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General advice and notes

In most cases, restarting the game fixes any bug or glitch that the player has encountered.

Weapon mods

Using the console

There are no known bugs associated with console commands due to how console commands are turned off due to the game's multiplayer nature.

Crashing, freezing and other hardware- or software-related issues

  • Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 Fast traveling to anywhere at the exact time another player joins the fast traveling player's public team can cause the game to freeze after showing a second loading slide, then freezing at the Vault-Tec auto-save screen. Disconnecting and trying to rejoin the team or waiting to join a new server cannot fix this.
    • Solution: Sign in as another of your player characters, log out immediately, and try the bugged character again, even after waiting a few minutes. This fixes the problem.

Menu-, HUD-, inventory-, and radio-related bugs

  • Often, when picking up a holotape, it will cause the radio station to glitch, canceling playing both.
  • Has platform::Xbox OneXbox One The number of caps displayed on vendors will sometimes show 0 when the amount is actually non-zero. Buying or trading to change their cap amount will fix the display to show the proper amount.
  • Has platform::PCPC When using the "Quick Boy" version of the Pip-Boy, directly playing newly discovered holotapes will play static instead. Picking up the holotape and playing it from inventory, or switching back to the default mode of Pipboy resolves this problem.[1] (Probably fixed by Fallout 76 patch
  • Has platform::PCPC When logging back into the game, the secondary weapon is always forgotten and the player must always re-equip the desired grenade/etc.[2]
  • Rose's radio station audio appears to be a weird mashup of two different messages, interspersed

Physics engine glitches

  • During the B.E.T.A., this bug was temporarily fixed by locking the game's files that allowed one to edit the framerates of certain events. The bug was properly fixed shortly after the game release.[3]
  • Has platform::PCPC Combining Strange in Numbers with the "Bird bones" mutation can sometimes allow the player to walk in the air. [已驗證] (Probably fixed by Fallout 76 patch

Graphics glitches

  • Texture glitch [4]
  • Lightning glitch [5]

Effect bug

  • Has platform::PCPC The flamer trap will display a flat hexagon in the middle of the flame effect.

Custom button-mapping bugs

Non-player character-specific bugs

Quest-specific bugs

  • During Earth Mover, crafting the Ignition core will often get stuck at 2, when crafting at the Tinker's workbench at Mount Blair. It is entirely possible to entirely use up crafting resources through this glitch.
  • If anyone completes Feed the People quest, the rewards will be shared with everyone, even those outside the event area. Fixed by Fallout 76 patch
  • During Trade Secrets, when visiting Hornwright Estate to get an access keycard for the safe room door, the quest marker will point to the elevator button even when on the correct floor as opposed to pointing at the terminal.

Location-specific bugs

After completing the Battle Bot event, it is possible to get stuck in the security bunker at Mount Blair trainyard, as there is no way to open the doors from the inside.

Gameplay bugs

  • Xbox One A bug sometimes occurs whereby picking up a flower will remove a 10mm rounds from inventory. Fixed by Fallout 76 patch
  • Xbox One Laser rifles modified with sniper barrels cannot be fired in 3rd person view while wearing power armor. The firing animation plays but no sound is played, no projectile is fired, no ammo is consumed, and no damage is done.
  • Xbox One Hooded rags is an outfit apparel item but removes armor, similar to hazmat suits.
  • Vendors: Buying items from a vendor does not increase their caps, even if they have 0 caps.
  • Xbox OnePC Trading a legendary item to a standard Protectron vendor triggers the transaction audio from the legendary exchange machine. [已驗證]
  • Using V.A.T.S. with melee weapons can sometimes teleport the player character into places they can't get out from except using fast travel.
  • Prior to patch, it was possible to achieve unlimited inventory through manipulating Pocketed armor, and equipping/unequipping it. The bug involves removing the total carry weight, and once is below zero, the game does not treat it as being encumbered.

Xbox One only bugs

PS4 only bugs

PC only bugs

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