County crossing is a location and settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


There is a ruined house without a roof, a small shack with two mattresses, a workshop and two unnamed settlers growing 15 bushels of mutfruit. In the northeast corner of the settlement is a small pond of water that can be used to build water purifiers.

The settlement is adjacent to two other locations; the nuclear power station on its western border and the National Guard training yard to the northeast. A super mutant base is also nearby, within the Revere satellite array.

Doc Weathers will travel here even without a trading post, as soon as the settlement is under player character control.


  • The unmarked nuclear power plant to the southwest is irradiated, reaching up to +56 rads at the base of each containment sphere. A flamer is on the ground between the spheres next to a toolbox, guarded by a pair of leveled bloodbugs. A wooden crate with minor items is inside the fenced-in power transformer area.
  • The nuclear power station located across the road from the settlement doesn't feed into the Boston power grid. The wires continue to run roughly northwest, passing through Abernathy farm, before going off the map entirely.


County crossing only appears in Fallout 4.


  • Icon pc Icon ps4 If a caravan is accidentally attacked (i.e. Doc Weathers), the caravan guards will attack the Sole Survivor and once killed will permanently remain at the settlement along with the brahmin. [已核实]


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