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The mini nuke is a type of ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas.


Mini nukes are much less common in Fallout: New Vegas than in Fallout 3: there are only 14 in the base game (12 with the Wild Wasteland trait). They weigh 3 pounds each in Hardcore mode and are shaped like the WWII atomic bomb, the "Fat Man." Their explosion is powerful, causing a characteristic mushroom cloud and leaving residual radioactivity, initially 40 rads/second, but which quickly drops to low levels that linger for quite a while.

The Lonesome Road add-on introduces the possibility of mini nukes randomly spawning in duffle bags and other containers. Due to their rarity and effectiveness, mini nukes are the most valuable ammunition type in-game.

Weapons using this ammunition

  • Fat Man
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Fat Man (GRA)
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Esther (GRA)


  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Mini nuke, low yield - This variant has less explosive power and a smaller kill radius than a standard mini nuke, but with the trade-off of increased range and cheaper price.
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Mini nuke, Big Kid - This variant is significantly more powerful than a standard mini nuke and produces more residual radiation. The increased damage comes at the cost of reduced range, which can cause serious harm to an unprotected individual.
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Mini nuke, Tiny Tots - This type can be used for cluster bombing, with each tiny tots round releasing 9 miniature mini nukes, similar to an experimental MIRV shot. While descending, they make a noise similar to incoming Boomer artillery.
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Mini nuke, timed - This type has a 5-second fuse and will not detonate on impact. The time-only fuse allows the round to ricochet off objects or be bounced around corners. The nuke itself can also cause damage if it strikes a target, in addition to the following explosion.


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Closest map marker Amount Description
Quarry Junction 2 One within the deathclaw mother's cave. One in the middle of the southernmost irradiated pond.
Hidden Valley north bunker 2 Inside the northernmost bunker, behind an Average locked door in the right corner, on the ground.
Hidden Valley south bunker 1 Inside the southernmost bunker, behind the hard locked door in the right corner, under a tin plate.
Camp Searchlight, Searchlight church basement 2 Without Wild Wasteland trait two can be found; with Wild Wasteland 3 Holy Frag Grenades are found instead.
Vault 11 security room 1 Sitting on a desk in the Hard locked security room.
Nellis array 2 On the metal shelves in the lower level to the right of the generators along with several cases of 5mm rounds.
Nellis Air Force Base 3 Each can be pickpocketed or looted from a Boomer carrying a Fat Man in the eastern portion of Nellis, usually near the cornfield (repeatable). High Sneak skill is required, or a Stealth Boy. Boomers killed for their mini nukes will respawn.
Nellis Air Force Base, mess hall & munitions storage 1 In a wooden crate, atop of a shelf in the Boomers' munition store.


  • Variants of the ammo added by Gun Runners' Arsenal may be purchased from Vendortron, Boomer munitions manager or traveling merchants.
  • Standard mini nukes may be occasionally offered by commissaries in the Divide, as well as in the Courier's Mile on containers within the central building.
  • The GRA mini nukes can only be used with the GRA Fat Man or Esther.
  • Mini nukes are the main component of a fat mine.
  • The explosion animation for mini nukes is the same one seen when blowing up a car.


Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 If fired straight up, the Tiny Tots sound effects may play on repeat, endlessly.[已验证]


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