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Vault jumpsuits are clothing articles in Fallout: New Vegas, some of which are armored.



一旦避难所启动,所有进入避难所的居民都要尽快换上连身衣。[3] 然而,延迟也可能发生:由于避难所连身衣除了背面大号的避难所编号外,还设计了生物识别系统,扫描结果的差异会延迟连身衣的发放。[4] 为了容纳大量涌入的人群,避难所准备了一批连身衣,用真空密封的包装提前发货,每箱十件。[5] 用现有库存更换破旧或损坏的连身衣,然后用安装在每个避难所的连身衣挤出机制造 (作为避难所实验的一部分,虽然部分设计失败了)。[6] 避难所科技公司还为英克雷提供设计,用于其民用设施,如总统油井平台[7]

不管哪一代,连身衣都被证明是一种坚固耐用的装备,而且很容易搭配。 避难所居住者通常会根据他们的工作情况,把它与各种设备搭配在一起:用于科研设备的耐用实验服,[8]用于维护工作的简化版,[9]以及用于安全人员的防弹衣和防护头盔。[10][11] 冒险进入废土的居民通常用各种简易护甲或改进衬里来加强他们的连身衣。[12][13]


This piece of apparel was the required clothing for every Vault and comprises a light blue jumpsuit with a yellow line around the front of the neck and down the front. It does not have a Damage Threshold, but provides a bonus of +2 to Speech and Melee Weapons and can be repaired with any other Vault jumpsuits.

Numbered jumpsuits

Vault 3 jumpsuit

FNV Vault 3 jumpsuit example.jpg

These Vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 3 before their deaths at the hands of the Fiends.

  • Vault 3, in the dressers of the old living quarters.
  • Vault 21, in the locked dresser in Sarah's room (the one next to the rentable room).
  • Can be bought from Sarah Weintraub in Vault 21.
  • Four can be bought from Mick at Mick & Ralph's in Freeside.
  • Four can be stolen from the dressers on the second floor of Mick & Ralph's.

Vault 11 jumpsuit

FNV Vault 11 jumpsuit example.jpg

These Vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 11 before a revolt broke out over the annual election of the overseer.

  • Vault 11, in the dressers of the old living quarters.

Vault 19 jumpsuit

FNV Vault 19 jumpsuit example.jpg

These Vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 19 before they left due to a combination of the sulfur in the caves below the Vault and their existing paranoia.

  • Vault 19, in the dressers of both levels of the Red and Blue living quarters.

Vault 21 jumpsuit

FNV Vault 21 jumpsuit example.jpg

These Vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 21 before they were forced out of their Vault by Mr. House. They cannot be used to repair other Vault jumpsuits apart from others from Vault 21.


Vault 22 jumpsuit

FNV Vault 22 jumpsuit example.jpg

These Vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 22 before they were killed due to mutations caused by deadly spores created during the Vault's experiment.

  • Vault 22, in the dressers of the fourth floor living quarters in the common areas.
  • Vault 21, in the locked dresser, inside Sarah Weintraub's room.
  • Can also be bought from Sarah Weintraub.
  • Honest Hearts Can be looted off of Ricky after he has been killed.
  • Honest Hearts Six are located at the Vault 22 dwellers' guard camp in Zion Canyon in the duffle bags and crates.

Vault 24 jumpsuit

FNV Vault 24 jumpsuit example cut content.jpg

Cut content These Vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 24. They were cut from the game along with Vault 24.

  • Cut content Jumpsuits of this kind do not appear anywhere in Fallout: New Vegas and can only be obtained through the use of console commands.

Vault 34 jumpsuit

FNV Vault 34 jumpsuit example.jpg

These Vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 34, most of which died or were ghoulified due to radiation poisoning following a reactor malfunction. A small number of residents survived and can be rescued. These survivors, including Horowitz, wear Vault 34 jumpsuits. Boomer apparel, including the Boomer jumpsuit and Boomer flightsuit, are derived from Vault 34 jumpsuits.

  • Vault 34, in the dressers and lockers of the living quarters.
  • Randomly on feral ghouls in Vault 34.
  • Worn by Horowitz and three other Vault dwellers in Aerotech Office Park if one chooses to rescue the survivors.


  • Armored Vault 13 jumpsuit - A light armor variant that can be repaired using combat armor and reinforced combat armor.
  • Vault 3 utility jumpsuit - A variant worn by utility workers at Vault 3, provides a bonus of +5 to both Lockpick and Repair.
  • Vault 34 security armor - All of the ghoulified Vault 34 security officers will have this armor equipped, but they cannot be removed by the player character, as it does not appear in their inventory.
  • Vault lab uniform - Combines the Vault jumpsuit with a traditional white lab coat.
  • Cut content Armored Vault 21 jumpsuit - Modified to add additional protection in certain key spots on the suit to help brave the wastes outside of the Vault.


  • The Vault Boy in Fallout: New Vegas wears a Vault 21 jumpsuit. This is similar to how he wore a Vault 101 jumpsuit in Fallout 3.
  • Most Vault jumpsuits can be used to repair other Vault jumpsuits, however, they are not universally compatible. If one has the Jury Rigging perk, these can be used in repairing light armor.
  • Fallout: New Vegas also includes all varieties of Vault jumpsuits from Fallout 3. The jumpsuits use the same formid as in Fallout 3, but cannot be obtained in-game without the use of console commands.
  • On the Vault 3 jumpsuit, the number 3 on the collar appears mirrored. The Vault 3 utility jumpsuit also appears this way.
  • On the Vault 34 jumpsuit, the number 34 on the collar is upside down.
  • The Boomers wear a modified version of the Vault 34 jumpsuit, with an airman's coat worn over it and the number 34 stitched on the back of the jacket. Despite this, the number 34 is not present on the collars of Boomer outfits.
  • The Vault 11 jumpsuit provides a DR of 1, unlike the other Vault jumpsuits that do not have either DT or DR.
  • The Vault 24 jumpsuit is mentioned in the list of clothing in the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide but is not seen anywhere else in the book.
  • If the Courier is a male, Doc Mitchell says that the Vault 21 jumpsuit belongs to him, but if the Courier is a female, he says that the jumpsuit belonged to his wife.
  • Vault 21 and Vault 24 jumpsuits cannot be sold to Sarah Weintraub as part of the unmarked quest Suits You, Sarah.



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