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Fallout 3 locations project
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The slider on the upper level, containing the loot.



If you do not get the full show and you have Autosave on, try reloading the Autosave where you came in the front door. This has been seen to set off the chain reaction, for unknown reasons. (see Bugs)

Activating the slide manually

You do not have to activate the machine to access the slide and its goodies. In fact you can get in to the second level of the grocery store in 3 simple steps. 1) stack FOUR milk crates, in any formation, on to the three broken refrigerators that are by the counter. It doesn't matter how you organize them up there yet, just put them there for step 3. 2) Jump up on the edge of the counter and position yourself so that you are facing the hole in the ceiling that is directly between the counters edge and the three broken refrigerators that have your crates on them. 3) Now jump from the counter to the top edge of the three broken refrigerators and simply stack all four crates on the corner of the left fridge so that they stack up to the hole in the ceiling. You should now be able to jump up on the crates and access the top floor. There are invisible walls around the slide that will keep you from walking directly up to it but you can throw a grenade under it and watch its contents spill out to the floor below.

If you do not ignite the gas in the room, your grenade will ignite it and you'll take a little fire damage. This method should only be used if you're either curious about getting up to the top floor or if the initial triggering of the machine failed to yield your skill books or all the rockets. Sometimes they'll get stuck on the bottom of the slide and require a little push from an explosive.


  • 如果玩家有身轻如燕技能,他/她将无法通过踩踏来触发第一压力板。你仍然可以通过丢一个东西,或者激活从动步骤来激活整个装置。也可以通过射击悬浮的笔记本来激活。
  • 退出屋子常会刷出的3名鹰爪公司雇佣兵或者赏金猎人(取决于道德值)。
  • The loot is in the diagonally opposite corner from the generator.
  • .There is a poster advertising the Mister Handy robot behind the blocked-off door that can only be seen via no-clip.
  • 玩家可以解除陷阱并点燃气体或用任何枪支射击后面的发电机来释放物品。
  • 只有泄漏的气体被点燃后物品才会刷出来。



  • 尼古拉·特斯拉与你
  • 今日之锁
  • 三枚导弹
  • 一个迷你核弹
  • 几盒甜麥炮彈,在“多米诺盒子”那一排。


  • 偶尔,当你触发机关,泄漏的燃气爆炸不会到达设备末端,导致尸体和物品掉不下来。
  • 向角落投掷碎片手榴弹可以把物品炸出来。
  • 有时候盒子不会顺利地倒下。可以通过拿起一样东西拖放上述第二压力板上或站在第二压力板上使装置继续动作。

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