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The Revere satellite array is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The array is a set of 4 large dish receivers, similar to those found in the Capital Wasteland, but half as high and without any internal rooms. Various makeshift scrap and wooden structures have been built onto the receiver walkways by the super mutant inhabitants. The southwestern dish cannot be accessed, as the walkway has crumbled.


  • 法利斯學士的全像卡帶,在失蹤的偵查隊任務途中取得。
  • 美國機密行動手冊第九期:In the shanty hut atop the central satellite support (without the dish). It's on a table with a lamp next to it.
  • 一個胖子發射器超級變種人腿部裝甲、a steamer trunk和一座空的動力裝甲骨架可以在東北方的衛星碟盤最高點找到。
    • The power armor frame will not spawn with any armor pieces or a fusion core, and as such is immune to the "Cell Reset" bug which can cause the permanent loss of mounted armor pieces on unattended power armor.
    • This is the only empty power armor frame which does not have to be purchased or stolen.
  • 超級變種人chains可以在西南方的衛星碟盤找到。
  • Slightly north and west of the northern fenceline, just beyond the water and along the road, a destroyed military convoy can be found (unmarked location - Railroad Checkpoint). In the truck is a power armor frame with a fully charged fusion core and leveled random armor pieces. You can also find ammo boxes with random ammunition.
  • 一顆迷你核彈可以在倒塌的衛星碟盤積水區中找到,必須要潛進去才能看到。



  • The name of the Revere satellite array is dedicated to Paul Revere.


The Revere satellite array only appears in Fallout 4.