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  • Big Empty - Colloquial term used by wastelanders to refer to the Big Mountain Research and Development Center[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] and loathed by the Think Tank of Big MT.[9][10][11][12][13][14]
  • Brain-eaters - Derogatory terms for ghouls.
  • Great War - The name given to the nuclear war of October 23, 2077.
  • Highwaymen - One who robs on the public road, or lurks in the highway for the purpose of robbing, such as a raider or bandit.
  • Humanoid - Having human form or characteristics.[Non-game 1] Usually used to refer to mutants.[15][16][17]
  • Jetting, Jetted - Euphemisms for being high on Jet.[18][19]
  • Lurk - Mirelurk, Nukalurk, swamplurk, lakelurk.
  • Mutie - Slang term for a mutant, usually used in a derogatory fashion.[20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43]
  • Mule, a hybrid, a beast of burden. The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.
  • Normal(s), normies, norms - These terms are used to describe someone who is or perceived to be non-mutated.
  • Pure-strain - Genetically pure[44] humans untainted and/or untouched by radiation, used by the Unity and the Children of the Cathedral. Used synonymously with normal. First coined by the Master, the Master and the Enclave's personal viewpoint and ideology on the post-War state of humanity and their genetics.[45]
  • Prime, Prime normal - A combination of two concepts: 1) "Prime" - by definition: of first importance; main. of the best possible quality; excellent. 2) "Normal" - which is a slang term for human; not, or not perceived to be, mutated (especially/specifically by radiation). Therefore, sub terms like "prime human" are pleonasms and synonyms. Its usage is isolated to the Unity and Children of the Cathedral. First coined by Lou Tenant, this terminology is based around the theory that many humans are affected by F.E.V. to a lesser extent, due to being immunized by an airborne strain of F.E.V. created by the nuclear obliteration of the pre-War location known as the West Tek research facility.[46]
  • Old World - The world before the Great War.[47][48]
  • Prospector - A person seeking resources for mining. Also a polite way of referring to a scavenger.[49][50][51][52][53]
  • Raider(s) - A person who raids settlements, often for selfish gain.
  • Savage - Wild, uncultivated, lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings. Used by those who consider themselves more civilized to refer to the often nomadic groups of people who have chosen to return to more primitive methods of surviving in the wasteland.
  • Scab - In normal parlance, a reference to strikebreakers,[Non-game 2] used in a fashion synonymous with slave, particularly within The Pitt and the Capital Wasteland.[54]
  • Salvager - A person who earns money from recovering items of value from the ruins.[Non-canon 1]
  • Scavenger, Scav, Scavver - Used to refer to a person who makes a living recovering pre-War items from ruined cities. The shortened variant, Scav, was commonly used in the Boneyard circa 2161.[55][56][57][58][59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66]
  • Scavving - scavenging[67][68]
  • Shuffler - A slang term for ghouls or the entire humanoid population.[69][70][71][Non-canon 2]
  • Skag - A derogatory term for a drug addict.[72][73][74]
  • Slaver - A person engaged with slavery.
  • Smoothskin - Slang term for normal humans, typically used by ghouls.
  • Van Buren (not confirmed as canon) Three Deaths Rock - What Boulder is commonly referred to as if ZAX is left cannibalize itself, causing the meltdown of the nuclear reactor and the incineration of the Boulder scientists. Acid rain, toxic clouds, and radiation mean no-one dares to enter.[Non-canon 3]
  • Tin can - A person wearing power armor or a robot.[Non-canon 4]
  • Toss my salad - To toss someone's salad is to perform oral sex on someone's anus. Seen as graffiti directed at Caesar in the Mojave Wasteland. May be a double entendre, referring to a Caesar salad.[75][Non-game 3]
  • Tribal - of, relating to, or characteristic of a tribe, especially its populace. That is the families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers; a political division.[76]
  • Vault dweller - An inhabitant of a Vault-Tec Vault.[77]
  • Vaulter - Any person who comes from a Vault-Tec Vault.[78]
  • Wasteland, Wastes - A ruined place or area, land that is not usable, land that has no real value or interest[Non-game 4] refers to the majority of the world's post-nuclear environment in the Fallout universe.
  • Wastelander(s), waster - A catch all term for anyone who lives in the greater wasteland, rather than a collective village, town or city. Simply an inhabitant of the wasteland.[79][Non-game 5][Non-game 6]
  • Whore - A person who engages in sexual activities for money, and/or a promiscuous or immoral woman i.e. prostitute.[Non-game 7]
  • Zombie(s) - Derogatory terms for ghouls. A gang of ghouls run by Set in Necropolis prior to its destruction by Unity, aka the Master's army. Also a pejorative used towards Children of the Cathedral cultists.


These terms have existed before the Great War but are still see use in the lexicon of post-War life and have largely remained unchanged in their original meanings.

  • Beatnik - Pre-War term used for a young person who was part of a social group that rejected the traditional rules of society and encouraged people to express themselves through art.[Non-game 8][80] And can still be heard post-War used in its original context and in a derogatory way.[81]
  • Brush gun - An informal umbrella term used to refer to any lever-action hunting carbine designed for ease of handling in wooded or brushy country, where ranges run from a few yards to a maximum of 200 yards. And chambered for a large cartridge powerful enough to take down big game at close to medium range.[Non-game 9]
  • Caravaneer(s) - Merchants and Mercenaries who operate or guard trade caravans.
  • Chem, Chems - (A truncation of "chemical") is slang for "drug." From pre-War.[82][83]
  • Claim - A tract of land staked out.[Non-game 10][84] A land declaration utilized in mining.[Non-canon 5][Non-canon 6][Non-canon 7]
  • Claim jumper - A dishonest miner who violates another's land claim.[Non-canon 5][Non-canon 6][Non-canon 7][Non-game 11]
  • Food riots - The common term for a wave of civil unrest and protests that swept across the United States of America as a reaction to decreasing food supply and strict rationing instituted by the federal government during Sino-American War.
  • Hippie - A person associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values - considered unpatriotic, uninformed and naive, typically having long unkempt hair, unwashed and ragged appearance and generally being unkempt hallucinogenic drug users.[Non-game 12][85][86][87]
  • Hooker - A woman who engages in sexual activities for money, i.e. prostitutes.[Non-game 13]
  • Interweb - The Vault-Tec Corporation's local area network system used in its Vaults.
  • Junkie - A person who uses illegal drugs : a drug addict and/or a person who gets an unusual amount of pleasure from or has an unusual amount of interest in something[Non-game 14]
  • Merc, Mercs - Slang term for mercenary.
  • Nadaville - Hippie slang for a boring place. A portmanteu of the spanish word nada and ville, literally translates into nothingville.
  • Sawbones is an historical slang term for a surgeon, dating back to the early 19th century.[Non-game 15][88]


  • Bighorner - mutated Bighorn sheep, commonly found in the Mojave Desert and Zion Valley, commonly utilized for food.
  • Brahmin - two headed mutant cattle, that are prolific throughout the wasteland as a source of food, clothing, armor, and transportation.
  • Cazador - a mutant tarantula hawk wasp.
  • Centaur - a chimera of human, dog, four other creatures and infection by the Forced Evolutionary Virus. It is named for its many malformed legs.
  • Feral ghoul, feral - ghouls that have lost their ability to reason and have become aggressive, ravenous cannibals.
  • Floater - flatworms mutated by the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Named for their ability to float in the air via "float sac"s.
  • Forced Evolutionary Virus, FEV, green stuff - an artificial virus created by West Tek's NBC Division. Its ability to force changes in both the genotype and phenotype made it one of the most important mutagens in the wasteland, harnessed by different organizations and individuals for their own purposes both before and after the Great War.
  • Ghost people - humans mutated by the presence of the Cloud at the Sierra Madre.
  • Ghoul - A mutant that experiences external decay and healing which offsets the decay. Mostly used as a descriptor for mutated humans that look like an undead corpse.
  • Marked men - humans mutated similarly to ghouls, kept alive by the radiation of the Divide and their own hatred.
  • Mirelurk - a commonly used term referring to a range of mutated crustacean and turtle species endemic to mires.
  • Mole miner - humans (specifically miners) who were mutated into ghoul like creatures adapted to underground living.
  • Nightkin - A deranged variant of super mutant created by the Master, further mutated by exposure to Stealth Boy radiation.
  • Night stalker - a hybrid of rattlesnake and coyote.
  • Psychic - A creature or human having paranormal or psychic abilities.
  • Psyker - Four unique individuals mutated with paranormal or psychic powers at the Cathedral.
  • Radscorpion - A gigantic mutant scorpion.
  • Super mutant - Human(s) that were successfully mutated by the Forced Evolutionary Virus.
  • Swampfolk - humans that are products of latent radiation and incest, specifically those that reside in the Point Lookout area.
  • Tunneler - A mutant of unknown origins adapted for underground life, they have a form of bioluminescence. They are quadrupedal predators, who make their nests and live beneath the ground in the Divide.
  • Wanamingo - An extinct (circa 2241) species of strange mutant animals created as Forced Evolutionary Virus experiments that were often confused with aliens.
  • Yao guai - the mutated descendants of the American black bear; some are ghouls.



  • Cateye - A brand name for a specific vision-enhancing drug.
  • Crank - A slang term for a pre-War drug.
  • Hydra - A drug used for healing limbs.
  • Jet - The brand name for the highly addictive methamphetamine.
  • Med-X - The brand name of morphine.
  • Psycho - A military-grade, performance-enhancing drug, colloquially termed "angry juice" and "the big red one".
  • Rad-X - The brand name of the drug that is responsible for increasing resistance to radiation accumulation.
  • RadAway - The brand name given to the drug that disperses/gets rid of any radiation accumulated by the user.
  • Rebound - An adrenaline like drug.
  • Rocket - A form of Jet with a greater energy rush.
  • Slasher - A combination of Med-X and Psycho.
  • Steady - A drug for helping with a combatant's aim.
  • Stimpak, stim - Short for "stimulation delivery package." A medication used for boosting the body's own regenerative properties.
  • Super stimpak - A more potent variation on the Stimpak.
  • Turbo - A Jet derived drug to slow down one's perspective of time. Jet piggybacked to an aerosol can containing broc flower and cazador venom dissolved in turpentine.
  • Ultrajet - A more powerful variant of Jet.


  • Aqua Cura - A false version of Aqua Pura, created by either labeling irradiated water as such, or by adding irradiated water to Aqua Pura.
  • Aqua Pura - A brand of clean purified water created by Project Purity and distributed by the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Mutfruit - or Malus maatta, is a mutated species of apple.
  • Punga fruit - A fruit from bushes growing in the warm, moist climate of the regional swamps endemic to the Point Lookout area.
  • Strange meat - Flesh of unknown origin.
  • Tato - Post-War hybrid of a tomato and a potato.[89]



  • Adytowner - Inhabitant of Adytum.[101]
  • Adytumite - Inhabitant of Adytum.[102]
  • Baron - A term for a businessman or landowner who possesses great power or influence in a particular industry,[Non-game 16] like agri-barons and brahmin barons.
  • Chemgies - Uncommon synonym for junkie.[103]
  • Chip(s) - Short for casino chips, an alternate term for money within New Reno.
  • Con, Cons - Short for "Convict."[Non-game 17][104]
  • Glowsters - A person who hails from the state of Dayglow.[Non-game 18]
  • Hubbuck, Hub buck - A portmanteau of Hub and buck, this was the regional name for bottle caps prior to the rise of the NCR dollar.
  • Hub-Heads - A person who hails from the state of Hub.[Non-game 18]
  • Fly, Flying - Euphemisms for being high on Jet.
  • Scrip, Script - A paper currency or a token issued for temporary use in an emergency.[Non-game 19] Used as a term for bottle caps prior to the rise of the NCR dollar.
  • Shadies - A person who hails from the state of Shady.[Non-game 18]
  • Stim(s), Superstim(s) - Short for "Stimpak."[105][106][107]
  • Lightbringer - Slang term for laser pistols, particularly within New Reno.[108]
  • Old World Blues - A post-War term for an extreme form of nostalgia.[109]
  • Jet pilot - Euphemism for Jet addicts.[110]
  • Primitive - Derogatory term for tribals.
  • Wormface - Insult to ghouls.[111]




  • The Fog: The radioactive shroud suspended in the atmosphere that covers the Island to various degrees at varying times.
  • Long Walk - A euphemism for death, taken from the idiom "take a long walk on a short pier."
  • Shambler(s) - A colloquial term for feral ghoul.[145]
  • Rad eater(s) - A local derogatory term for the local Children of Atom.[146]
  • Mainlander - A catchall term for those who originate from the mainland, rather than the Island.[147][148][149]
  • Islander - A catchall term for those who originate from the island, rather than the mainland.
  • The Island - A colloquial term for Mount Desert Island.



Blackfoot and Hangdogs



  • Demon - Nightkin.[155]
  • Far Beyond - Travel destination of the ghouls in outer space.[156]
  • Great Journey - The pilgrimage the ghouls want to undergo.[157][158]
  • The Creator - God.[158]


  • Apprentice: Young Brothers, who after finishing basic training and their education, choose to become either a knight or a scribe. Once the decision is made, they become an apprentice and their advanced education begins.
  • Chain That Binds: A policy of the Brotherhood that requires all Brothers to obey a superior's orders.[159]
  • Codex: The holy text of the organization, acting as the very definition of their foundations.
  • Creator: A religious deity.[160]
  • Elder: The Elders form the Brotherhood's ruling council. Individual Elders are occasionally leaders of localized splinter chapters of the Brotherhood. Under normal circumstances, the ability to become an elder is reserved for Paladins, although there are exceptions.
  • Hail: A greeting.
  • Initiate: A trainee soldier.
  • Knight: Knights are Brothers that have completed the training to serve as a technician, an engineer, and a soldier.
  • Oath of Fraternity, The Oath: The oath taken by new members, pledging their loyalty to the Brotherhood.[161][162]
  • Paladin: Paladins are the elite fighting force of the Brotherhood. They are highly-trained combat veterans entrusted with advanced technology.
  • Scribe: Scribes are tasked with creating and keeping records of the technology recovered and used by the Brotherhood. The attitude of many scribes in the Brotherhood can be described as techno-centric. While a great number study history and culture, the majority of scribes focus their studies on subjects related to the acquisition, repair, or creation of technology.
  • Scrolls: The records of the deeds and deaths of all Brothers.[163][164]
  • Squire: Unknown use, however it refers to young members.
  • Steel be with you: A phrase to wish good luck or good will.
  • Ad Victoriam: Brotherhood saying which means "to victory."


另見: Glossary of Caesar's Legion terms


  • 18 karat - A descriptor of something high quality or full out; e.g. "an 18 karat run of bad luck".[165][166]
  • Baby - An exclamation or a term of endearment, often used for women but can be used for men.
  • Beat feet - Left an area on foot, usually at a fast pace.
  • Big Cat Upstairs - God.[167]
  • Big-Leaguer - A resourceful man who can handle any situation.
  • Broad - A term of endearment for talking about/to a woman.
  • Bum - A person who is to be despised.[168]
  • Cash out - To leave or to be done.
  • Cat or cool cat - A term of endearment similar to baby, often used for men who are considered cool. Can also be used for women.
  • Charlies - Admiring word for a woman's breasts.[166]
  • Clean (one's) clock - To beat someone.
  • Creep - A man who is disliked for any reason.
  • Crumb - A person it is impossible to respect.[169]
  • Cool - A term of admiration for a person or place.
  • Dig - A term of appreciation, and also mean to understand.
  • Digs - A place where someone lives.
  • Dimmers - Eyes.
  • Fink - A derogatory term used to denote informants and/or used to describe someone strongly disliked.[Non-game 20] Also used for cowards and traitors.
  • Doll - A term of endearment used to talk about/to a woman.
  • Groove - A term of admiration or approval; as in "in the groove".[170]
  • Heat - A weapon, usually a firearm or energy weapon.
  • Hello - A cry of surprise, can also be used as a catcall.
  • Hey-hey - sex.[166]
  • I'm dying - An exaggerated term to mean slightly upset.
  • Joint - A place where people gather to socialize.
  • Loser - Anyone who has made a mess of their life.
  • Nowhere - A failure.[171]
  • Original Loser - Worse than a loser, an original loser is a person without talent.
  • Platinum - Having a big heart, generous; e.g. "You're platinum, pussycat!"
  • Punk - Derogatory term for someone who acts against the interest of the group, often used in the same way as fink.
  • Pussy cat - A semi-derisive term for an easy lay.[166]
  • Ring-a-ding-ding or ring-a-ding - A positive affirmation.
  • Shin-dig - A large, lively party, especially one celebrating something.
  • Smooth - To be cool.
  • Social disease - Sexually transmitted disease.
  • Swank - Stylishly luxurious and expensive.
  • Swing - To have fun or be entertaining.
  • Scramsville - To run off.
  • Square - A person who is not cool or cannot swing.
  • Ta-ta - Goodbye.
  • Ville - A suffix used to indicate changes in any given situation; (i.e. endsville, nowheresville, etc.)
  • Whiz - A person who is extremely clever at something.
  • Wow-ee Wow Wow - An expression of glee, joyful anticipation and a euphemism for lubricious fun.[172]

Chairmen & 黑手党

  • Not-At-Home - A mocking term that refers to Mr. House and his hands-off way of running the New Vegas Strip and his tendency to remain ostensibly neutral in Strip affairs.[173]

The Church of the Children of AtomApostles of the Eternal Light

Church of Harold





  • Crypter: A fellow member of the Crypts.[174]

Dead Horses

另見: Language of the Dead Horses


  • Foolish: The collective term for the Fools.[186]

Iron Lines

  • Great Circle: Circle Junction[Non-canon 31]
  • Chain Walker: Roaming feral ghouls that were once prisoners, still in manacles and handcuffed, considered ghosts by many among the tribe.[Non-canon 32]


  • Gentile - An outsider or nonbeliever.[187]
  • Spread{ing} the Good News - Missionary work to people that have not been taught the lessons of Christianity.[188]
  • Good News - The gospel.[188]

Nuka-World raiders

  • Vic - An abbreviation for Victim.[189]

Pitt raiders

  • Scab - A derogatory term for Pitt slaves.[190][191]
  • Grinder - Another colloquial term for a Pitt slave, but less derogatory.[192]

Reaver Movement

  • Be'alza-Gates: An acolyte of Satansoft[Non-canon 33]
  • Electric Father of Creation: The god of creation[Non-canon 34]
  • Demon: Another term for the Calculator's robots[Non-canon 35]
  • Heavenly Ampere: A god of vision, for example to gain the upper hand in battle[Non-canon 36]
  • His capacitance: A guiding force generated by the Electric Father of Creation[Non-canon 35][Non-canon 37]
  • Ohm, Holy Ohm: God of resistance[Non-canon 36]
  • Ohms Law, Ohms Holy Law: The necessity to protect that which can provide resistance[Non-canon 34]
  • Panasonica: Overseer of the eternal Assembly Lines (of Panasonica), a place where Reavers can claim their rewards for being faithful to the movement.[Non-canon 34]
  • Saint Di Ode: A holy spirit of protection[Non-canon 36] and strength[Non-canon 35]
  • Saint Sony: A saint of the Reaver Movement who may appear in visions to those in great need. He was the one who told Tobias Peste about the "Angelic Electro Magnetic Pulse."[Non-canon 34]
  • Satansoft: Also known as the "Dark One,"[Non-canon 34] is the "Lord of the Tech-Underworld," a god who rules over evil technology.[Non-canon 33][Non-canon 38] Some of the lower ranks refer to the Calculator as Satansoft.[Non-canon 36]



  • Branchtender: The security of Oasis.[193]
  • Bloomseer: A Treeminder healer and soothsayer.[194][193]
  • Harvest Month - A term for the time period when Bob's seed pods ripen and disperse their seeds which results in the creation of new trees, grass, and plants.[195]
  • Him, His Frondescence, Great One, The Lord, The One Who Grows, Gives, and Guides, The Talking Tree - Harold.[196][Non-game 21]
  • Leaf Mother: Female leader of the Treeminders.
  • Sapling: A Treeminder youth.
  • Tree Father: Male leader of the Treeminders.
  • Treeminders: The tribe who looks after Oasis.

The Railroad

另見: Glossary of Railroad terms



  • Surfacer(s) - A term used by the underground dwellers to anyone dwelling on the surface.[204]


State of Utobitha

Sudden-Death Overtime

  • Faceoff - Originally from the term face-off, it is now the method used to begin battle. The two groups line up in opposition to each other, and they fight each other to the death.[210][211]
  • Game - Fast paced fight.[212][213]
  • Miss - When failing to accomplish something.[214]
  • Penalty/Penalty box - A wrong doing, one that results in death.[215][216][217][218]
  • Period - A round of a fight.[212]
  • Powerplay - When one team has the numerical advantage over the other, specifically in a fight.[218]
  • Up on the scoreboard - A substitute for "on the table."[210][211]
  • Slapshots - An extremely hard move, such as tricking someone.[218]
  • Team captain - The leader.[219]
  • Teamwork - A word said in exuberation.[220]


  • Ice - To kill or murder someone.[221]


Vault City

  • Consul - An official elected to, or appointed by the government to protect and promote the government's citizens and interests there.
  • Servant(s) - Doublespeak for slave.
  • Outworld - Any place not of Vault City, also an alternate term for wasteland, derived from how Vault City citizens do not think of anything outside of Vault City is part of their world.[222]
  • Outworlder - People not of Vault City; interchangeable with Outsider, although it may have a more direct meaning of "a person not of my world."[223][224]


  • Topsider(s) - A catchall term for those who live on the surface; specifically used by the New Vegas citizens who dwell in the New Vegas sewers beneath the Las Vegas Conurbation.


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  21. The Vault Dweller: "{122}{}{Uh, OK.}"
    Set: "{124}{Set06}{Excellent. Teach those mutants the last lesson, then amble back . . . Hmm. If I say to my ghouls to hold off you, the muties might hear and know. So I tell you what, it's favor-time. I keep shut. Got it?}"
  22. The Vault Dweller: "{139}{}{I understand. He's my problem, too. Talk to me.}"
    Set: "{140}{Set11}{The Necropolis was mine. Not an all-things-great, but a straight-place for my kind. Then the Master showed. He could've fragged me good, but it was easy for him to just stand some muties and keep an eye on.}"
  23. Marcus: "{128}{mcs8}{Long story. Want it short or the whole thing?}"
    The Chosen One: "{130}{}{Hell, I’m not too busy. Let’s hear it all.}"
    Marcus: "{136}{mcs10}{Right...After the Master and the vats were destroyed, I wandered a bit. No place to go. One day got attacked by this fool wearin’ power armor.}"
    The Chosen One: "{137}{}{Really?}"
    Marcus: "{138}{mcs11}{That was Jacob, from the Brotherhood of Steel. He’d sworn some oath to destroy muties. We tussled for a while – probably a day or two. After a while, we just started laughing. What was the point?}"
    The Chosen One: "{139}{}{Then what?}"
    Marcus: "{140}{mcs12}{We became friends. Headed off together. Then other people started following us. Guess they figured if they weren’t safe with a mutie and a Steel Knight, safe just wasn’t going to happen. }"
    The Chosen One: "{144}{}{What, you’re not killing humans anymore?}"
    Marcus: "{146}{mcs14}{Oh, what sinkhole are you from? Muties and normals made peace a long time ago.}"
    The Chosen One: "{147}{}{I’m from a village founded by the original Vault Dweller.}"
    Marcus: "{249}{mcs42}{The "original Vault Dweller"? You mean the one who killed the Master and destroyed the vats?}"
    The Chosen One: "{251}{}{Damn right. Gonna do something about it, mutie?}"
  24. Tanker vagrant: "{128}{}{Did that big strong mutie Francis hurt you?}"
  25. Female punk: "{121}{}{Did that big strong mutie Francis hurt you?}"
  26. Festus: "{809}{}{That just might work. I guess some of my cleverness is rubbing off on you. Good, good. Say, you should prolly bring it to a feller named McClure. From what I hear, he's the only one there that'd bend an ear about anything but Vault City's precious citizens.}"
    The Chosen One: "{811}{}{Gee, I'd just love to get locked up in Vault City for being a mutie sympathizer. No thanks, Festus. You're on your own. Goodbye.}"
  27. Ghoul citizen: "{263}{}{Those poor muties in Broken Hills.}"
  28. Aileen: "{105}{}{We'll show those muties.}"
    "{116}{}{Those muties are going down.}"
    "{118}{}{Even muties can't breathe poison.}"
    "{120}{}{I just love the idea of muties choking to death.}"
    "{123}{}{Damn mutie lover.}"
  29. The Chosen One: "{120}{}{Eat this, mutie!}"
  30. Broken Hills citizen: "{150}{}{I heard Franc and Manson are real mutie-haters.}"
    "{165}{}{Jacob and Aileen were mutie-haters, huh? They seemed so nice.}"
    (HcFEMALE.msg & HcMALE.msg)
  31. Franc: "{137}{}{Mutie-lover! Get outta here! I don’t want to breathe the same air as you!}"
    "{144}{}{Ha! Killin’ those muties was almost worth being in the slammer!}"
  32. Jacob the Chemist: "{222}{}{Way to turn on your own kind, mutie-lover. How could you do that to Chad? I don’t care what you’ve done for us. You’re a disgrace to humanity.}"
  33. Jacob the Chemist: "{301}{}{Sorry, friend, but... I just lost my two best friends. Those bastard muties killed them in prison.}"
    The Chosen One: "{304}{}{Oops.}"
    Jacob the Chemist: "{305}{}{Oops? Did you say 'Oops?' You didn't have nothin' to do with this, did you?}"
    The Chosen One: "{307}{}{Hell no. Of course not! Damn muties!}"
  34. Jacob the Chemist: "{301}{}{Sorry, friend, but... I just lost my two best friends. Those bastard muties killed them in prison.}"
    The Chosen One: "{306}{}{It was an accident, I swear!}"
    Jacob the Chemist: "{308}{}{Accident, my ass! Eat this, you mutie-lovin' rat-bastard!}"
  35. Old mutant: "{166}{}{Once you’ve known a mutie, you never go back.}"
  36. Old ghoul: "{120}{}{You like muties? I like muties.}"
  37. Frank Horrigan: "{103}{}{You're not getting out of here alive, mutie.}"
  38. Frank Horrigan: "{108}{ssa2}{You (cough), you haven't won here. You and your mutie-bastard friends are gonna join me in a big ol' mushroom cloud sendoff. I just triggered the self-destruct. (Heh, heh; cough, cough,…) The work will go on. You didn't do nothing here, 'cept seal your own death warrants. Duty, (cough) honor... courage... Semper Fiiiii……..}"
    "{109}{ssa2}{You (cough), you haven't won here. You and your mutie-bastard friends are gonna join me in a big ol' mushroom cloud sendoff. I just triggered the self-destruct. (Heh, heh, cough, cough,…) The work will go on. You didn't do nothing here, 'cept seal your own death warrants. Duty, (cough) honor... courage... Semper Fiiiii……..}"
  39. Frank Horrigan: "{112}{ssa3alt}{You've gotten a lot farther than you should have, but then you haven't met Frank Horrigan either. Your ride's over, mutie. Time to die.}"
  40. Granite: "{120}{}{Watch yourself out there, mutie.}"
  41. Granite: "{145}{}{That's the understatement of the year. I pity ya, pal, really do.}"
    The Chosen One: "{146}{}{Pity me? You should feel bad for yourself. Your powerplant's control computer got fried and now you're headed for a meltdown. You're all dead men unless…}"
    Granite:"{149}{}{Unless what?!?}"
    The Chosen One: "{150}{}{Unless you help me get past Horrigan to get to my ship.}"
    Granite: "{152}{}{Oh, yeah. Tell me another one. If the reactor's scragged how come the light's are still on? Huh, smartie? Heh, heh, tell me another one.}"
    The Chosen One: "{153}{}{That's just the *emergency* lighting. Hey, I saw where the computer *was.* It's not broken, it's *gone.* I'm telling you, you're all goin' down for the count unless…}"
    Granite: "{155}{}{Don't you tell a pretty story. You make me laugh. Y'know, I think you might even last over the one-minute mark with Horrigan. That'd be a new record. Good luck, mutie.}"
    The Chosen One: "{157}{}{You better hope that armor floats. Goodbye.}"
    Granite: "{158}{}{Okay, okay. I can't talk for everyone, but my squad and I will do our best to help you put that freak Horrigan away for good. I don't wanna drown like no rat.}"
    The Chosen One: "{159}{}{Good thinking. Let's go get him. We've got to get out of here.}"
  42. The Chosen One: "{292}{}{I think you're overestimating things a bit.}"
    Dick Richardson: "{293}{prs62}{Not at all. Look to the future. Sure muties and men could get along for a while, but before you know it, the numeric pressure of your kind would tell. No, a line must be drawn in the sand - the buck stops here.}"
  43. Lenny: "{109}{}{Hey, brother mutie, Lenny wonder why you hanging with this human slug?}"
    "{110}{}{Lenny don't talk to nobody. Makes muties his slaves, grub.}"
    "{111}{}{Lenny says you and your butt-kissing mutie Tom can go to hell.}"
    "{112}{}{Watch out. Lenny ain't no tame mutie like the one you got now.}"
  44. Myron: "{2685}{myn243}{A city to the northeast. Buncha 'genetically pure' humans. They got their noses so high in the air they'll drown when it rains.}"
    (Myron's dialogue)
  45. The Master: "{110}{Mast02}{I will conquer it and turn all those pure strain humans into mutants. They will give me the army I need to bring peace to the entire wasteland.}"
    (Master's dialogue)
  46. Lieutenant: "{194}{LIEUT30}{The FEV was mutated by the war radiation. Those living in this desolate wasteland have been exposed to this mutant FEV, essentially inoculating them from the full effects.}
    (Lieutenant's dialogue)
  47. Mobius: "There is an expression in the Wasteland: 'Old World Blues.'"
    Klein: "It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can't see the present, much less the future, for what it is."
    Dala: "They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them."
    O: "Science is a long, steady progression into the future. What may seem a sudden event often isn't felt for years, even centuries, to come."
    (Old World Blues endings)
  48. The Courier: "What do you have against Vegas?"
    Ulysses: "Vegas is Old World, filled with Old World ghosts. And ghosts need the living to do their work. That's why the families are there, why the Bear stumbles there to lose itself. It's a dance, I don't know its purpose. You've been, you've seen the Wall. It's what's inside that worries me."
    (Ulysses' dialogue)
  49. Fallout: New Vegas loading screens: ""Prospector" is a polite word for "scavenger". Prospectors can be found all over the Mojave Wasteland, usually looking for the rare unopened safe at the bottom of an irradiated mineshaft."
  50. The Courier: "You were a prospector - like digging for gold and silver?"
    Easy Pete: "Nah, nah - means I poked through old buildings looking for working tech and such. Some folks just call it "salvaging," but never liked the term. Way I see it, salvage means it's broken, near-worthless. Me, I looked for the good stuff - guns, chems, spare parts. Good money in it."
    (Easy Pete's dialogue)
  51. Fallout 2 random encounters description: "{554}{}{You encounter prospectors fending off claim jumpers.}"
  52. Prospector's character description: "{100}{}{Prospector}"
  53. Prospector: "{101}{}{Hold it right there, stranger! I'm not used to ambushing strangers, but I need supplies and I can't leave my claim. Want to do a quick trade?}"
  54. Springvale school terminal entries; terminal, Journal Entry #002
  55. The Vault Dweller: "{112}{}{Where did you learn to sing?}"
    Ismarc: "{125}{}{Ah, I picked it up here and there. Learned a little from an old singer at the Hub, and got some music from the scavs in Adytum, in the Boneyard. You know. Just takes some practice.}"
  56. Katja: "{180}{}{You gain 200 experience points for picking up Katja, the Boneyard scav.}"
  57. The Vault Dweller: "{1058}{}{Scavs}"
    Katja: "{1158}{}{I used to be a scav. We'd go out at night and try to find useful stuff in the ruins of the Boneyard. Very dangerous job. I got sick of Adytum, though.}"
  58. Lorraine: "{101}{}{You see Lorraine, a Scav from Adytum.}"
  59. The Vault Dweller: "{111}{}{What do you do for a living?}"
    Lorraine: "{115}{}{I'm a Scav. I work with Sammael to collect stuff from the ruins, so that we can use it to build or trade.}"
  60. The Vault Dweller: "{117}{}{How many Scavs are there?}"
    Lorraine: "{125}{}{Oh, there's half a dozen of us. Sammael was the first one, and he's still the best.}"
  61. The Vault Dweller: "{122}{}{How do you avoid the Deathclaws?}"
    Lorraine: "{137}{}{We only scavenge after dark. And we're very good at what we do. Sammael's got a little test that he likes to throw out at people, before he lets them become Scavs.}"
  62. Sammael: "{100}{}{You see Sammael, one of the Scavs from Adytum.}"
  63. The Vault Dweller: "{108}{}{What do you do here?}"
    Sammael: "{111}{}{I'm a Scav -- a scavenger. My job is to search out all of the Boneyard for useful items and information. Dangerous work.}"
  64. The Vault Dweller: "{114}{}{Have you scouted out any of the other areas?}"
    Sammael: "{122}{}{I've done a little scouting. Who do you want to know about?}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{124}{}{The Deathclaws.}"
    Sammael: "{130}{}{Well if you haven't seen them before. They're mean as all hell, and like nothing more than to rip a poor Scav's heart out.}"
  65. The Vault Dweller: "{1014}{}{Scavs}"
    Regulator guard: "{1114}{}{They go outside to get things.}"
  66. Lamplight fungus trade
  67. Almost home...
  68. Three Dog on Galaxy News Radio: "For all you guys and gals tempted by the thought of scavving in the downtown D.C. ruins, here's a tip... You see, children, the Frankensteins might violently and horrifically rip you to shreds. But only if you're lucky... According to most of our reports on the super mutants, they actually prefer capturing their victims and hauling them off to God knows where. Consider yourself, officially warned."
  69. The Lone Wanderer: "Milk sucking? You shuffle stepping, brain eating, grave loving zombie!"
    Crowley: "Another human bigot. It figures. Go mate with a Super Mutant."
    (Crowley's dialogue)
  70. The Lone Wanderer: "Maybe. I don't know if I trust you."
    Crowley: "The feeling's mutual, smoothskin. But that never stopped a business deal. A lot of you humans are bigots. You don't like Ghouls and treat us like zombies, calling us brain eaters and shufflers. Well, they're going to pay. Uh...before I get into the details, you don't have anything against killing do you?"
    (Crowley's dialogue)
  71. The Lone Wanderer: "Okay. What's the plan?"
    Crowley: "Not everyone is as sympathetic to Ghouls as you are. In fact some humans are downright bigots. They treat us like zombies, calling us brain eaters and shufflers. Well, I'm going to make them pay. Uh...before I get into the details, you don't have anything against killing do you?"
    (Crowley's dialogue)
  72. The Vault Dweller: "{119}{}{Can you tell me more about the Boneyard?}"
    Regulator guard: "{124}{}{East of us are the Followers. They are a bunch of peace-nuts. East are the Blade, a bunch of Skags if you ask me. A ways south of here is the Cathedral, where the Children have their religious center.}"
  73. Rutger: "{108}{}{We don't hire Skags! Get out.}"
    "{154}{}{Get out of here you damn Skag!}"
  74. Far Go Traders guard: "{115}{}{What are you? Some kind of a Skag? Get the hell out.}"
  75. Graffiti on sign
  76. The Courier: "Are the New Canaanites really a tribe?"
    Joshua Graham: "We wear more clothing than them and understand more about technology, but we're still a tribe, a linked family of families. The Boneyard, Phoenix, New Vegas, they're just places, metal and stone. New Canaan dies, but the tribe lives on. When the walls come tumbling down, when you lose everything you have, you always have family. And your family always has tribe."
    (Joshua Graham's dialogue)
  77. The Vault Dweller: "{132}{}{You can't possibly take on the entire world.}"
    Master: "{134}{Mast10}{I'm not after the world, yet. When I turn your fellow vault-dwellers into mutants, my forces will be too strong for any to stand against! But don't worry, you won't care. Care! Care!}"
    (The Master's dialogue)
  78. Randall Clark terminal entries; Cueva Guarache terminal, Year 2097.
  79. The Lone Wanderer: "I'm a better fighter than you, that's who. Can't you handle a couple Raiders?"
    Wernher: "Yeah, whatever. I didn't come to DC to swap insults with Wasters. You want to flap gums, fine. But don't waste my time. Now, you came about the broadcast. You want to hear what I have to say about The Pitt or not?"
    (Wernher's dialogue)
  80. Torn out journal entry
  81. The Lone Wanderer: "So who did you vote for?"
    Jack Smith: "Now, now, my vote is my business and no one else's. But I'll tell you one thing: we didn't vote for any beatnik liberal commies, that's for sure."
    (Jack Smith's dialogue)
  82. Adrienn Adami: "Congratulations on making it to the HQ. It's pretty fierce out there. Here's your chem ration. I'm doctor Adami. Come see me if you need patching up."
    (Adrienn Adami's dialogue)
  83. Holotape - Psycho
  84. Claim jumper's character description: "{100}{}{You see a claim jumper.}"
  85. Deacon: "Do not open the cabins. The Co-Op is perfectly safe as long as you keep the hippies locked up."
    (Deacon's dialogue) Note - This line is spoken when at the Sunshine Tidings co-op with Deacon as the active companion.
  86. That boy
  87. "That boy"
  88. Sawbones (Fallout 3) & Sawbones (Fallout: New Vegas)
  89. The Prydwen terminal entries; botany terminal, Commonwealth Plant Database
  90. The Vault Dweller: "{113}{}{Who are the Hubbers?}"
    Harold: "{207}{HROLD36}{You're in the Hub, right? People who live in the Hub? Hubbers. Get it? [cough] Sheesh! Thanks for the help and good luck...think you're gonna need it.}"
  91. Hubber character description: "{100}{}{You see a Hubber.}"
  92. Hubologist's character description: "{100}{}{You see a Hubologist.}"
  93. The Chosen One: "{159}{}{Enlightened?}"
    Enlightened One: "{157}{}{Enlightenment happens when all your neurodynes are aligned. Then you become an AHS, Aligned Hub Seeker, which is the goal of all Hubonites.}"
  94. Little Lamplighter character name
  95. 95.0 95.1 The Lone Wanderer: "How does the fungus grow?"
    Eclair: "They say the fungus grows in the pools where the first Lamplighters dumped the mungos. That's about the most they ever helped us. I don't know how true that is, but I know sometimes the scav team comes back with this strange meat that tastes terrible, but the fungus loves it. I don't know where they find that meat, but if you could bring some back, I'd be glad to trade fungus for it. Of course, MacCready'd have to okay it."
    (Eclair's dialogue)
  96. Aaron Kimball: "Thank you, Colonel Moore. And thank you, my fellow Californians, who have come so far to answer the call to service put forth by the republic."
    (Aaron Kimball's dialogue)
    Note: This is an excerpt from President Aaron Kimball's speech at Hoover Dam during the quests You'll Know It When It Happens and Arizona Killer.
  97. Robert House: "The General's "accident" was unfortunate... with Kimball dead, the angry Californian public could've used an alternate scapegoat to pillory..."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
    Note: This line is heard as part of a larger conversation when Mr. Hosue appears as a Securitron at the Legate's camp, if both Aaron Kimball and Lee Oliver are dead.
  98. Republican Farmers' Committee
  99. The Courier: "That's an awful lot of responsibility to take on."
    Daniel: "The New Canaanites interfered in their lives. We did that. And we've done it before, with others. Always with good intentions, but things go wrong. When that happens, we can't just abandon them, let them die at the hands of New Canaan's enemies."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  100. The Courier: "Who or what is the Father in the Cave?"
    Waking Cloud: "Have you not heard of the god of the New Canaanites? He is our protector and our judge. He helped our ancestors find their place here in Zion. He gave us many gifts, but we are not to seek him out. His caves are forbidden to us. Those who seek them out are taken from us."
    (Waking Cloud's dialogue)
  101. The Vault Dweller: "{109}{}{Can you give me some information about the Boneyard?}"
    Lorraine: "{153}{}{This used to be a big city, called Los Angeles. But the bombs hit really hard. Now, there's just the Angel's Boneyard. We Adytowners are just trying to survive in the wreckage.}"
  102. Fallout Official Survival Guide: "Day 55
    28 January, 96 days to go
    Well, Adytum was pretty much a bust. It's a safe enclave, so-called, in the midst of the vast wilderness of stark ruins called the Boneyard. The people there weren't hostile, exactly, but they weren't friendly either. From what I was able to gather, they've been having problems with a local gang, the Blades. the coincidence of that name, the Blades, with my nom de voyage, made me wonder if that was why the Adytumites were so guarded in their reactions toward me.
    Nah... They were watching me suspiciously before I said my name was "Blade." In any case, they made it clear that I would be welcome of, and only if, I did something to help them with their gang problem.
    Sounds good. But how do I do I pull it off?"
  103. Caravan driver: "{140}{}{We don't hire chemgies.}"
  104. The Courier: "Tell me about the Powder Gangers."
    Chomps Lewis: "They're a bunch of escaped cons from down south. The NCR was using them to maintain the railways as part of their sentence. I don't know who screwed up, but the Powder Gangers are loose. It was one group that attacked us and took our entire supply of dynamite."
    (Chomps Lewis' dialogue)
  105. Emergency medical dispenser terminal: "{106}{}{I got 2 stims and a superstim.}"
  106. The Courier: "I helped with that addiction problem you mentioned."
    Julie Farkas: "I saw them. Thank you so much for helping them. This means a lot to the Followers of the Apocalypse. You have our thanks. If you need some medical supplies, come see me. With Jacob working with us, we should be able to spare a stim or fixer once a day."
    (Julie Farkas' dialogue)
  107. The Courier: "I could use some stims."
    Luria: "I can give you stims or radiation supplies, which would you prefer?"
    (Luria's dialogue)
  108. Orville Wright: "{690}{}{(Stares at you for a long time, then a dry chuckle escapes his lips.) You give me an answer, and I can't do nothing about it. The Salvatores…goddammit. (Takes a deep breath.)}"
    The Chosen One: "{691}{}{What's wrong?}"
    Orville Wright: "{700}{}{Know what those Salvatore bastards are ARMED with, friend? Those damned lightbringers. ONE Salvatore packing that kind of heat can kill my whole family without batting an eye. To beat that, I'd need…}"
  109. Old World Blues endings:
    Doctor Mobius: "There is an expression in the Wasteland: "Old World Blues.""
    Doctor Klein: "It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can't see the present, much less the future, for what it is."
    Doctor Dala: "They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them."
    Doctor 0: "Science is a long, steady progression into the future. What may seem a sudden event often isn't felt for years, even centuries, to come."
  110. Doc Johnson: {256}{}{Good. I hate seeing all those damn Jet Pilots flying around all the time. Goodbye, Doc, and good luck to you.}
  111. Ghoul manager: "{101}{}{Whatta you doing here?}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{104}{}{What's it to you, wormface?.}"
    Ghoul manager: "{101}{}{Whatta you doing here?}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{104}{}{What's it to you, wormface?}"
  112. Super mutant: "Wish a buckethead would show up... I'd rip his legs clean off..."
    (Super mutants' dialogue)
  113. Super mutant: "This is boring. We should be collecting more humans. We need more of us! The bucketheads have killed too many..."
    (Super mutant's dialogue)
    Note: This is an excerpt from a conversation between generic super mutants.
  114. Super mutant: "Die, metalman!"
    (Super mutant's dialogue)
  115. The Lone Wanderer: "Care to share anything about the Super Mutants?"
    Kodiak: "Hell, I've killed more of those yellow Frankensteins than any other member of the Pride. 'Cept maybe Gallows, with those crazy solo night ops of his."
    (Kodiak's dialogue)
  116. Galaxy News Radio (radio)#Public Service Announcement
  117. The Lone Wanderer: "So, what happens to the Brotherhood now?"
    Sarah Lyons: "If you think this means the Pride has nothing to do anymore, you're crazy. We've still got the damn Frankensteins crawling all over D.C. and Rothchild's got us picking up every blinking gizmo from here to Virginia. Quite a bit of work cut out for us, eh?"
    (Sarah Lyons' dialogue)
  118. Morrill: "Look, we've been dropping like Bloatflies lately. How long can we keep those Frankensteins at bay? One more focused attack, and we're all dead."
    (Morrill's dialogue)
    Note: This is an excerpt from a conversation between various members of the Brotherhood Outcasts in Operation: Anchorage.
  119. Mordecai McCoy: "W-w-wait, West Virginia Lumber? That is not right. You misheard them, for sure."
    Duchess: "And that's of concern... why exactly?"
    Mordecai McCoy: "Was wandering up that way not too far back. The lumber company, that place was overrun with a bunch of those big green bastards. Mutants. You've seen those frankensteins. If this gang was able to clean those things out of the mill... Duchess, these guys might be tougher than advertised."
    (Duchess and Mordecai McCoy's dialogue)
  120. The Lone Wanderer: "The Good Fight? What's that all about?"
    Three Dog: "Imagine a picture, okay? A picture of the Capital Wasteland. All that brick and rock. A whole lot of nothing, right? There's people out there trying to just barely make it by from day to day. Fighting to stay alive and make something of what they got. But then you've got all kinds of shit... Slavers, Super Mutants, Raiders... They all want a slice of the pie too and aim to take it by force."
    The Lone Wanderer: "So, people fight back."
    Three Dog: "They can't, not against those kinds of enemies. They just run away and hide or they stay and die. It just ain't right. So that's where I enter the picture. I fight the Good Fight with GNR as my gun. The sound of truth goes out across the Capital Wasteland. Hell, someone's got to counter that bullshit on the Enclave station."
    (Three Dog's dialogue)
  121. The Lone Wanderer: "What's all this about Galaxy News Radio?"
    Gob: "Mister Moriarty says we can keep it on. It's a good radio station. I like hearing the DJ, Three Dog and how he's helping to fight the Good Fight. Sigh. If only I was a part of that instead of being stuck in this dive..."
    (Gob's dialogue)
  122. Brotherhood Outcast: "I'm not warning you again, local! Leave, or die!"
    "No time to talk to your type, local."
    "Hey local, shouldn't you be banging rocks together, or something?"
    "Keep an eye out for those locals."
    "Great, here's some of the local wildlife."
    "Back off, local."
    (Brotherhood outcast's dialogue)
  123. The Lone Wanderer: "A friendly Super Mutant. Well, now I've seen everything."
    Fawkes: "Ugh. Must you use that vulgar term? Yes, I was born in the F.E.V. Chambers but a Super Mutant I certainly am not. I prefer the term Meta Human. Suits me better don't you think? Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. The name's Fawkes."
    (Fawkes' dialogue)
  124. The Lone Wanderer: "Why would I have difficulty getting the G.E.C.K.?"
    Fawkes: "The chamber in which the G.E.C.K. resides is absolutely flooded with radiation. It's unlikely you'd survive very long. Myself, on the other hand, have surprisingly inherited a useful trait from my fellow Meta Humans. I am highly resistant to radiation. Let me out of here, and I will place the G.E.C.K. safely in your hands."
    (Fawkes' dialogue)
  125. The Lone Wanderer: "I really need to get to Vault 87. Do you know the way?"
    Robert MacCready: "You don't want to go there. That's where the monsters are. We got pretty good at keeping them out. Probably better than you could do."
    (Robert MacCready's dialogue)
  126. The Lone Wanderer: "Sometimes, people call me the Vault Dweller. It's nice to meet you."
    Bumble: "It's nice to meet you, too. Did you come from the vault? I heard there's monsters down there. Eclair told me once, one of them, they got him and bit him right in the face and that's why he's only got one eye. But you don't look like a monster, and I don't think you'd bite anyone in the face. You look like a nice vault dweller."
    (Bumble's dialogue)
  127. The Lone Wanderer: "So you know the way to get there?"
    Robert MacCready: "Yeah, I do. It's through Murder Pass. Not a real safe way to go, but it's the only door that works."
    (Robert MacCready's dialogue)
  128. The Lone Wanderer: "Why do people call me mungo? What does that even mean?"
    Joseph: "I'm pretty sure it comes from "humongous." Because, to everyone here, you're pretty big, you know? Mungos been pretty bad to Lamplighters, for as long as our history goes back. They just don't trust anyone over sixteen. Really, you're pretty lucky they let you in at all. I just hope I get to visit like you do after I get kicked out."
    (Joseph's dialogue)
  129. The Lone Wanderer: "How did someone like you get a nickname like Princess?"
    Princess: "I don't need to explain myself to you, mungo. Shut up and get lost. In fact, don't you ever bother me about something as stupid as nicknames again!"
    (Princess' dialogue)
  130. The Lone Wanderer: "What's a mungo?"
    Robert MacCready: "You are, mungo! You big people. You're all tall and clumsy. Bunch of mungos, and we don't need nothing to do with any of you!"
    (Robert MacCready's dialogue)
  131. The Lone Wanderer: "Why does everyone call me a mungo?"
    Lucy: "It means an adult. We don't really see many of you around, and we're glad of it. I mean, you brought back the little ones, so you're okay. But mostly, we only ever see raiders and people who want to take our caves. If you didn't have MacCready's permission, you'd probably be shot just for being in here. We don't take any more chances."
    (Lucy's dialogue)
  132. Penny: "If you ever go to Little Lamplight, I'll tell Mayor that you're okay, and he'll let you in, okay Mungo?"
    (Penny's dialogue)
  133. The Lone Wanderer: "Maybe I can talk to her. Can you tell me what's going on?"
    Squirrel: "She went all soft on Rory Maclaren. He's this guy that got captured. Not bad for a Mungo, but Penny really likes him. The guards threw him in the box last week for causing problems. He's still in there, and she won't leave until he's out. I say he's just another mungo, and ain't our problem. But Penny's being all stupid, like I said."
    (Squirrel's dialogue)
  134. Reddin: "You don't need to worry. We're the best outfit in the whole Brotherhood of Steel. Just watch what we do to these Uglies."
    (Reddin's dialogue)
  135. Sarah Lyons: "Just a stray we picked up. The one that blundered into the Uglies over on 42nd.""
    (Sarah Lyons' dialogue) Note: This is part of a conversation between Sara Lyons and Lyons' Pride during the quest Following in His Footsteps. MQ01LyonsPrideA3
  136. Self determination is not a malfunction
  137. Assignment from the Commonwealth
  138. The Lone Wanderer: "Missing property? What kind of property?"
    Zimmer: "Hmmm... how do I put this in a way you'll understand? All you know of robots are those buckets of bolts -- those Mr. Handshakers and whatnot. Well... that's not ALL a robot can be. You see, in the Commonwealth, we've made artificial persons. Synthetic humanoids! Programmed to think and feel and do whatever we need. And... occasionally they get confused and wander off."
    (Zimmer's dialogue)
  139. The Lone Wanderer: "You're more than "just a machine." You're a person, Harkness. You belong here."
    Harkness: "You're right. I have friends here. And Rivet City needs me to protect it. Even if they found out, they know me. They won't care if I'm made of real flesh and bone, or synthetic parts. Right? I'll need to take care of Zimmer, though, one way or the other. Thanks for warning me. Here's a little token of my gratitude. It's the best weapon I've ever had. And it seems like I've had it forever."
    (Harkness' dialogue)
  140. The Lone Wanderer: "It's not real blood, Harkness. It’s synthetic, just like everything else."
    Harkness: "I'm not sure what to say... I'm not sure what to even think about all this... I'll admit, this is pretty convincing evidence, but it doesn't make any sense. How can this be possible?"
    (Harkness' dialogue)
  141. The Lone Wanderer: "I'm sorry you don't get along with Dr. Li. But we were discussing the android."
    Horace Pinkerton: "That witch ruined my life, but you're right. Who gives a crap about any of that. You want your precious proof. It's all in my computer; here's the password. See for yourself. Hell, just take these pictures and this holotape. Straight from the synthman's lips. Just don't go telling Harkness though. He won't believe you anyway. And you really don't want to see him upset. He can be a bit... inhospitable."
    (Horace Pinkerton's dialogue)
  142. The Lone Wanderer: "What's she got to do with this? Show me this "proof" about the android."
    Horace Pinkerton: "Well, she's got nothing to do with anything, except ruining my whole goddamn life. But I can see you don't give a crap about any of that. Fine. It's all in my computer; here's the password. See for yourself. Hell, just take these pictures and this holotape. Straight from the synthman's lips. Just don't go telling Harkness though. He won't believe you anyway. And you really don't want to see him upset. He can be a bit... inhospitable."
    (Horace Pinkerton's dialogue)
  143. The Lone Wanderer: "Yeah, she's a bitch... Can we talk about the android now?"
    Horace Pinkerton: "You're damn right she's a bitch. Ruined my whole goddamn life. But I can see you don't give a crap about any of that. Fine. It's all in my computer; here's the password. See for yourself. Hell, just take these pictures and this holotape. Straight from the synthman's lips. Just don't go telling Harkness though. He won't believe you anyway. And you really don't want to see him upset. He can be a bit... inhospitable."
    (Horace Pinkerton's dialogue)
  144. The radiant quests "Greenskins" require hunting down a group of super mutants to complete.
  145. Old Longfellow: "This place is a nest of shamblers. Seem to like that big screen. God knows why."
    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  146. The Sole Survivor: "If you manage to survive despite all that, you must be tough."
    Avery: "*chuckle* Ornery, more like. I-"
    Allen Lee: "I'm done cowering behind your damned Hull, Avery. Time you let me deal with the real problem. With the right people and my guns I can end those Children of Atom cultists for good."
    Avery: "The Fog's been here forever. The Children didn't make it."
    Allen Lee: "Before the rad eaters came, the Fog was under control. They come and it all goes wrong. It's time we do something!"
    Avery: "No need to burden the stranger with all this... nonsense."
    (Avery's and Allen Lee's dialogue)
  147. The Sole Survivor: "I'm not some non-name "mainlander." I'm tough enough for your little island."
    Old Longfellow: "Sling a bit of lead on the Hull and now you think you're ready to walk in the Fog, do ya? Things you'll see inland make that look like a Sunday stroll."
    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  148. The Sole Survivor: "If you don't give a damn about mainlanders, what do you care if I die out there?"
    Old Longfellow: "Don't care much. But I got better things to do than guide fools to their death."
    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  149. The Sole Survivor: "Really, do I look like your average mainlander?"
    Old Longfellow: "Truth be told, no. This goes against my better judgement... I can get you to Acadia, but you've got to listen to me. Go where I say. When I say it. Still won't be easy. You stock up on your necessities, Rad-X and the like. Then the real work can begin."
    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  150. Fort Defiance terminal entries; Senior Knight Wilson's terminal, URGENT: Touchdown Recovery
  151. Jacob's holotapes
  152. The Courier: "Lady in the water? What's that?"
    Loyal: "A long time ago - long before the war that killed just about everything that ever lived - a bomber crashed not far from here. A bomber was a flying contraption that could drop explosives down on anything it flew over. But anyway, moving on... This bomber crashed down in Lake Mead, pretty damn near intact. When we got to Nellis, see, I found this article in a magazine all about it. There was another B-29 around here, part of a museum. Couldn't fly, but had a lot of spare parts, see? Get where I'm going? Since I was a young man, I've dreamed of raising that Lady from the lake and bringing her back to life. What do you say?"
    (Loyal's dialogue)
  153. The Courier: "You mean you were expecting me? Like a prophecy or something?"
    Pearl: "Prophecy? Do we look like a bunch of religious idiots? I just hoped a savage - outsider, sorry - would make it to our gates before one of those armies out there comes knocking. That's right, child. Mother Pearl knows a storm is gathering. Times are changing. May be time for us to change a little, too."
    (Pearl's dialogue)
  154. The Courier: "Who's in charge here?"
    Boomer guard: "I'm not telling you a thing, savage! Move a muscle now and I'll blow you to pieces!"
    (Boomer guard's dialogue)
  155. The Courier: "Tell me more about these 'demons.'"
    Jason Bright: "The demons appeared from nowhere... except it might be more accurate to say they never actually "appeared" at all. The demons are invisible. Where one of them stands, the most one sees is the air shimmering, like sunlight on water... They set upon us as we were on our way to worship one morning. We had just entered the basement. My flock fought bravely, and killed a few, but at such cost. Nearly half of us died or went missing. The rest of us retreated up here. One of the demons raved at us, but they have not tried to attack us since. Still, their demonic presence brought all progress towards the Great Journey to a standstill. But now you have come. Once again, the creator has sent a human to help us across a seemingly insurmountable obstacle."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  156. The Courier: "What is this Far Beyond?"
    Jason Bright: "I have glimpsed it only in visions, wanderer, but what I have seen is truly miraculous. It is a place of light and healing, and I know in my soul that my flock will be safe there."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  157. The Courier: "So the 'Great Journey' will use those rockets?"
    Chris Haversam: "Obviously. It's taken months, but I've nearly got them in working order. Soon they'll take us to the Far Beyond. I was skeptical at first, of course - being a man of science - but Jason is certain, and I believe in Jason."
    (Chris Haversam's dialogue)
  158. 158.0 158.1 The Courier: "What's the 'Great Journey'?"
    Jason Bright: "We wish to escape the barbarity of the wasteland, especially the violence and bigotry of its human inhabitants. The creator has promised to my flock a new land: a place of safety and healing... a paradise in the Far Beyond. Preparations for the Great Journey were nearly complete when the demons appeared."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  159. Hidden Valley bunker terminal entries; Terminal, Chain That Binds
  160. Owyn Lyons: "Brothers, today I offer a simple prayer. Hail, Creator. Blessed is your power and mighty is your gift of Steel."
    (Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
    Note: This is an excerpt from a prayer that Elder Lyons gives, listed in his dialogue as CitElderLyonsMealBlessing2.
  161. The Lone Wanderer: "What do you do here?"
    Paladin Gunny: "I am charged with the duty of turning these maggots into Brothers of Steel. With the threat of the Enclave, they're likely going to be pressed into service before they've taken the oath. So, I've got a lot of work to do."
    (Gunny's dialogue)
  162. The Lone Wanderer: "Understandable. I've met a lot of dangerous people myself."
    Arthur Maxson: "It's not simply the outsiders that we are wary of, anybody who has not taken the Oath of Fraternity is suspicious to us. The Codex says: "Fear those who do not pledge to the Brotherhood for though their eyes may be opened through service, they are now blind" But it also tells us "Give way your suspicions to the wisdom of thine Elder. Where he shows trust, so shall you". Elder Lyons trusts you, so you are free to stay here."
    (Squire Maxson's dialogue)
  163. The Lone Wanderer: "What are the Scrolls that you mentioned?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "Scrolls are kept by the Head Librarian of each Brotherhood bunker. The Scrolls are a record of the Brotherhood itself. Into each Scroll is written the name and deeds of each of our Brothers. Battles, what technology he has recovered, when he was promoted. Everything. The last entry for each Brother is that Brother's death. It is important, as the way a man dies is just as important as the manner in which he lives. And so each man who nobly serves the Brotherhood ascends into our history, to be remembered by those who come after him."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
  164. Scribe Jameson's report to Elder Lyons
  165. Fallout: New Vegas intro
  166. 166.0 166.1 166.2 166.3 Thanks, baby
  167. Swank: "If I know my pal Benny, he's swinging with the Big Cat Upstairs as we speak. Or he's chasing some angel broad with cans as big as her halo! <Laughs>"
    (Swank's dialogue)
  168. Benny: "Happy now, you twisted bum? Well, I ain't gonna give you the satisfaction."
    (Benny's dialogue)
  169. The Courier: "You cheating bastard."
    Benny: "Baby, getting outplayed and getting cheated ain't the same thing. I get it, you're sore. A crumb's life is painful, full of disappointments."
    (Benny's dialogue)
  170. Benny: "Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves, like smooth little babies..."
    (Benny's dialogue)
  171. Benny: "That elevator is nowhere, baby. Step over to the mic."
    (Benny's dialogue)
  172. The Courier: "All right, I'll meet you in the Presidential Suite."
    Benny: "Baby, wow-ee wow wow! You and me are gonna swing! Here's the key. I'll be by in a few... just as soon as my legs stop shaking."
    (Benny's dialogue)
  173. The Courier: "Tell me about the plan."
    Nero: "We call it Racket, and it is going to show Not-At-Home and every other fucker in our business just what the Family can do."
    (Nero's dialogue)
  174. Skizzer: "{102}{}{Fellow Crypter, you doing fine.}"
  175. The Courier: "What taboo places?"
    Follows-Chalk: "Lots of them around the valley - places built by the folk from Back When. You'll know them when you see them - scouts mark them with hand prints. The hand prints are a warning to keep out - angry ghosts live inside. Not that I believe in angry ghosts. They're just spooky old places. Right?"
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  176. 176.0 176.1 Follows-Chalk: "Look sharp, lots of giant ants around here. We call 'em picnic-killers. Don't really know what that means. Something from Back When, I guess."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  177. The Courier: "I'll do what I can, but I need to defend myself if I'm attacked."
    Follows-Chalk: "Of course you do - I understand. You know, I heard stories about rangers from Back When - they carried lightning sticks that stunned the animals. I've never been to any of the Back When places, but they might have left one when they died. You might also try luring the baby out with some banana yucca - the mountain Bighorners love the stuff."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  178. The Courier: "Any idea where to start looking for these pre-War supplies Daniel needs?"
    Follows-Chalk: "Best place to look for Back When stuff is the taboo places. Sorrows and Dead Horses don't go in there, and even White Legs don't like them much."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  179. The Courier: "Tell me about your tribe."
    Follows-Chalk: "We came up in the Land of the Dead Horse, though why the Back When folks called it that I got no hint. We raided, we fought... we lost. Our enemies drove us back into Zion, and we would have died if it hadn't been for Joshua. Joshua, and his Caesar."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  180. The Courier: "Where should we start looking?"
    Follows-Chalk: "Lots of Back When places to choose from, but for the things we need, best to start with the really closed up places. Three I know of: a building down by the river called a "Fishing Lodge," the old ranger station in the northwest, and the general store right by it. Closer to home, might be something you can salvage from the place where the little ones fell, just west of the Eastern Virgin."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  181. Follows-Chalk: "See that tower? Back When, folks used them to talk to each other on the air. Not like with signal drums, they could actually talk! Amazing, huh?"
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  182. Follows-Chalk: "That Back When medicine smells funny. Guess it works though."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  183. Follows-Chalk: "See those handprints? Dead Horses and Sorrows mark them on taboo places, places from Back When. Good thing for you I don't buy into that stuff."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  184. The Courier: "Civilized lands? What do you mean?"
    Follows-Chalk: "I mean the Lands Beyond the Valley - the place where the cities never fell. Where people don't live in tribes and forage just to survive. Joshua keeps saying it isn't paradise out there, but how can it not be, compared to this? Sorry, I'm getting distracted - Joshua will want to know about you - please, go to our camp on the Eastern Virgin. Tell him how you came to be here."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  185. The Courier: "Wait, what about Caesar?"
    Follows-Chalk: "When Joshua first came to us, he was servant to a man he called Caesar. He led his master's armies, and we were ready to follow him into war. Then he lost his master's army to a tribe called Enseeyar, the Sunset People. When he returned, he was as you saw him - burned, broken, but changed. He led us away from Caesar, led us to our own destiny in Zion."
  186. Rock: "{134}{}{The Foolish shall perish.}"
  187. Joshua Graham: "We should have given you a better welcome on your first visit to Zion, but from what I hear, the White Legs beat us to it. White Legs seem to be the only visitors we have these days, and I wouldn't have expected anyone from the Mojave to come looking for us. And you're a courier, no less. Not the one I was expecting, but I suppose he wouldn't have come with a caravan. I don't know if you were close to the other members of your group, but you have my sympathy. I pray for the safety of all good people who come to Zion, even Gentiles, but we can't expect God to do all the work."
    (Joshua Graham's dialogue)
  188. 188.0 188.1 The Courier: "Salvation? From what, the wasteland?"
    Daniel: "A spiritual wasteland, yes. We believe that before this life, our souls existed elsewhere. And after we die, our souls will leave this world. During our time here, we have the burden of choice. The choices we make determine where we go in the spirit world, and how we will face judgment. New Canaanites believe, as many once did, that God was made flesh here on Earth as a man named Jesus Christ. He sacrificed his life to save us. Every sin, every terrible thing that you, me, or any one of us have done for all time, was washed away by his blood. We just have to accept his love. That's why we visit the tribes, to spread the good news. For all we know, we New Canaanites may be all that remains of Christ's followers."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  189. RedEye: "Get over to Cola-Cars, and watch Colter crush our latest vic! Unless you don't like fun... and who here in Nuka-World doesn't like fun."
    (RedEye's dialogue)
  190. Midea: "Still deigning to talk to us scabs? Well, how nice of you."
    (Midea's dialogue)
  191. The Lone Wanderer: "I'm ready to fight."
    Faydra: "This'll be your last fight, scab. One more and I don't get to call you that anymore. You ready?"
    (Faydra's dialogue)
  192. Friday: "Well now, a grinder made it out of the hole. That hasn't happened in a while. Well, I hope you have some money, newbie."
    (Friday's dialogue)
  193. 193.0 193.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Your names are quite strange. What do they mean?"
    Birch: "The first part of our name represents our role in the Treeminders. The youngest are the Saplings, still learning what it means to live in Oasis. The Branchtenders are our guardians and keep our homes safe. Our healers and soothsayers are known as Bloomseers. Finally, the Tree Father and the Leaf Mother are the creators and the upholders of the Great One's laws."
    (Birch's dialogue)
  194. Poplar: "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Bloomseer Poplar, soothsayer and healer of Oasis."
    (Poplar's dialogue)
  195. The Lone Wanderer: "What's causing this place to grow?"
    Poplar: "In what we call the Harvest Month, the Great One creates seeds among his branches within seed pods. At the end of this time, the pods open and the seeds are carried quite easily upon the wind. It's quite beautiful. Wherever the seeds take purchase, they grow into trees, plants, grass or all manner of wonderful things."
    (Poplar's dialogue)
  196. Wasteland merchant note
  197. Shi townsperson: "{106}{}{Ha ha! Look at the funny round-eyes!}"
    "{117}{}{Look! A lao wai!}"
    "{121}{}{Don't hurt the people in red, lao wai.}"
    "{122}{}{Lao wai means "foreigner".}"
    "{143}{}{Look! A lao wai!}"
    "{155}{}{Look! A lao wai!}"
    "{173}{}{Leave us alone, lao wai!}"
  198. Wong Yi Tze: "{159}{}{Aiee! Guards! The lao wai intruder is here!}"
  199. Shi townsperson: "{106}{}{Ha ha! Look at the funny round-eyes!}"
    "{117}{}{Look! A lao wai!}"
    "{130}{}{Look at the funny round-eyes!}"
    "{156}{}{Look! An outsider!}"
    "{174}{}{Leave us alone, lao wai!}"
  200. Palace guard: "{110}{}{Step back, lao wai, or I'll fill you with so much metal you'll clank when you walk.}"
  201. Shi merchant: "{109}{}{Hey, lao wai! You want a deal? I've got deals!}"
    "{114}{}{You go home! You go home, lao wai!}"
    "{128}{}{Hey lao wai! You want a deal? I've got deals!}"
    "{142}{}{Hey lao wai! You want a deal? I've got deals!}"
  202. Shi child: "{105}{}{What's wrong with your eyes?}"
    "{106}{}{Is that a lao wai?}"
  203. Shi Emperor: "{218}{}{Time to pay for your acts, lao wai!}"
  204. Slag guard: "{200}{}{I don't trust "surfacers.'}"
    "{220}{}{I guess you're OK... for a "surfacer.'}"
    "{221}{}{Maybe we can get along with the "surfacers."}"
  205. The Courier: "Tell me more about your tribe."
    Waking Cloud: "We have dwelt in the Narrows since the End That Came In Fire, when the Father in the Caves punished the world and made us forget the holy tongue. We have had good relations with the other tribes in the valley. At least, before Salt-Upon-Wounds brought his White Legs here. We have Daniel to thank for our continued existence. His advice and help has kept the White Legs from overrunning us so far. I do not know how long even he can protect us, though."
    (Waking Cloud's dialogue)
  206. The Courier: "That doesn't sound like what I've heard about the New Canaanites...."
    Walking Cloud: "Perhaps you do not fully understand the New Canaanites. I have seen the Father's images. His holy bride and holy son were given unto the world to save it. They dwelt in the caverns of the mountains, caverns which can still be seen today. The people sinned against Him, and were punished with the End That Came in Fire and the loss of the holy tongue. Only the New Canaanites were spared."
    (Waking Cloud's dialogue)
  207. The Courier: "How would we do that?"
    Waking Cloud: "Did Daniel not give you some of the New Canaanites' fire clay? That could easily collapse a cave and trap the beasts inside. Look around and see if you can find a cave nearby. It may prove easier than slaying the beasts."
    (Waking Cloud's dialogue)
  208. 208.0 208.1 Tabitha: "Are you tired of getting chased because you're bigger than humans, and scaring them? Did you kill some and they overreacted? Are two-head-bear people shooting at you, and battle cattle mooing? Beware the battle cattle..."
    (Tabitha's dialogue)
    Note: This is an excerpt from a segment broadcast on Black Mountain Radio.
  209. Tabitha: "Oh yeah, dumb-dumbs are the most common type of mutant that most travelers will encounter, and make up more than half the mutants here in Utobitha."
    Rhonda: "Best Friend Tabitha, some of our listeners may wonder how you can call them dumb-dumbs on the air like this."
    Tabitha: "That's a good question, Rhonda. The truth is, they're so dumb they don't even know that I'm talking about them right now."
    Rhonda: "And that's another revealing look at mutantkind. Second generation Super Mutants. Big. Numerous. Dumb. More after this!"
    (Tabitha's dialogue)
    Note: This is an excerpt from a segment broadcast on Black Mountain Radio.
  210. 210.0 210.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Okay, if you say so."
    Ledoux: "Now look, you gonna sell us that formula or do we have to faceoff? I'm puttin' 250 caps up on the scoreboard. What do you say?"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  211. 211.0 211.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Well, "captain", are we gonna fight or try and make a deal?"
    Ledoux: "That's up to you. We can make a deal or we can faceoff. I'm puttin' 250 caps up on the scoreboard. What do you say?"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  212. 212.0 212.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Screw it, I'm going for the faceoff!"
    Ledoux: "Well, you're a little shorthanded, but you showed up for the game. The least I can do is make sure it's a short period. Ice 'em guys!"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  213. The Lone Wanderer: "Can I think about it?"
    Ledoux: "No, no, no. When you're in the game, you have to make split-second decisions; think on your feet. Now come on..."
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  214. The Lone Wanderer: "Make it 400 caps and it's all yours."
    Ledoux: "[Makes buzzer noise]. Nice try, but that's a miss. 250 is the score... you in?"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  215. The Lone Wanderer: "None of your damn business!"
    Ledoux: "Penalty! That's gonna be 2 minutes in the box for you. Ice 'em guys!"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  216. The Lone Wanderer: "I think you've taken a few too many blows to the head, weirdo!"
    Ledoux: "Penalty! No one tries to put one passed Goalie Ledoux! Ice 'em guys!"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  217. The Lone Wanderer: "I think you're all crazy, and I'm getting out of here."
    Ledoux: "Penalty! No one tries to put one past Goalie Ledoux! Ice 'em guys!"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  218. 218.0 218.1 218.2 The Lone Wanderer: "Hey, take it easy, I was just passing through."
    Ledoux: "Don't take slapshots at me like that! We saw you come out of the Nuka-Cola Plant and we know you've got the formula. Now you gotta make a decision. Go for the powerplay or sit in the penalty box?"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  219. The Lone Wanderer: "What's with the masks, anyway?"
    Ledoux: "This is the mask of my icegang, Sudden-Death Overtime. I'm the team captain, Goalie Ledoux. There was a time where every city had their own icegangs and thousands would show up to watch them all duke it out in giant arenas. We aim to bring those days back!"
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  220. The Lone Wanderer: "Fine, I'll take it."
    Ledoux: "Now that's teamwork! Good choice. Okay team, let's get out of here."
    (Ledoux's dialogue)
  221. Darla: "He/She's here for the detective. Ice him!"
    (Darla's dialogue)
  222. Phyllis: "{121}{}{I hope Dr. Troy will be all right in the Outworld...}"
  223. The Chosen One: "{110}{}{What's the difference between the two areas?}"
    Melinda: "{122}{}{The Courtyard is an area where we protect the less fortunate Outworlders. Many live within our protection and add to the splendor of Vault City. The Inner City is where the Citizens of the city live.}"
  224. Vault city patroller: "{104}{}{Time to weed out more outworlder trash... Die, outworlders!}"
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