Fallout 3

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首都廢土可以找到20個搖頭娃娃。一旦得到了搖頭娃娃,你可以將它們存放在你在兆噸鎮的房屋或你的十便士大樓套房中的搖頭娃娃收集者展台上面。Typically, bobbleheads acquired through console commands cannot be put on the bobblehead stand, and do not count towards any of the bobblehead-related achievements. However, bobbleheads created via player.placeatme console command could be picked with a related achievement and could be put on a bobblehead stand. Bobbleheads from TestQAItems cannot be put on a bobblehead stand.


Two of the Fallout 3 achievements and trophies involve collecting Vault Boy bobbleheads. The first achievement or trophy is named Yes, I Play with Dolls and is awarded for collecting 10 of them, players then earn the second achievement/trophy called Vault-Tec C.E.O. for finding all 20 of them.

Bobbleheads, as indicated below with an asterisk (*), can become unobtainable. Please refer to the respective articles for detailed information. Individual pages include a video for location.


名稱 位置 Base ID
搖頭娃娃—力量 * 兆噸鎮 - 盧卡斯·西姆斯宅邸。在二樓卧室的書桌上(上樓後在你左邊的那一間卧室)。他的房子是在你進入兆噸鎮之後馬上向右轉的地方。一定要在你炸掉兆噸鎮之前拿到,否則它就永遠地消失了! 00038832
搖頭娃娃—感知 戴夫共和國 - 在戴夫博物館房間右側的一個書架上。 00038833
搖頭娃娃—耐力 死亡爪聖壇 - 死亡爪聖壇入口,腐爛的雙頭牛屍體旁邊的一個小檯子上。 00038834
搖頭娃娃—魅力 108號避難所 - 克隆實驗室,一個有四張床和一本Lying, Congressional Style的房間的一張桌子上。 00038850
搖頭娃娃—智力 鉚釘城 - 科學實驗室下層,在實驗室中間的一張桌子上。科學實驗室可經由中層甲板或上層甲板到達。 0003885C
搖頭娃娃—敏捷 綠草垃圾掩埋場 - 辦公室。 000388E5
搖頭娃娃—運氣 阿靈頓墓地北 - 墓地中部附近的一座小山上的阿靈頓之屋。娃娃在地下室的一個架子上。 000388E6


名稱 位置 Base ID
搖頭娃娃—交易 常青寨 - 集市 - 在一個黑暗的洞穴隱蔽處,微笑傑克右邊的房間的角落裡。跳過工作台,娃娃在最右邊的架子上。 000388F3
搖頭娃娃—大型槍械 康斯坦丁要塞 - CO Quarters(小的單層平房)的地下室中。位於一個沒上鎖的保險柜里,這保險柜中還有一些瓶蓋和ICBM的發射密碼。 00038906
搖頭娃娃—能量武器 * 渡鴉岩 - 在秋上校卧室右邊的桌子上。當你穿過從2B區通向2C區的大門,看到2個英克雷士兵從右邊的門裡出來的時候,進入左邊的門。記得要在你離開英克雷基地之前拿到,因為在這之後你就回不來了。 0003892F
搖頭娃娃—爆破 WKML廣播站 - 封閉蓄水池,廣播站後面的下水道(由探孔進入)。娃娃在石頭縫裡(見下面的圖片)。 00038930
搖頭娃娃—開鎖 貝塞斯達廢墟 - 貝塞斯達辦公室東,跟一個亮著的燈一起放在一張桌子上。 00038931
搖頭娃娃—醫療 * 101號避難所 - 老爸的醫生辦公桌上。可以在你去接受G.O.A.T.的時候拿到,也可以在從避難所逃走的過程中拿到,或者在你短暫的返回101號避難所(可選)的時候拿到。如果你決定在這個時候去拿,娃娃會在你與阿瑪妲聊天的診所裡面。 00038950
搖頭娃娃—近戰武器 Dunwich Building: Go through the Dunwich Building, go through the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins and go to the virulent underchambers (where one can also destroy the Krivbeknih, at the Ug-Qualtoth.) Upon exiting the virulent underchambers to the Dunwich Building, it will be in the center of a room, right next to the exit to Dunwich Building mixed in with some cans and bottles (metallic room). 00038951
搖頭娃娃—修理 * 斷橋鎮 - 伊萬·金的房子里(需要開鎖技能50,不會降低道德)。進門之後往左看,就在白色的桌子上。 00038952
搖頭娃娃—科學 106號避難所 - 生活區,最東邊的房間里的一個架子上。當你從避難所入口進入到生活區(最上層),穿過最遠端的門向東走,經過一段走廊即到。 00038953
搖頭娃娃—小型槍械 國民衛隊警備處 - 國民衛隊武器庫,地下部分密閉儲藏室的一個架子上。通向武器庫的門必須要在通過警備處訓練所和辦公室之後到達警備處的3樓,找到開關才能夠打開。 00038954
搖頭娃娃—潛行 妖怪隧道 - 妖怪巢穴,大池塘北邊的一個金屬箱上面。 00038955
搖頭娃娃—口才 Paradise Falls: Eulogy's Pad, on the table right next to the terminal. 00038956
搖頭娃娃一近戰 Rockopolis: An unmarked location due west of Smith Casey's Garage and due north of Girdershade. The entrance (a large boulder) is below a party banner that is lit up at night. The bobblehead is next to Argyle's body. 00038958

Point Lookout

In the Point Lookout add-on, several "fake" Bobbleheads appear (called Schmault-Tec Bubbleheads) during a hallucination sequence as part of the main questline (after you get sprayed with the Punga Fume). These bobbleheads cannot be added to inventory but give the player sarcastic messages. For instance, when finding the Luck Bobblehead, it says, "Dead mother, life in a post-nuclear Wasteland and not a friend in it. Yeah, you aren't exactly blessed," When finding the Charisma Bobblehead, you see birthday balloons, and a skeleton on a table; then when you look at the skeleton it says "Mom."

Fallout 4

As in Fallout 3, each bobblehead increases a corresponding S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat permanently by one, and can be stored on a Bobblehead stand crafted at any settlement, or on the one in a room in Vault 81. Bobbleheads that previously increased a skill now grant a permanent unique perk. Refer to the respective articles for more detailed information.

Taking a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bobblehead while the player character's stat is at 10 allows that stat to increase to 11. As the Bobblehead counts as a stat gain, if one was below 10 before picking it up, they can't level that stat to above ten via normal methods.


Name Location Location description Base ID
Strength bobblehead Mass Fusion building On the metal wall sculpture high above the lobby desk. 00178B63
Perception bobblehead Museum of Freedom On a desk next to a broken terminal in the back of the room where the player character first meets Preston Garvey 00178B5D
Endurance bobblehead Poseidon Energy On the metal desk with a magazine, near steamer trunk, central metal catwalk. 00178B55
Charisma bobblehead Parsons State Insane Asylum On Jack Cabot's office desk, close to elevator, administration area. 00178B54
Intelligence bobblehead Boston Public Library On the computer bank, mechanical room, northwest corner of the library. 00178B58
Agility bobblehead Wreck of the FMS Northern Star On the edge of the bow of the ship, wooden platform. 00178B51
Luck bobblehead Spectacle Island In the 2nd deck pilot house of a green tugboat located at the southern end of Spectacle Island, on a locker shelf near the steamer trunk. 00178B5A


Name Effect Location Location description Base ID
Barter bobblehead +5% Better prices Longneck Lukowski's Cannery Inside the metal catwalk hut, northwest upper area of the main cannery room. 00178B52
Lock picking bobblehead Easier lockpicking Pickman Gallery Last tunnel chamber where one can see Pickman; On the ground between brick pillars and a bin fireplace. 00178B59
Medicine bobblehead +10% Stimpak healing Vault 81 In Curie's office, southeast corner of the vault. 00178B5B
Repair bobblehead +10% Fusion core duration Corvega assembly plant On the very end of the top exterior gantry (blue balloon), southwest roof section of the plant building. 00178B5E
Science bobblehead +1 Guess hacking Malden Middle School (Vault 75) On the desk overlooking the subterranean "training" area, within the science labs. 00178B5F
Sneak bobblehead +10% Harder to detect Dunwich Borers On a small metal table by a lantern, right next to the metal post terminal area #4. 00178B61
Speech bobblehead +100 Vendor caps Park Street station (Vault 114) In the overseer's office. 00178B62


Name Effect Location Location description Base ID
Big guns bobblehead +25% Critical damage with heavy weapons Vault 95 In the living quarters area, northmost room, on a radio. 00178B53
Energy weapons bobblehead +25% Critical damage with energy weapons Fort Hagen In the command center, southwest kitchens, on a small table between two fridges. (Accessible only during/after the main quest Reunions) 00178B56
Explosives bobblehead +15% explosive damage Saugus Ironworks In the blast furnace on the second level catwalk behind Slag's spawn and next to a steamer trunk. 00178B57
Melee bobblehead +25% Critical damage with melee weapons Trinity Tower On a table in the cage where Rex Goodman and Strong are being held. 00178B5C
Small guns bobblehead +25% Critical damage with ballistic guns Gunners plaza On the broadcast desk in the on-air room, first floor, west side of the building. 00178B60
Unarmed bobblehead +25% Critical damage with unarmed attacks Atom Cats garage On the hood of the rusty car in the main warehouse. 00178B64

Fallout 76

Unlike other Fallout games, the bobbleheads in Fallout 76 are consumables that provide temporary effects lasting one real-world hour. There are fixed locations for a bobblehead to spawn, although the one that does is randomized.


Name Effect Base ID
Bobblehead: Strength When used, gain +2 Strength for 1 hour. 0042FEE6
Bobblehead: Perception When used, gain +2 Perception for 1 hour. 0042FEDC
Bobblehead: Endurance When used, gain +2 Endurance for 1 hour. 004FE4EE
Bobblehead: Charisma When used, gain +2 Charisma for 1 hour. 004FE4EC
Bobblehead: Intelligence When used, gain +2 Intelligence for 1 hour. 004FE4F4
Bobblehead: Agility When used, gain +2 Agility for 1 hour. 004FE4E3
Bobblehead: Luck When used, gain +2 Luck for 1 hour. 0042FED6


Name Effect Base ID
Bobblehead: Caps Twice as likely to find better cap stashes for 1 hour. 004FE4EA
Bobblehead: Leader When used, gain 5% more experience for 1 hour. 0042FED2
Bobblehead: Lock Picking When used, it increases the lockpicking "sweet spot" by 30% for 1 hour. 0042FED4
Bobblehead: Medicine When used, it increases stimpak healing by 30% for one hour. 0042FED8
Bobblehead: Repair When used, fusion cores last 30% longer for 1 hour 0042FEDE
Bobblehead: Science +1 guess when hacking a terminal for 1 hour. 0042FEE0
Bobblehead: Sneak When used, 30% harder to detect while sneaking for 1 hour. 0042FEE4


Name Effect Base ID
Bobblehead: Big Guns +20% damage with heavy guns for 1 hour. 004FE4E8
Bobblehead: Energy Weapons +20% damage with energy guns for 1 hour. 004FE4F0
Bobblehead: Explosive +30% damage with explosives for 1 hour. 004FE4F2
Bobblehead: Melee +10% more damage with melee weapons for 1 hour. 0042FEDA
Bobblehead: Small Guns +20% more damage with ballistic guns for 1 hour. 0042FEE2
Bobblehead: Unarmed +25% more damage with unarmed attacks for 1 hour. 0042FEE8


Bobbleheads in Fallout 76 no longer spawn at a set location each time. Instead, they are randomized across a set number of locations. Bobbleheads are susceptible to physics, so they may fall off of platforms and may not be in the exact location.

Location Location description
98 NAR Regional Inside an overturned train car on the west side of the tracks which can be entered from the bottom.
AMS testing site Between the two fusion generators behind the building containing the power armor stations.
Appalachian Antiques
  1. Behind a bedpost on the second floor.
  2. On the eastern edge of the roof, outside the room with the Brotherhood corpse.
Autumn Acre cabin On the desk next to a coffee cup.
AVR Medical Center
  1. On a lamp hanging from the ceiling, with a skeleton on it.
  2. On a desk on the top floor, in the south-east corner.
Bastion Park
  1. On the floor of the school bus.
  2. On a park bench next to two skeletons.
Belching Betty In a storage room above the emergency beacon, on a metal shelf.
Big B's Rest Stop Under the bed on the roof of the rest stop building.
Black Bear lodge The basement, in the furthest room from the stairs.
Blackwater Mine On top of the entrance building to the mine.
Bolton Greens Top floor, on an end table in the bedroom.
Camden Park
  1. Beside a skeleton in a train car near the Camden Park Express.
  2. In the shack at the top of the Widow Maker's first rise, above the crashed cars.
  3. On a filing cabinet in the employee shed.
  4. On a barrel in the raider encampment.
Camp Venture
  1. Next to the weapon repair bench in the locked armory, northeast building.
  2. On the roof of the building containing the locked armory.
Clancy Manor On the roof of the house.
The Crosshair
  1. On the stacked crates next to the armor workbench.
  2. On a metal cage next to a cooler, near the power armor chassis.
Darling sister's lab On the roof of the trailer, next to the gramophone.
Dolly Sods wilderness
  1. Below the cash register in the gift shop.
  2. In the room with the bunk beds on the first floor of the residential building.
Drop site V9 On the counter behind the security gate inside the building.
Dyer Chemical In the corner to the left of the Chemistry Station.
Emmett Mountain disposal site In a sink by the showers near the entrance to the interior. Behind three barrels in the eastern shed.
Flooded trainyard On the desk in the control tower.
Fujiniya Intelligence Base
  1. On a shelf in the bunk room.
  2. In a cubicle on the lowest floor
Greg's Mine Supply On the second floor of the mine supply, on a desk to the left of Greg's terminal.
Horizon's Rest In the airliner's cockpit.
Huntersville The hardware store, on a floorboard sticking out of the second level.
Johnson's Acre
  1. In the hole of the outhouse.
  2. Behind the wooden fence, on top of the highest plateau with the iron works.
Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant In the blue maintenance hut. In the upstairs Snackability R&D laboratory. In a locker room between the two largest chambers.
Landview Lighthouse In the window on the level just below the top of the lighthouse.
Lost home In a blue box on the roof where the two deck chairs are
Marigold Pavilion On the second floor, sitting on a floorboard sticking up.
Middle Mountain Cabins On the desk next to the Pioneer Scout terminal in the southern cabin.
Monongah On a shelf behind a locked door leading to a supply shed attached to one of the houses.
Morgantown Airport In one of the quarantine tents sitting next to a med kit.
Morgantown trainyard In the control tower, on the terminal.
NAR repair yard In the control tower.
National Isolated Radio Array In the southeastern building, on a console.
National Radio Astronomy Research Center In the basement on a tool chest.
Pleasant Valley Ski Resort On a table on a balcony (on the level above Vendor bot Resin).
Portside Pub On the roof.
Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 On the roof of the plant at the end of the highest scaffolding.
R&G Processing Services On a cabinet shelf near a terminal, in an outdoor shed inside the fenced area.
Ranger lookout On the desk.
Ranger district office On the filing cabinet in Ranger Simon's office on the northwestern side of the building.
Relay tower HN-B1-12 On a shelf inside of the building.
Relay tower LW-B1-27 Inside a locker.
Ripper Alley On a ledge at the back of the alley, near several bones and candles.
Sal's Grinders On a desk next to Sal's personal terminal.
Seneca Gang camp On an end table near a steamer trunk.
Silva homestead In the Arktos Pharma testing barn, on a workbench.
South Cutthroat camp Next to a couch inside a repurposed car chassis.
Southhampton Estate
  1. On a table on the second floor of the barn.
  2. Under the bed on the second floor of the house.
Spruce Knob On a rock adjacent to the western observation area.
Summersville Docks
  1. On a ledge in a small building on the northern side of the docks.
  2. On a shelf in a building with a cooking stove and racks of fish.
Sunnytop Ski Lanes
  1. Under the counter at the store on the lowest floor.
  2. On a metal cage accessed by going out of the window in room 6.
Sutton Behind two barrels on the roof of the liquor store.
Sylvie & Sons logging camp On a crate inside the tent with the gramophone.
The Rusty Pick At the end of the tunnels beneath the building, behind a barrel near an industrial trunk.
Thunder Mountain power plant On a console at the bottom of the reactor level, facing northeast.
Top of the World Second mezzanine level, on a shelf in the makeshift clothing shop opposite of the elevator.
Torrance House On the eastern edge of the roof, near two skeletons embracing.
  1. Among some bowling pins, a few levels up.
  2. About four levels up, next to a bird decoration on an end table beside a large toolbox and sleeping bag (one level below a cooking station).
  3. On a desk next to a tea kettle and coffee cup, one level above a cooking station.
Tyler County fairgrounds
  1. In the room with three Hoop Shots, on a token dispenser.
  2. Sitting on a crate inside the "Tyler County Scare" building near the front.
  3. In the Nuka-Cola stand that is shaped like a bottle.
Uncanny Caverns
  1. In a vending machine in the caverns, next to the Uncanny Caverns sign.
  2. In the Halfling Hole tour section (near Audio Tour Station 6).
  3. On a ledge at the back of the Dead End tour section (near Audio Tour Station 8).
US-13C Bivouac In the back of the center tent, next to the back pathway.
Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
  1. Inside a refrigerator in the indoor garden area.
  2. On a desk in the last room in the basement.
  3. In the men's restroom on the 1st floor
Watoga Emergency Services In the surgical suite with two dead Brotherhood members, third floor.
Watoga Municipal Center By a locked terminal in a second floor office.
Watoga Transit Hub
  1. On the front services desk.
  2. On the desk in the back office, across from the fusion core generator.
Wavy Willard's Water Park
  1. At the top of the alligator ride, inside the mouth and on a table.
  2. In a locker in the changing rooms.
  3. Located in the basement maintenance area across from a fusion generator on top of a tool box.
  4. Located in the maintenance garage.
Wendigo cave Halfway through the cave to the left, in an alcove near a skeleton handcuffed to a pole and a chair.
West Tek research center In the locked room near the entrance to the FEV tank storage area. (Keycard required for access,)
Widow's Perch On the top of the billboard to the right after crossing the foot bridge.
WV Lumber Co. In the northernmost shed, behind a toppled file cabinet with a first aid box on top.


  • 如果你取得了動物之友特技,那麼輻射3中妖怪隧道中的搖頭娃娃—潛行將可以安全地取得。
  • 輻射3中強壯、能量武器和醫療的搖頭娃娃都是有可能無法取得的,也就是說你只能利用特定的機會取走它們。如果你選擇炸掉兆噸鎮,你需要在此之前取走搖頭娃娃—強壯。你只有一次進入Raven Rock第二層的機會,所以你需要在離開這一區域之前拿到搖頭娃娃—能量武器。另外,儘管你有數次可以取走搖頭娃娃—醫療的機會,但如果你完成了"Trouble on the Home Front"任務並且離開了避難所,你將永遠不能再取得它了。
  • 搖頭娃娃—開鎖是唯一一個並不會「搖頭」的搖頭娃娃。據猜測這是由於它的前主人把其中的彈簧拆下來用於開鎖了。


The bobbleheads were also used as a Fallout 3 promotional item by Bethesda Softworks and are included in the Collector's Edition of the game. They are identical to the ones in-game, but have arms crossed in front.

See: Fallout 3 promotional items.


YouTube Videos

  • Video guides for obtaining all twenty Bobbleheads