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General information

Radio stations can be tuned in to using the Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI in Appalachia. Some of these radio stations allow for certain game mechanics to be changed while listening to the station. One radio station, Peacetime Radio, appeared in pre-release footage of the game, but was cut.

Main stations

These three radio stations can be received all across Appalachia. The first Appalachia and Classical Radio play music, while the Hunter/Hunted Station initiates the Hunter/Hunted PVP.

  • Appalachia Radio
  • Classical Radio
  • Hunter/Hunted station
  • Cut content Peacetime Radio


Radio stations that can only be received in certain parts of Appalachia:

  • Responders camp signal
  • Responders emergency signal
  • Rose's Raider Radio
  • Sons of Dane automated alert
  • Top of the World Radio
  • Vault-Tec Radio
  • WGRF Grafton

Added stations

Radio stations that were added by updates to the game:

  • Fisher's tracking beacon Wastelanders
  • Foundation property tracker Wastelanders
  • Overseer's broadcast Wastelanders
  • Brotherhood broadcast The Legendary Run
  • Template:Removed Vault 94 emergency broadcast Vault Raids
  • Cut content Vault 63 emergency broadcast Vault Raids
  • Cut content Vault 96 emergency broadcast Vault Raids