辐射76(英文:Fallout 76)是一款由贝塞斯达游戏工作室开发,贝塞斯达软件公司发行的多人在线角色扮演游戏。这是辐射系列的最新一部(第九部),于2018年11月14日在Windows、PlayStation 4和Xbox One上发布。


《辐射76》的理念源自将多人模式植入《辐射4》引擎的愿望。最终,我们决定将其作为一个独立项目进行开发。在《辐射4》发布前不久,在贝塞斯达游戏工作室的德克萨斯州奥斯汀分部开始了76的开发。[1] 《辐射76》是第一个使用自动反射光工具的贝塞斯达游戏。 在此之前,所有贝塞斯达游戏都需要手动放置反光灯。[2]

尽管一开始缺少人类NPC,《辐射76》却拥有比该系列之前任何一款游戏更多的语音,[3]并且这一记录在《废土人》更新之前就被打破了。游戏的几个配音演员用州长吉姆 · 贾斯蒂斯作为模仿西弗吉尼亚口音的参考;特别值得一提的是,配音导演Kal-El Bogdanove在YouTube上发布了一段关于贾斯蒂讨论国家预算的视频。[4] 对于《废土人》的更新,贝塞斯达软件公司已经超过了他们对于配音演员的预算,因为人类NPC已经被添加到游戏中。[5]

这款游戏在2018年E3上正式亮相。预先订购游戏的用户可以使用beta版本,即打破早期测试应用程序(Break-it Early Test Application)。[6][7] 10月23日Xbox One开始测试,10月30日PC和PS4开始测试。为了同时测试大量在线玩家,游戏的服务器一次只运行几个小时。[8] 玩家在测试期间所取得的进展会延续到完整游戏中。[9]


  • 10月23日晚上7:00 - 11:00 (Xbox One)
  • 10月27日下午5:00 - 7:00 (Xbox One)
  • 10月28日12:00 - 2:00 (Xbox One)
  • 10月30日,美国东部时间晚上7:00 - 11:00(所有平台)
  • 11月1日,美国东部时间下午2:00 - 11:00(所有平台)[11]
  • 11月3日,美国东部时间下午5:00 - 9:00(所有平台)
  • 11月4日,美国东部时间下午2点至晚上9点(所有平台)
  • 11月6日,美国东部时间下午1点至下午3点(所有平台)
  • 11月8日,美国东部时间下午2:00 - 8:00(所有平台)

After the initial release, there have been several patches to address the many various bugs and exploits that have been discovered.

The origin of the Wastelanders update and the addition of human NPCs to the game is somewhat unclear. According to Marc Tardif in June 2019, content containing living human characters was initially "not even on [the] radar" for Bethesda, and community feedback was the driving force behind the development of the update.[12] However, lead designer Ferret Baudoin stated in August 2020 that, from the beginning of development, some developers disagreed with the idea of excluding human NPCs in the base game. Despite this, there were a number of logistical issues that prevented human NPCs from appearing at launch, as it would have further complicated an already difficult technical process. Baudoin said thatactually on the radar "from a very early point."


According to Todd Howard, the map is four times the size of Fallout 4.[13] It utilizes an open-world environment. The game is entirely online but solo play is possible, via avoidance of other players. At release, the base game changed the way the story was presented; removing interactive human NPCs and replacing their dialogue with holotape recordings and notes. Fallout 76 has more holotapes and notes than all previously released Fallout games added together. There are robots and other creatures with personalities that can give out quests and engage in bartering. Almost all other characters met by a player were those of other players at release.[14][15] In addition, one player can have multiple characters under the same account.[16] The release of the Wastelanders update introduced living human NPCs with full dialogue trees to Appalachia.

The game has been labeled as a "softcore survival game." Death does not result in loss of progression, and food and water are also needed to survive.[17][18] Loot from containers is instanced, and are unique to players regardless of whether or not another player had previously searched the container.[19]

In addition to this, a building system, which allows players to construct their own dwellings, is a key feature. The system is shared between players on a private team.[20] Dwellings are constructed using the C.A.M.P. (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform).[21]

Nukes can be obtained and used following the completion of the main quest.[22] When utilized, the nuclear blast uncovers valuable resources and high level enemies; however, player characters need strong anti-radiation equipment to access the site.[14]

The game is run from multiple servers that have a maximum of twenty-four players, and those players can team up into squads with a maximum of four people.[22][23] Further to this, mods and private servers are planned for the game; however, they will be implemented post-release. Interaction with other player characters is done via the emote wheel[24] and voice chat.[22]

Player characters who die in the game lose any junk they were carrying, and then they are given a quest to go find their junk and retrieve it. The player has to decide if it is worth finding.[25]

Quest system

Quests in Fallout 76 at launch were akin to found-world quests.[26] They were largely received through holotapes, terminals and notes.[27] Robots were also utilized to deliver the story of the quest and other traditional roles played by NPCs in past iterations.[28] With the release of Wastelanders, quest giving NPCs were added to the game.

Perk card system

After completing the initial release from the vault (level 2), players gain a point and need to build their SPECIAL attributes. The seven categories are each presented to the player in the form of cards. Players can then build on those SPECIALs by adding additional cards (perks) to them.

Players have to spend a varying number of points on cards, dependent on the initial value. Cards of the same type can be combined with an additional point cost to create a higher ranked version of that initial card, max rank depends on the card. The value of the card is shown in the upper left corner. Players gain a SPECIAL point on level up until level 50 which they can assign to a SPECIAL stat of their choosing. After level fifty, players have a choice on each level up to either pick a perk card or move a SPECIAL point from one SPECIAL stat to another.

On top of players assigning cards to their character to enhance their own build, there are also cards available to enhance the current statistics of their team as a whole, most of which fall under Charisma. There are few solo-player Charisma cards, as the majority are designed for team play. Another way players can support their team is by sharing perk cards, players can only share one perk card, the rank of the card they can share is based on the Charisma SPECIAL, for every three points of Charisma one perk card point can be shared.

Initially, players receive a Perk Card Pack every two levels up to level ten. This is a random selection of four cards that the player can swap out with their current cards. After level ten, players receive the card packs every five levels. These packs can occasionally include a card that is higher in value than normal, increasing a stat or ability more than it would otherwise. There are hundreds of cards available within Fallout 76 and more will be added as the game receives updates.[22][29]


Player versus player (PvP) combat does not become available until the player character is level 5. Player characters invite other characters to duel by attacking, though these attacks do not deal any damage. Before patch 7.5, they dealt nominal damage. If the player being attacked fires back, the damage being inflicted between the two players is regulated, but only if there is a large level gap between them. Players who are close to the same level inflict full damage with no restrictions. Player characters who are severely different in level have their damage placed on a curve with the higher level player doing less damage than they normally would at their level, while the lower level player does more.

If the opposing player responds but then dies, they can seek revenge. If they kill the initial instigating player, they receive double the rewards. Killers can collect any junk their target drops.

If a player continues to attack another player and that player has not responded, but eventually is killed by the instigating player, the player who did the killing has a bounty placed on their head. They receive no loot or experience for killing the opposing player. The now-hunted player is visible to all other players on the map, indicated by a red star. They also cannot see anybody else on the map. Killing the marked player results in higher-than-normal rewards.[29]

Survival mode

Survival mode was a more competitive way to play Fallout 76 that was separate from the main game, had fewer PvP restrictions, higher stakes for PvP combat and a permanent XP bonus. It was released in a beta form as part of the Wild Appalachia update with patch 7.5 on March 26, 2019. There was also a scoreboard system, as well as new weekly challenges that had legendary rewards. Upon hitting Play from the Main Menu, a choice was given to play either the standard Adventure mode or Survival mode. As of October 1, 2019, the Survival mode beta has been brought offline on all platforms and is no longer playable.

Private Worlds

Private Worlds is a mode where players with the Fallout 1st subscription can play on their own "private server." It was released on October 23, 2019, along with patch 14. The server holds up to eight players and has better server stability than Adventure mode servers. Any progress made on the server is not saved, such as taking a workshop, farming junk spots, killing enemies, etc.

If the server host leaves and no other players within the server have a Fallout 1st subscription, remaining players have a 30 minute grace period to leave before the server shuts down. However, if a player other than the original server host has a Fallout 1st subscription, the server will not shut down.

Setting and Story

The game is set in Appalachia, comprised of the former state of West Virginia, in the year of 2102, (the Wastelanders update begins in 2103) 25 years after the Great War and before any previous Fallout game. It involves Vault 76, which is one of the 17 control vaults designed without an experiment; physical, psychological or social. The player characters, the Vault Dwellers, some of the best and brightest of America, emerge from Vault 76 following a celebration of Reclamation Day, having been sent on a quest to rebuild Appalachia by their overseer, who left the vault before the rest of the inhabitants. The player character is given the task of tracking down the overseer, following her footsteps and holotapes as she travels Appalachia and discovers how the War has changed her former home. In the process, the player character will become familiar with different pre- and post-War factions such as the Responders, Brotherhood of Steel, raiders and the Enclave, and how they coped with the disaster. They will also learn about the Scorched Plague and the emergence of scorchbeasts and fulfill the overseer's desire to secure one of the missile silos in the region in order to launch a nuclear weapon which will prevent the plague from spreading beyond the boundaries of Appalachia.[30]


Power Armor edition

The products included in the Fallout 76 Power Armor edition

The Power Armor edition of Fallout 76 features a wearable T-51b power armor helmet, a West Tek bag, an exclusive Tricentennial steel book, 24 collectible Fallout figurines, a glow-in-the-dark world terrain map of West Virginia, various Tricentennial Edition bonus in-game items, and access to the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.[31] The bag included in the Power Armor edition was originally intended to be a canvas duffel bag, but, due to difficulties with obtaining materials, Bethesda ultimately changed the bag material to nylon.[32] On December 3, 2018, Bethesda announced that they would be providing canvas bags to those that submit proof of purchase of the Power Armor edition by January 31, 2019. Ultimately, the replacement canvas bags began to be delivered to customers by June 14, 2019.[33]

Tricentennial edition

Fallout 76 Tricentennial edition artwork

主页面: Tricentennial edition

The Tricentennial edition of Fallout 76 features:

  • Tricentennial power armor customization for the T-51, T-45, T-60 and X-01 power armors
  • Tricentennial weapon customization for the 10mm pistol, hatchet and laser rifle
  • The spectacularly handsome Vault Boy mascot head
  • A patriotic Uncle Sam outfit
  • A celebratory Vault Boy saluting emote
  • First-class tricentennial workshop posters
  • Tricentennial commemorative photo frame
  • Access to the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

Wastelanders edition

The Wastelanders edition of Fallout 76 features:

Wastelanders Deluxe edition

Raiders content bundle

Settlers content bundle

The Wastelanders Deluxe edition of Fallout 76 features:

  • Fallout 76
  • Wastelanders
  • Raiders content bundle
  • Settlers content bundle

Brotherhood Recruitment Bundle

Brotherhood of Steel content bundle

  • Fallout 76
  • Steel Dawn
  • Brotherhood of Steel Scouting Tower
  • Brotherhood of Steel Salute
  • Brotherhood of Steel Barricade
  • Brotherhood Tactical Field Pack
  • Brotherhood Barracks Locker
  • Brotherhood Reclaimed Power Armor Paint

500 Atoms Pack

Unlike the the normal game, the 500 Atoms Pack came with

  • Fallout 76
  • 500 Atoms

PC requirements

  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600k 3.5 GHz/AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz or equivalent
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB/AMD Radeon R9 285 2GB or equivalent
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 100GB of free disk space
  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 4GB / AMD R9 290X 4GB
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: Over 100GB of free disk space


Updates, or add-ons, in Fallout 76 are different from previous games. With the online nature of the game, add-ons function as a series of updates spanning a certain period of time featuring new content. All of this content is free and is incorporated into the game. These include:

  • Wild Appalachia - Released on March 13, 2019, introduced new features, creatures and quests.
  • Nuclear Winter - Released on June 10, 2019, includes a 52-player battle royale gameplay mode.
  • Wastelanders - Released on April 14, 2020, added human NPCs to the game for the first time.
  • The Legendary Run - Released on June 30, 2020, introduced the seasons system.
  • One Wasteland For All - Released on September 15, 2020, featured a substantial balance overhaul across the entire game.
  • Steel Dawn - Released on November 24, 2020, introducing new questlines and mechanics.
  • Locked and Loaded - Scheduled for March 2021, introduces S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, C.A.M.P. Slots, new Daily Ops, and more.[34]


Fallout 76 received "mixed or average" and "generally unfavorable" reviews on Metacritic, earning a metascore of 52/100 on PC, 53/100 on PS4, and 49/100 on Xbox One.[35][36][37]



Tales from the West Virginia Hills

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