The Dartmouth Professional Building is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The Dartmouth Professional Building is a high-rise building, easily recognizable by the collapsed building leaning against it. Its interior consists solely of a small ground-floor lobby containing a reception desk and a non-functioning elevator which has been blocked by debris. The lobby also contains a Port-A-Diner, two sleeping bags, six glowing fungus plants, and an assortment of minor loot.

A piece of chalk on the desk appears to have been used to draw a chalk line on the floor nearby, seeming to separate the room into two sections. There is a male body on one side with a coolant bottle and a female body on the other side with rat poison. From the layout one can infer that the couple hid out in this room together, perhaps initially getting along fine, but over time disagreements caused them to split the room and their food, and they eventually both committed suicide.


The exterior of the building is a random encounter location where two opposing factions often fight to contest control of the building.


The Dartmouth Professional Building appears only in Fallout 4.