage and a fast swing.


The lead pipe can successfully strike about 667 times from full condition before breaking.


  • Lead pipes can be found on random raiders and wastelanders.
  • They can found in some metro stations, like Warrington trainyard.
  • Broken Steel A nice stash of 17, which are grouped in a single collectible item in perfect conditions, can be found in the mobile base crawler's storage room, close to one of the middle deck access hatches to the entrance bay.
  • Broken Steel A large amount of fully repaired lead pipes can be found in the Jefferson Memorial in Bigsley's office.
  • Broken Steel One can be obtained off Split Jack, if you convince him you are a 'new recruit'.
  • More can be found on the Garys in Vault 108 and the insane survivor in Vault 106.