The Vault-Tec Regional HQ is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


First floor

Reception area with blocked stairs and an elevator to the right of the entrance. A few small rooms down a hall to the north with minor loot including a lunchbox. There is a collapsed floor in a kitchen leading up to the second floor.

Second floor

Entry is on the north end with a pair of small offices. On the east side of the floor is a small theater room and Dr. Reid's office where one can see a bit of info about Vault-Tec's operations. On the south side is a bullpen-style office and stairs leading up.

Third floor

On the east side is a conference room. The middle of the floor is a game room with a pool table. The north has a large office with a terminal and an Advanced locked safe.


The basement consists of a large warehouse areas with a Novice locked terminal and an Expert locked back door.

Notable loot

  • Mini nuke - In the toilet in the basement inside the closet.
  • Three Vault-Tec lunchboxes - One on the third floor on a desk in the back office, one on the first floor in the kitchenette and one on a shelf in the basement.
  • Fusion core - On the roof of a building west of Vault-Tec Regional HQ. Can be accessed by climbing construction scaffolding and a fire escape (with one jump up from a skylight) on the building northwest of Vault-Tec Regional HQ's front entrance, then jumping down to the building northeast of the entrance.


  • 地下室裡仓库货物后面的一个隐蔽处藏著一個骷髏,貌似為沙伦,旁边还有只圆珠笔。(法兰克·戴维森经理在終端機提到如果沙伦再将咖啡泼在他身上,他會用笔插进她的喉咙), 而暗恋沙伦的华特當時连续好几天没有看见心上人,一直担心她。
  • On the third floor in the pool table room is a plastic pumpkin. Despite the fact that terminal entries indicate most of the former occupants of this office building seemed unaware of or shocked by the true nature of their employer, some rat poison can be found inside this pumpkin. It is—probably not coincidentally—located near the office of one Mr. Frank Davidson.
  • Terminal notes talk about shipping jet to Vault 95, which was invented between Fallout and Fallout 2, by one of the potential companions in 2, Myron.


The Vault-Tec Regional HQ only appears in Fallout 4.